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1412 "Dare" Words For Valentine's Day
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Two years have passed, and this is the second long book with more than 3 million words written in midnight.

     It has been exactly two years since the first word of the book was knocked down and ended today.

      This period of time midnight has experienced a lot, from graduating from university two years ago to completing the major events of life and marriage now, thank you old and new friends until now for your company and support.

     Here, Midnight first apologizes for the procrastination at the end.

     If you want to say that there are actually many reasons, the ups and downs before marriage, all kinds of trivia, new books...

     But drag things like this,

     Say the reason,

     Just make excuses.

     The only thing we can do here at Midnight is to apologize and sincerely apologize. This will never happen in the next version.

     Bow again and apologize——!


     The following is a casual chat.

     Midnight is considered to be an early contact with this kind of big Stay Alive Game. From the original H1Z1 survival map to the escape map later, Midnight has been playing.

     Then there was Roaring Across the Horizon, PUBG sweeping the world.

     This game gave Midnight and friends a lot of happiness when he graduated from college.

     But as a game theme, at the beginning of the 18th, the starting point game category was still more league themes. Chicken eating was still in an exploratory period, and the starting point did not have a good performance.

     But at that time, after the accumulation of the first three-hundred-three-character book at Midnight, he also had some experience in writing games, plus his love for PUBG.

     So I tried the creation of eating chicken.

     With everyone's love and support.

     Achievements beyond expectation ...It was launched in March, and the first order was 8700. It ranked second among the great gods on the shelves in that issue. It was also the first place in the three game categories for a short time at midnight of the first month.

     Over ten thousand orders per week.

     The monthly average order rises to 1.4W.

     Later, relying on everyone's support, this book won the 2018 Twelve Heavenly Kings game king, which should be regarded as a highlight moment in the midnight codeword career.

     Let's not talk about PUBG's stranding and rampant in the national service...

     Now that this book is over, the "zero plug-in" setting in the Midnight Hope book will not necessarily be implemented in a PUBG game someday in the future, but can be implemented in any other FPS game.



     Fairness is always the most important cornerstone.

     Let’s go back to this period of time recently.

     Midnight said in the new book that Midnight experienced a period of pre-marriage break-in and test, because the two families are not so coordinated.

     Married friends should know this.

     Another point is that I am going to be a father in the middle of the night. My wife’s pregnancy reaction is relatively serious and needs to be taken care of, and her mood during pregnancy fluctuates greatly.

     Plus the double open new book...

     Stress, quarrels, anxiety...

     I often go to bed at midnight at three or four o'clock at night, and I actually think about the end of this book every day.

     There is a kind of reluctance every day.

     I knocked down the three words "end of the book" today. In fact, the story is not over, because in the plot expected in the midnight, there will be a trip to Japan next.

     It should be interesting to think about it.But some book friends will feel procrastinated.

     That's right, there is always a banquet in the world, and it's time for two years to give the story an end, so Midnight decided to leave this trip to Japan in the subsequent Fanwaili.

     At the end of the book here, if anyone thinks it is unfinished, it must be a problem with the heroine.

     Misaka Kotomi, shark pepper, Xiaotong sauce...everyone has a heroine in their hearts.

     Of course, saying that eSports does not need love is of course a joke, and the subsequent Fanwaili Midnight will try to give everyone a happy ending.

     Well, it's almost there when I talk about it.

     Finally, I wish you all a happy Valentine's Day, love will find a way in the world.



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     In addition, after the end of the Midnight Club, some of the previous chapters in "Xiaotong sauce and Oni sauce" will be released.

     Most book friends should have read it. Those who haven’t read it can wait for the release here, or follow GZH "Frozen Midnight" to read.

     Thank you again for your support until now. )