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《Saint Has descended》brief introduction

Saint Has descended

author: 凤凰烙印

When college student Linton was playing a certain online game, because of an accident, he brought his priest number with the Sacred Light Affinity physique and the cheating Game System to a different world of sword and magic, where power is respected.  ——Then reborn on the body of a country boy. "Hello, Start From Scratch, I can accept it... But your scam system actually allows me to follow the Wannian villain Guangming God and the Holy See? You want me to be stepped on by the new generation of Long Aotian as a leveling material Die?”    Relaxed and happy system flow, the protagonist is enjoying life in a different world while being a magic stick, while accompanying the story of Save the World. (Chinese Name: 圣者降临)

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new chapter: 539 Indestructible Flame

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