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《Metropolis Onmyoji》brief introduction

Metropolis Onmyoji

author: 巫九

[Free new book] The city is debauched and corrupt environment, but the demon ogre. In the shadows, people disappear almost daily. Just like the zombie incident and the old lady cat that shocked the country back then... However, people are the longest of all souls, demons and ogres, and naturally there are also those who descended from demons, Buddhas and demons. Quanzhen, Zhengyi, eminent monk, aristocratic family, martial arts... Ziii~ They each perform their duties; at night, they behead monsters and eliminate demons! Let’s look at how Lin Fan, who occasionally got the inheritance of Onmyoji, controls the flying sword and shocks the Three Realms! (Chinese Name: 都市阴阳师)

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new chapter: 3364 Fanwai-Kunlun Ten Years Later (final Chapter)

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