《Junior Cabinet Member》brief introduction

Junior Cabinet Member

author: 三戒大师

Standing in front of you are: the guardian of the Great Ming Dynasty, the close comrade-in-arms of the Wanli Emperor, the good son of the first minister of the cabinet, the richest man in the history of Human Civilization. The behind-the-scenes criminal who has controlled the officials for 30 years, the gravedigger of the suzerainty system, and the second Yan Shifan of the Donglin Party, Zhang Juzheng shouted invincible. Hai Rui's confidant, Xu Wei's boss, Matteo Ricci's mentor, Xu Guangqi and other six champions. The fig leaf of the Ming Dynasty poetry circle, the author of more than 700 books in various disciplines, the inventor of more than 2,700 patents, and the founder of modern universities and science. The patron saint of overseas Han people, the pioneer of new sea routes, the maintainer of ocean order, and the contractor of global large-scale projects. The main culprit who has troubled Europe, the foster father of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the savior of Bastien, and the old man with a heart for the people. (Chinese Name: 小阁老)

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