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2 Could It Be That My Face Is Too Dark?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

"Why, doesn't my Highness say anything?"

     Shen Tian's sighed saying, the tone increased by three points.

     "The minion is here."

     The little eunuch immediately shuddered and hurriedly came to Shen Tian and knelt down, trembling with fear on his head.

     After all, even if Shen Tian didn't pay attention to Emperor Yan anymore, he would still be His Highness Thirteenth Prince.

     Regardless of respect and inferiority, disobedience and disrespect are a capital crime in the palace.

     Shen Tian nodded in satisfaction: "What's your name?"

     The little eunuch answered honestly: "The slave is called Qin Gao, and your Highness calls me a little high son."

     Qin Gao?

     This is indeed like the name of a great eunuch.

     Shen Tian looking thoughtful: "You raise head up and let your Highness take a look."

     The little eunuch's body trembles slightly, and a sense of panic rises in the mind.

     I heard that some big people in the royal family are tired of playing with beauties, but they are interested in those beautiful young eunuchs and like to do some weird things.

     Is Thirteenth Highness of declining spirit debuff, also such a person?

      Thought until here, Qin Gao suddenly felt that he has one's hair stand on end.

     He looked pale and raised head up to meet Shen Tian's gaze.

     Shen Tian looked very seriously, his expression was very solemn, and even a little excited.

     As a result, Qin Gao panicked even more.


     "His Royal Highness, is there anything wrong with this little eunuch?"

     Father Gui's words interrupted Shen Tian's thoughts and allowed him to recover his wits.

     He didn't just watch Qin Gao fascinated, but saw something else from Qin Gao, or from his aura.When he focused on observing Qin Gao, he saw the red halo above Qin Gao's head projecting a picture.

     The place where the picture first appeared was the gate of the imperial study room.

     Then the screen kept zooming in and entered the Imperial Study Room.

     Then he followed the rows of bookshelves in the Imperial Study Room to a remote corner in the southeast, and landed on a book called "The Great Yan Calendar".

     The picture is here with a grunting sound it stops, it doesn't look special.

     But Shen Tian believed that there must be a big secret in the book called "The Great Yan Li".

     It may be related to the red halo on Qin Gao's head, and even very probably may be Qin Gao's great chance.

     "If I take the chance of this little eunuch, will my luck be better?"

     Shen Tian couldn't help but raise a bold idea.

     He doesn't think it is unacceptable to take advantage of others.

     After all, this is a world of cultivating immortals where the weak are prey to the strong, and people with a soft heart will generally die miserably.

     What is more important is what is more important if Shen Tian does not find a way to change his luck as soon as possible.

     He must die miserably!


     "It's okay, you can withdraw!"

     Shen Tian waved his hand to let Qin Gao leave, and then impatient rushed to the Imperial Study Room.

     The Yushufang of Dayan Kingdom is located in the central area of the imperial palace.

     Of course, the advanced merits, methods, scriptures, and books related to cultivation are all in the Core Region of the Imperial Study Room, guarded by the worship of profound cultivation.

     Without Yan Huang's imperial order, even a prince like Shen Tian could not consult it at will.Fortunately, the "Da Yan Li" Shen Tian was looking for was not a method of cultivating immortals, but just an ordinary historical biography.

     Shen Tian quickly found the book according to the guidance of the pictures previously seen in Qin Gao's halo.

     This book is about 10 centimeters thick, looks very old, and even has dust on it.

     In this vast as the open sea sea of books, this book is not conspicuous.

     But Shen Tian knew that there was absolutely a secret in this book.

     "The book is already in hand, let's see if my luck has changed."

     Shen Tian took out the mirror from his arms and checked it carefully.

     Well, handsome is still the same handsome.

     Black is still the same black!

     Shen Tian couldn't help being disappointed.

     "Could it be that I haven't really gotten the chance, so my luck hasn't changed, so I have to crack the secret of this book first?"

      Thought until here, after Shen Tian registered, he left the Imperial Study Room with Dayan Calendar.


     In the next few days, Shen Tian returned to the ultimate dead house state.

     Eat, drink, shit and piss on the bed, don’t move the nest, beat the door to death.

     The only change is that Shen Tian began to study the dry and dull "Great Yan Calendar" repeatedly.

     This process made Shen Tian very crazy, because he couldn't see anything special about this book.

     This is purely a boring history book that doesn't have any illustrations, doesn't have any cool, and even the typesetting is all packed together.

     It's not wrong to be left in the corner for decades without anyone watching.

     If he hadn't seen this book in Qin Gao's halo, Shen Tian would not touch it more."Is it because my face is too dark, so I can't discover the secret of this book?"

     This is not scientific!

     "His Royal Highness, you have not been out for three days!"

     Seeing Shen Tian's haggard appearance, Father Gui felt distressed: "You have read this book several times, or let's go out for a walk!"

     Shen Tian shook the head: "I will never go out unless I find out the secret of this book!"

     Shen Tian dared not put down this book and went for a walk.

     Otherwise, given his current bad luck, the book might be gone when he returns.

     And this possibility is not so big!


     Three hours later.

     Shen Tian pinched his nose and read the "Da Yan Li" from start to finish again.

     But apart from feeling that the content has become more boring, doesn't have any discovery.

     In the end, Shen Tian has to acknowledge, it may be that his face is too dark.

     Or, try another person?

     "Bo Gui, come and take a look at this book," Shen Tian handed the "Da Yan Li" to Duke Gui, "I think there should be opportunities in this book."

     "There is a chance in this book?"

     Gui Gonggong accepted the "Da Yan Li", but he was actually skeptical.

     Although he absolutely respects and believes in His Royal Highness Thirteenth Prince, for His Highness's luck, Grandpa Gui knows the score.

     If your Royal Highness borrows a book from the Imperial Study Room, he will discover some hidden opportunities.


     Duke Gui felt that this probability was not particularly high.

     ..."Since His Highness Crown Prince thinks there is a chance in this book, the old slave will check it out!"

     Although I don't believe there is any chance in this book.

     However, based on the absolute obedience of His Highness Crown Prince, Duke Gui still mobilized the spiritual power of within own body and began to carefully examine the book.

     But soon, Duke Gui showed a surprised expression on his face: "Hey, there is really something in the book."

     The corner of Shen Tian's mouth twitched slightly, not knowing whether he should be happy or heartbroken.

     After researching for several days, nothing was wrong.

     Duke Gui has just checked for a few minutes, and then he found a chance?

      is this excessively true?
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