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3 To Practice Magic, Swing A Knife From The Palace
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Shen Tian sighed saying: "what thing?"

     "His Royal Highness, don't worry, old slave try it."

     Father Gui flipped the book to the Final Page and tore off the hard paper cover at the end of the book.

     Spiritual power shook slightly, and the cardboard cover was separated from the middle, revealing an obvious interlayer.

     A piece of silk silk with the size of a palm fell from the interlayer, and a piece of jade pendant was wrapped in the silk silk, exuding a faint luster.

     "Sure enough, there is something, this should be Technique Transferring Jade Slip!"

     Grandpa Gui did not read the contents of silk silk and jade slips, but handed them to Shen Tian respectfully: "His Royal Highness, look at it."

     Shen Tian suppressed the excitement and ecstasy in his heart, spreading the silk and silk on the table.

     But I saw four big characters on the upper left corner of this silk silk-Xiangri Magic Book.

     And behind these four large characters is a line of slightly smaller bright red bold font.

     "If you want to practice magic, draw the sword from the palace!"


     Seeing this, Shen Tian's mentality exploded directly!


     That's it?

     I looked forward to it for three days, and studied for three days with this boring book.

     So you showed me this?

     "Not angry, not angry."

     Shen Tian patted his chest, calming down the violent emotions in his heart: "Maybe his luck has improved!"

     He took the mirror out of his arms and looked into it expectantly.



     The mirror smashed to the ground and shattered.

     Father Gui asked hastily: "What's wrong with your highness, is there a problem with this cheat?"Shen Tian's face was dark: "Bo Gui, come and see by yourself!"

     Duke Gui shook his head quickly, and refused: "This is your Highness's chance. How can the old slave see it? No way."

     Shen Tian's face darkened: "This is not my chance, it's your chance!"

     After finishing speaking, Shen Tian drew Father Gui to the table.

     "Magic to the sun."

     After reading the introduction of the exercises on silk and silk, Grandpa Gui suddenly showed a shocked expression on his face: "This...Is this the magic power created by the demon Xiangri who was rampant in the Eastern Desolation back then?"


     "Devil Xiangri?"

     Shen Tian asked: "Uncle Gui heard of this person?"

     "I saw in an ancient book that Xiangri Mozun was a peerless murderer from 3.000 years ago."

     Father Gui recalled the rumors that he had seen before, about Xiangri Mozun.

     Xiangri Mozun was originally a nothing special eunuch in the Imperial Palace of the Eastern Desolation Great Kun Kingdom.

     But this person had great luck, and he found the long-lost "Sun Emperor Sutra" fragment in the imperial palace.

     Because there are too many incomplete parts and the most important heart formula is missing, this fragment cannot be practiced normally.

     Ordinary people who practice forcibly will only breed endless desires and demons, set fire to themselves and die.

     However, Xiangri Mozun not only has great luck, but also has great perseverance and great understanding.

     He actually used himself as an experiment, combined several Demon Dao cultivation techniques, and forcibly changed the "Sun Emperor Sutra".

     The exercise method after the magic reform was named "The Demon to the Sun" by him.Once this magic skill is performed, not only the Attack Speed is extremely fast, but it also affects the desires and demons in the enemy's heart.

     So as to break the enemy's heart, find a fatal flaw in the enemy's technique, One Hit Kill!

     It can be called one of the most weird evil arts of that era.

      What is more important, this practice has extremely low requirements on the foundation qualifications, and the cultivation speed is extremely fast.

     The extremely poor Demon Venerable Xiangri, relying on this magic skill, actually cultivated Nascent Soul Realm in just 50 years.

     And the same rank is called respect, rarely meets rivals.

     It should be noted that 50 years may seem like a long time, but it really shouldn't be too short for a cultivator.

     Even if you practice the complete version of "Sun Emperor Sutra" and can break the pill and become an infant within 50 years, it is considered a rare genius in the world of cultivation.

     Not to mention Xiangri Demon Venerable's basic qualifications, it's amazingly short.

     It can be seen that this exercise is simply a peerless magic!


     "His Royal Highness, this is an amazing heritage!"

     "Although it is not the emperor scripture, for people with ordinary roots and abilities, this technique is more precious than the emperor scripture."

     "From an ordinary ancient book, you can actually find this kind of magical power."

     "His Royal Highness, you finally transferred!"

     "If Concubine Lan's wife knows about Jiuquan, she will smile at Jiuquan!"

     Father Gui stroked this silk silk, his whole body was shaking with excitement.

      It should be noted, Xiangri Mozun is a legend in the eunuch world.

     And "The Magic Book of the Sun" is every eunuch, yearn for sth even in one's dreams.

     To put it bluntly, the magic book is in hand, and it will not be changed for the emperor!Listening to how awesome Gui Gonggong played this "Magic Book to the Sun", Shen Tian felt more and more disgusted.

     My Highness can't practice such a powerful technique.

     My mother smiled at Jiuquan.

     God, I’m transferring.

     This damn non-chief's physique hasn't improved at all!


     "Since it's so precious, Uncle Gui should keep it and try hard to cultivate!

     Although he can't practice himself, he is loyal and devoted to himself.

      Thought until here, Shen Tian felt more comfortable in his heart.

     Father Gui was stunned when he heard that Shen Tian had given such precious exercises to himself.

     He shook his head subconsciously: "How can this be? This is the chance of your Highness, how can I give it to the old slave! How can the old slave have what skills and abilities, how to cultivate such a peerless exercise?"

     Shen Tian rolled the eyes: "If you don't practice, should I practice?"

     Duke Gui thought for a while, and suddenly realisation, sadness came from it.

     It seems that this is the truth, His Highness can't practice it.

     Your Highness is too pitiful, with great difficulty.

     God, how unfair you are to your Highness!


     Since your Highness can't practice, let the old slave cultivate for His Highness!

     Holding this light and fluttering silk, Duke Gui felt heavy as Mount Tai, tears filled his eyes.

     This is the trust and expectation of His Highness Thirteenth Prince for the old slave!

     "Twenty years ago, the old slave was framed for stealing palace treasures. It was Empress Lan Fei that saved the life of the old slave.""Although the old slave doesn't read many books, he still understands the rewards. Concubine Lan is alive, and the life of the old slave belongs to Concubine Lan, and when Concubine Lan is dead, the life of the old slave belongs to Her Royal Highness."

     "His Royal Highness has bestowed the "Spell to the Sun" to the old slave, and the old slave must practice hard day and night and never dare to neglect it."

     "From now on, the old slave will swear an oath to the heavens. As long as there is a breath, he will protect His Highness's safety with his life!"

     For the cultivator, there is a karma cycle between heaven and earth.

     Oaths must not be sent arbitrarily, especially in swear an oath to the heavens. Heaven will really be sensitive.

     According to authoritative investigations, those demon who swear casually ended up dying miserably.

     It is true that Duke Gui, receiving great favors from Princess Lan and Shen Tian, vowed to protect Shen Tian with his life.

     This also made Shen Tian increasingly believe that he did not believe in the wrong person.


     "Hey, even though I got the "Magic Book of the Sun", I am still a scumbag!"

     Shen Tian sighed saying, which means not to open Sen.

     "By the way, I took the opportunity that should have belonged to Qin Gao, what about Qin Gao!"

     Suddenly, he thought of that thin little eunuch Qin Gao.

     Qin Gao is the strongest existence among all the people he has seen so far, and he is also the original owner of "The Magic of the Sun".

     Now that "The Magic of the Sun" has been obtained by Shen Tian, what will happen to Qin Gao.

     Will there be new opportunities, or other changes?

     To be honest, Shen Tian is very curious!
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