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4 Almost Got The Box Lunch
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Thought until here, Shen Tian decided to go to Qin Gao.

     It is not easy to find someone in the huge palace.

     But if you are familiar with the chief consul eunuch of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, all this is not a system problem.

     Coincidentally, Shen Tian is not familiar with the Office of Internal Affairs.

     But this is not important, because in this entire Imperial Palace, no one dares to provoke Shen Tian.

     After learning about Shen Tianmu, the grand eunuch called out the duty tables of all the eunuchs in just a few minutes, and then told Shen Tian Qin Gao's whereabouts.

     Then, just like sending the god of wealth, he respectfully sent Shen Tian out of the House of Internal Affairs.

     No way, he was afraid that the Ministry of Internal Affairs would collapse like the Imperial College.


     It is worth mentioning that Qin Gao was in the womb of the Six Emperors.

     And these six princes, Shen Ao, are the most talented existence among many princes.

     At the age of only 18, he has cultivated to the Ninth Heaven of Refining Qi, and he is about to build the foundation of the Immortal Dao. He is a genius once in a hundred years in Great Yan Country.

     It is said that he has been favored by a certain elder of Taibai Cave and accepted as Direct Disciple.

     It should be noted that the Immortal Sect of Donghuang is divided into 36 Cave Heavens and 72 Blessed Lands, and Taibai Cave Heaven is among the top ten even in the cave.

     It was a great opportunity to be favored by the Venerable Taibai Dongtian.

      Not surprisingly, Shen Ao's lowest achievement in the future is also a real person of the Jin Dan stage.

     If you are lucky and meet great opportunities, there is even a hint of hope that Broken Pill will become a baby and become a respected person before the age of 500.

     At that time, even the position of Emperor Yan is nothing.After all, the weakest Immortal Venerable has a life span of more than a thousand years, and he waved Mountains Bursting and Ground Splitting, burning the heaven and boiling the sea.

      In comparison, the mere secular imperial power is too fragile.

     It is precisely because of this that Shen Ao's position in the Great Yan Kingdom's palace is very detached.

     Even if Emperor Yan treats him no more grace, the prince will be jealous and calculation without other, because it is not necessary.

     Shen Ao is destined to be an immortal who will seek the dao and eternal life all his life.

     The fight for the throne is not at all high grade for him.


     "I don't know what Lucky Aura on Six Brothers head looks like."

     Following the path of the imperial garden, Shen Tian quickly came near the palace of the Sixth Prince.

     At this moment, screams came into Shen Tian's ears, followed by the curse of shows no mercy.

     "Blind your dog's eyes, damn minion!"

     "Do you know how precious the pot of nine-leaf immortal grass is? Even if you have nine lives, it can't be compared to a single whisker!"

     "Other people have shown me a good idea. If anyone is not careful while working next time, this is a role model!"


     Shen Tian walked in the direction of the sound, but saw a group of people surrounded by the well in the Imperial Garden.

     In the center of this group of people stood a cross with a little eunuch riddled with scars tied to it, not Qin Gao. Who else can it be?

     It is worth mentioning that the halo on Qin Gao's head changed at this time.

     Although it was still red, the light was much dimmer than before, and even a faint green light appeared in some places.

     The mottled colors look a lot depressed."Isn't Qin Gao an air transporter? Will he also encounter disaster?"

     Seeing Qin Gao being beaten, Shen Tian was slightly surprised.


     Thinking about the novels I have read in previous lives, the growth history of the protagonist does not seem to be all propitious wind throughout the journey.

     Sometimes, they will also encounter catastrophes, and then just escape from calamity, anti-kill...

     and many more!

      just escape from calamity, kill the enemy!


     Shen Tian suddenly tingling sensation, who is Qin Gao's enemy?

     Is he hitting his supervisor eunuch, or behind lord Shen Ao, also perhaps ……

     Is it the entire Great Yan Kingdom royal family?

     Shen Tianke still remembered how the Demon Venerable Xiangri had dealt with Dakun Kingdom in the end.

     Because he was bullied and abused by a certain master in Dakun Kingdom, after that Demon Venerable achieved the position of Demon Venerable, he massacred the entire Dakun Kingdom royal family.

     On that day, bright red blood sunflowers bloomed all over the Dakun Palace.

     Corpses are everywhere, rivers of blood!


     "Shen Ao, you are dying!"

     Shen Tian corner of the mouth twitch, he pushed calculated.

     If he didn't intercept Qin Gao's chance in advance, what plot development would follow.

     Qin Gao was cleaned up fiercely, for some reason mortal danger, escape alive.

     Then, by chance, he found the "Daiyan Calendar" in the Imperial Study Room and found the "Devil to the Sun" inside.

     With hatred, Qin Gao fled the palace and began to practice magic.

     After successfully cultivating it, Qin Gaojun came to the Great Yan Kingdom Palace to kill Shen Ao, and even slaughtered everyone in the entire palace.And the unlucky person with the black circle above his head will be almost 100% to bring disaster to innocent people, and then receive a box lunch.

     The mortality rate is as high as 90 percent, 9.999.

     As for Qin Gao, will he take revenge after he gets the magic?

     This is simply without a doubt, he would be sorry for his own name if he didn't take revenge!


     "I'm so obsessed, and I almost got killed, Shen Ao, are you a pig teammate?"

      Thought until here, Shen Tian couldn't help but scold Shen Ao's ancestors for the eighteenth generation.

     The genius Xiuxian is amazing!

     It is amazing to be accepted as an apprentice by the elders of Taibai Dongtian!

     Those who dare to provoke big luck, the sect will be leveled for you!

     Don't bring your brother to death, okay?

     "What should we do now!"

     Looking at Qin Gao who was tied to the cross, Shen Tian felt a little panicked.

     Should I turn around and leave as if I didn't see it?

     It's not reliable, the cause and effect have been tainted, so it's so easy to avoid it.

     Or wait to see if they finish fighting Qin Gao, if they are not dead, go up to make up the knife?

     Not reliable.

     If it is so easy to die, is it still called an air transporter?

     In particular, Shen Tian himself was still a black halo.

     He seriously suspects that if he kills Qin Gao, a super expert will jump out of nowhere and save Qin Gao.

     A little bit worse, the super expert fell in love with Qin Gao and wanted to accept him as his apprentice.

     In order to vent his anger for Qin Gao, he killed everyone present.

     Although the probability of this happening is infinite approaching zero.

     But he can't stand the other Emperor Ou, Shen Tian is not a chieftain!Probability is a joke in front of the European emperor and the African chieftain.

     "Forget it, let's save him first!"

     After thinking about it, Shen Tian decided to save Qin Gao and make a good relationship.

     After waiting for nothing, Qin Gao will get other opportunities, and if he is so prosperous, he will come back to take revenge, and will let him go.


     It should be!


      Thought until here, Shen Tian walked towards everyone, loudly shouted: "Stop!"

     Shen Tian a supersonic shout, the eunuchs and palace ladies hurriedly to retreat three day's march.

     After saluting one by one, they all hurriedly fled, as if they were afraid of Shen Tian's questioning.

     Only the eunuch who beat the eunuch had his life, so he didn't leave or not.

     Seeing Shen Tian approaching step by step, the expression on his face was full of shock, trepidation, fear, embarrassment...

     The thief is wonderful!

     "Thirteenth Highness, are you... something?"

     Shen Tian pointed to Qin Gao who was tied to the cross and said calmly: "Today, I will take him away."

     The eunuch gave an awkward look: "He broke six of the nine-leaf immortal grass of His Highness the Imperial Prince. This is a capital crime. Thirteenth Highness, please don't embarrass the minion."

     Shen Tian was stunned. The nine-leaf immortal grass is one of the main medicinal materials for refining the top-grade foundation building pill's, and its value is indeed high.

     For the cultivator, the life of a small eunuch is really not as valuable as the nine-leaf immortal grass.

     "So that's how it is, then I personally go to the sixth brother to intercede!"

     "It's been a long time since I saw Brother Six. I miss him."

     As soon as Shen Tian's voice fell, he heard a faint voice from the depths of the palace, majestic and solemn."No, since the thirteenth brother pleaded, then take him away!"

     "If you meet, you can avoid it. My brother is in retreat and cannot be disturbed."

     "Little plum, see you off."
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