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5 Your Highness, A Minion Really Can't Do It!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Shen Ao's voice sounded very young, but it was full of set up on high aura.

     In the world of cultivating immortals, geniuses are a cut above others.

     However, Shen Tian didn't expect that the sixth brother who madly dragged his cool dick would be so easy to talk this time.

     According to the usual routine in the novel, Shen Ao shouldn't jump out this time to stop Shen Tian from saving people.

     Then Shen Tian fought with Shen Ao in blood, and did it hard to save Qin Gao?

     Or the same as in some anime.

     Shen Tian righteousnessly argued with Shen Ao, relying on his mouth to let him know that his take advantage of one's position to bully people was wrong, and then let him go with guilt.

     Why didn't he see it now, Shen Ao was convinced.

     This is not scientific!

     Listening to the comments of other people in the palace, the Sixth Prince is not like such a talkative master.


     "That sixth brother, look at this little eunuch being beaten so badly, he won't die!"

     "Or, Brother Six, you can give me more Healing Immortal Potion!"

     Shen Tian looked at Qin Gao and couldn't help but secretly fear.

     Looking at the scars on this body, at least 70 or 80 lashes were taken. In some places, even the bones came out, and it hurts to look at it.

     What a hatred this is!

     The person on the side overheard Shen Tian Suoyao and subconsciously said: "His Royal Highness Six's Healing Immortal Potion is so precious, how can it be used on this humble servant?"

     Shen Tian curled his lips: "Unable to tell good from bad."

     Your Highness, this is helping your Patriarch to eliminate disasters!

     Send some healing medicine to eliminate the cause and effect, and maybe people will just draw you a hundred or eighty whips to vent.If you don't give it away, this guy will be super god against the wind in the future, and the ashes will be raised for you!

     The Sixth Prince in the depths of the palace didn't seem to expect that Shen Tian would be ashamed to ask for Healing Immortal Potion.

     He silent for a while, and said: "Never mind~!"

     A jade bottle shot out from the depths of the palace and sent it into Shen Tian's hands.

     This jade bottle is made of the best cold jade, which is gentle and delicate, and contains more than ten vermilion pills.

     The bottle has not been opened yet, the faint smell of medicine has overflowed, penetrating deeply into the heart.

     Obviously, it is the best medicine!

     "This is healing spirit medicine, take it!"

     "Little plum, see off!"


     The little plum on the side stared wide-eyed, with a hard to believe face.

     Others don't understand how precious the rejuvenation powder is, he does.

     This Huichun Powder is collected from the deep mountain century-old ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum and other precious medicinal materials, and refined by His Highness the Imperial Prince for 7 × 7 = 49 days.

     Even if an ordinary person suffers a severe injury, he can heal in a moment by taking one.

     In the secular world, even a thousand taels of gold is difficult to buy.

     As a result, His Highness 13 spoke, and Six His Highness the Imperial Prince actually sent a bottle directly.

     The relationship between the two majesty, at what time has become so good?

     Xiao Li Zi was suspicious and sent away Shen Tian and others, and then walked back to the courtyard and came to a palace.

     The palace gate was closed, and Xiao Lizi stood at the door with a tangled expression.

      After a while, he in the end still couldn't hold back: "Your Majesty, the servant has a question, I don't know whether to ask it.Inside the hall, Shen Ao's faint voice sounded again: "Ask!"

     Little Lizi said, "Qin Gao's servant committed a capital crime. His Royal Highness let him go so easily, and gave him a panacea for treatment. The servant was puzzled."

     Shen Ao calmly said: "On Xiuxian Road, each person has mysteriously and inexorably luck, extremely mysterious and abstruse."

     "My Royal Highness is looking forward to building the foundation. Once he succeeds, he will be able to worship Taibai Cave. From then on, the immortal road will be unlimited."

     "The 13th brother has a special life style. At this critical time, it is not appropriate to have disputes with him."

     To put it simply... Shen Tian is too unlucky.

     Shen Ao is now at the critical time of making a breakthrough. He is afraid of being infected by getting too close, so he cultivates deviation like him.

     Little Lizi asked again: "But if this is spread out, the servant is afraid of damaging His Majesty!

     Shen Ao smiled and said: "Compared with the long fairy road, secular disputes and the majesty of the emperor's way are only ephemeral, why bother?"

     Little plum worshipped: "His Royal Highness has a lofty state, and the minion admires prostrate oneself in admiration, and the minion has realized it!"

     Shen Ao nodded: "Since you have enlightened it, then step back!"

     "Go back and take a shower. Don't get close to this place before your Highness leaves the customs."


     Shen Tian didn't know what happened in the Six Emperors' womb at this time.

     He is still pondering, how should he place Qin Gao.

     Take it down and serve yourself?

     No, In general, those who bring their own protagonist aura also bring their own hatred aura.

     I didn't see the protagonist's master, sect, lover, etc., they were injured, fallen, and destroyed at every turn!What do you call the main character template if you don’t defeat your father, your mother, your master, Ke Zongmen.

     Shen Tian felt that he could not withstand the toss of a Child of Fate with his current fate.

     It's strange not to be killed!

     Just let him go. Not to hear, not to question?

     It's not right, I took the opportunity of others and ended the cause and effect in Cultivation World’s words.

     What happened might happen later.

     And as the one and only air transporter Shen Tian has seen so far, Qin Gao has a high research value for Shen Tian.

     After all, with the exception of Qin Gao, Shen Tian hadn't seen chance manifestation on the heads of other people.

     Just letting him go, where would Shen Tian find a way to improve his luck?


      At the same time, Qin Gao took 1 Rejuvenating Powder, and his injuries have recovered from bits and pieces.

     For Shen Tian, who saved his 13 His Highness the Imperial Prince at the critical moment, Qin Gao was full of gratitude.

     But has to say, Shen Tian is staring at Qin Gao like this now, making Qin Gao panic again.

     Could it be that 13 His Highness the Imperial Prince is really that kind of person?

     Qin Gao is a person who knows his gratitude, His Highness the Imperial Prince saved his life, and that is his great benefactor.

     Even if he serves His Highness the Imperial Prince all his life, go through water and tread on fire for His Highness the Imperial Prince, or even die, Qin Gao will never say a "no"!

     But Qin Gao really couldn't do that kind of thing.

     Although His Royal Highness 13 looks really handsome and extraordinary, she is so maddening that she is a thousand girls.

     But Qin Gao is not a girl, but a boy!

     And he is a straight man who would rather bend than bend.He would never agree to do that kind of thing!

     "But, if your Highness wants to use strong, what should I do?"

      has to say, Qin Gao struggled.

     He hesitated for a moment, still asking "His Royal Highness, why are you saving me!"

     Shen Tian heard Qin Gao's question, recover his wits: "Why save you?"

     "Well, because you have a relationship with me."

     His Highness said, is he destined to me?

     Shen Tian's words made Qin Gao's expression suddenly very strange: "His Royal Highness, are you kidding me?"

     "Who is joking with you," Shen Tian waved his hand, "From now on you will live in Lanxin Palace! You don't have to work, just stay obediently, so I can find you at any time."

     After thinking about it, Shen Tian decided to leave Qin Gao first for follow-up observation.

     As for the question of restraint of luck, if Qin Gao is not allowed to work, he is naturally not a slave.

     In this way, probably not killed by protagonist aura!

     Shen Tian thought very simple, but Qin Gao didn't think so.

     No need to work, just stay obediently, and let His Highness find it at any time.

     This is not the treatment of an eunuch!

     Qin Gao was about to cry. Did he just come out of the tiger's den and enter the wolf's den again?

     Your Highness, Minion...

     Minions really can't do it!
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