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6 Ways To Improve Luck
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Shen Tian didn't know Qin Gao's rich psychological activities.

      He thought for a bit and added: "In addition, Bo Gui, turn around and copy the Qi Refining Chapter of "The Demon to the Sun" and give it to Xiao Gao to practice."

     "Okay, Your Highness."

     There's nothing about it. There's nothing about it. In his opinion, "The Magic Book of Xiangri" is the thing of His Highness.

     He practiced "The Magic Tome of the Sun" only to better protect His Royal Highness after becoming stronger.

     Since His Royal Highness is willing to give Qin Gao the practice, he will naturally not question His Highness.

     "Also, go in the yard and prepare a one room for Xiao Gao!"

     After Shen Tian finished speaking, he was about to turn around and leave.

     In his opinion, Xiangri Magic Book was originally Qin Gao's chance, even if he didn't give it, Qin Gao would encounter other chances in the future.

     Instead of this, it is better to accompanies Buddha all the way to the west and be a favour done at little cost.

     In this way, Qin Gaozhen will rise in the future, and he will have many great friends who can take care of each other.


     Shen Tian thought very simple, but just when he finished saying this sentence.

     Something magical happened!

     Shen Tian felt his whole body lighten instantly, as if he had got rid of the invisible shackles.

      This kind of feeling is very mysterious, but also very real.

     As if thinking of something, he quickly turned his head and looked at Qin Gao.

     But seeing the halo on Qin Gao's head changed, the little green light that had been mixed up before disappeared, completely transformed into a brilliant red.

     It was exactly the same as when we first met.

     Shen Tian took out the mirror from his arms and carefully looked at the halo above his head.Although it's still black, but the black air on it has faded a lot and it doesn't look so bad anymore.

     "Is it because I returned the opportunity to Qin Gao, or shared the reason with Qin Gao?"

     Shen Tian thought for a while and decided to verify it.

     He stared at the halo on Qin Gao's head and suddenly said, "Forget Uncle Gui, don't teach it to the Japanese Magic."

     As soon as his voice fell, he felt a little heavy all over.

     The halo on Qin Gao's head also dimmed again, deriving a little green light.

     Bo Gui nodded: "Good lord."

     Although I don't understand why His Highness repented, all the decisions made by His Highness must be correct.

     Father Gui would never question.

     When the color of the halo stabilized, Shen Tian said again: "I thought about it for a bit, let's teach it!"

     As soon as he finished speaking, the halo on Qin Gao's head became bright again, the green light sweep clean.

     Suddenly, Shen Tian was extremely excited.

     His judgment is correct!

      really so!


     "Good Your Highness."

     On the other side, Gui Bo is somewhat grudgingly.

     Although it was a bit wrong to slander His Highness, His Highness molested the little eunuch in this way.

     Is it really suitable?

     At this moment, Qin Gao weakly said, "Or, don't teach it."

     To be honest, Qin Gao was a little scared.

      His Highness Thirteenth Prince was so kind to him, not only saved him, let him live in the Orchid Heart Palace, but also prevented him from working.

     Now, I have to teach myself the "Magic to the Sun".Qin Gao didn't know what the Xiangri Magic Code was, but it was something that would make 13 His Highness the Imperial Prince hesitate. It was definitely not an ordinary thing.

     Maybe it is the stunning heritage of something worth several cities.

     He already owes too much to His Highness, and if he wants to accept this "Magic Book to the Sun", how should he repay it?

      unable to return the favour!


     Following Qin Gao's words, the halo on his head turned back to red and green.

     Shen Tian was not happy anymore, he found a way to improve his luck with great difficulty.

     How could he allow Qin Gao to destroy his fundamental plan.

      how can this be so?!

     "Pass, you must pass!"

     Shen Tian resolutely said: "Not only will you pass on your Qi Refining chapter, but also the following foundation building chapter, Jin Dan chapter and Yuan Ying chapter, my Highness will also pass it on to you!"

     "Your Highness, Minion..."

     "Your life was saved by your Highness, you must not refuse, or your Highness will kill you!"

     After Shen Tian's domineering side leaks said these words, the halo on Qin Gao's head suddenly burst into an unprecedented intensity.

     Not only the variegated colors are gone, but also more dazzling than before.

     At the edge of the halo, even a faint golden light was born, which looked more noble.

     At the same time, Shen Tian was shocked to discover that the halo on the top of Gui Gong's head had also changed.

     From the original light green, it quickly became dark green.

     The green light is flourishing, the green is full of vitality, and the green is so intoxicating.

     Moreover, a faint red light appeared from the edge, which was exactly the same as Qin Gao's halo."Halo upgrade? Is this the right way to improve luck?"

     "Share the chance with the air lucker, his air luck can be improved, my air luck can also be improved, even Gui Bo's air luck can be improved?"

     Shen Tian quickly took out the mirror and found that the color of the halo on his head had faded a lot.

     Although the overall look is still dark, it is much better than before.

     At least it wouldn't give Shen Tian the feeling that he would be struck by lightning when he went out.

     Working so many days, I finally found the hope of living.

     Suddenly, Shen Tian was moved eyes brimming with tears of excitement!


     On the other side, Qin Gao panicked when he saw Shen Tian's eyes brimming with tears of excitement.

     "His Royal Highness, don't cry, I practice, I can't practice it!"

      Your Highness Thirteenth Prince is a thousand gold body, how can I be the man who makes your Highness cry?

     Isn't it just a magic book that doesn't know what it is!

     Your Highness saved my life. I am not afraid of dying for His Highness. What kind of exercises are I afraid to practice?

     For a while, Qin Gaopo had the lofty ambition of "the scholar dies for his confidant".

     "Well, This is more like it."

     "In addition, I didn't cry, this is excitement, excitement!"

     Shen Tian rolled the eyes: "Bo Gui, take him down!"

     Uncle Gui nodded; "Yes, Your Highness is excited, excited, and didn't cry. I will take him down to settle down, and then teach him the exercises."

     Seeing Father Gui and Qin Gao leave, Shen Tian wiped away his tears and began to think about the way forward.

     ...Cultivation is impossible, and Shen Tian will never touch any Cultivation Technique before the halo completely turns white.

     After all, the tragic experience of the predecessor is vivid in one's mind!

     Now that Shen Tian has initially found a way to improve his luck, his next goal is to follow the prescribed order and take a few more chances of luck.

      Thus, presumably he should be able to go ashore soon and become an ordinary person again.

     "Where to find an air transporter!"

     Shen Tian began to think.

     Logically speaking, air transporters are generally human beings.

     In the Imperial Palace of the Dayan Kingdom, those in high positions also generally have higher luck.

     For example, the Sixth Prince Shen Ao, he has amazing talents for cultivating immortals, and half of his foot has already worshipped into the sky of Taibai Cave.

     Shen Tian is almost certain that Shen Ao's Lucky Aura should be the green ring with red light the last time.

     It might even be the red ring with green light!

     If you can stare at Shen Ao for a long time, let's share it when his chance appears.

     Shen Tian believed that his luck would definitely rise.

     But the problem is that Shen Ao doesn't seem to wait to see himself.

     In other words, the high-ranked people with higher luck in the Imperial Palace of the Great Yan Kingdom seem to have no one waiting to see Shen Tian.

     Those people are not as obedient as these little eunuchs, they can avoid meeting somebody to Shen Tian.

     I can't even see each other, and I want to stare at others to intercept the chance.

     How can it be?

     "It seems to have entered a dead end, it's hard to do!"

     Where can I find someone who has great luck and is willing to be close to him?For a while, Shen Tian fell into contemplation.
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