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7 Is My Ability Down?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Wan Ling Garden.

     This is the largest spirit mine trade market in Great Yan Country, and it is also the destination of Shen Tian's three people leaving the palace to experience this time.

     Three days ago, Shen Tian discovered that the way to improve his luck was to form a good relationship with the great luck.

     Therefore, he decided to look for large numbers of air transporters and try to take advantage of the opportunities.

     However, after three days of trying, Shen Tian has to acknowledge that in the entire Great Yan Kingdom Palace, few people really saw him.

     Whether it is Concubine Shu, Concubine Hua, Concubine De, or Seventh Prince, Eighth Prince, Ninth Princess...

     Every time Shen Tian wanted to visit them, these people were always ‘unwell’, ‘out of the palace’, and ‘inconvenient to meet’.

     This made Shen Tian very frustrated.

     But another discovery gave Shen Tian new hope in his heart.

     That is, it is not only the air transporters who encounter opportunities.

     People with green luck and even white luck also have the opportunity to encounter opportunities.

     It's just that the probability is small and the value is low.

     Yesterday, Shen Tian saw a halo opportunity on a certain white lucky lady.

     The screen shows that the little palace lady named Xia He will pick up a night pearl in the imperial garden, which is worth 1000 silver.

     So Shen Tian picked up the bead in advance and gave it to the palace lady.

     Sure enough, the light of the halo on the palace lady's head became stronger, and even a faint green light appeared.

     And the black energy above Shen Tian's head was reduced a little again.

     This discovery made Shen Tian very excited, and even the palace lady's embrace was pushed away.

     Pulling up Father Gui and Qin Gao, they clamored to leave the palace....

     Now that it is discovered, ordinary people also have the opportunity to encounter opportunities.

     Then Shen Tian must choose to go to the place where chances are the most frequent to improve his luck!

     The Wanling Garden is a place full of infinite possibilities and opportunities.

      as everyone knows The most important thing in the world of cultivating immortals is the "French and Finance Land".

     Among them, ‘cai’ refers to cultivation resources, among which the ‘spirit stone’ is the most important.

     The spiritual stone contains abundant spiritual energy, which is a consumable material used by immortal cultivators to practice, which can greatly increase the speed of Immortal Cultivator's practice.

     With the same talent and same technique, the cultivation speed of people with and without spirit stones can differ by more than 10 times.

     Therefore, for overwhelming majority cultivators, Lingshi is the material they have been pursuing all their lives.

     Lingshi mine is a vein that can produce spiritual stones.

     The immortal cultivator digs out spiritual ore from the veins, cuts out the rough embryo of the spiritual stone, and then processes it to form a standard-sized spiritual stone.

     But not every piece of spirit ore can cut spirit stones.

     Some spirit stones seem to have spilled aura, but after cutting it, there are some spirit stone fragments inside, which are extremely low in value.

     Some spirit stones seem to be nothing special to look at, but after being cut, they are medium-grade or even high-grade Spirit Stone, worth several cities.

     There are even legends that in some great schools of immortality, there are people who cut out the best magic weapons, masterpieces, and even sleeping Peerless Goddess from the ore.

     This is not impossible.

     Because in the world of cultivating immortals, there has always been a saying of ‘treasures conceal themselves’.Those powerful magic weapons and scriptures contain the Grand Dao Principle and can affect the Spiritual Energy of Heaven and Earth.

     If left out without a master for a long time, then these magic weapon scriptures will spontaneously absorb Spiritual Energy of Heaven and Earth and form a spiritual protection layer on the body surface.

     If these protective layers of spiritual energy last long enough, they will turn into spiritual minerals.

     It looks no different from ordinary spirit ore, but if someone is lucky to cut it open.

     It is possible to obtain intact powerful magic weapons, even peerless exercises.

     For tens of thousands of years, there are not a few lucky people who have risen strongly because of this opportunity!


     It is precisely for this reason that the trade market emerges to meet a historic destiny in the spirit mine of Wanling Garden.

     Merchants in the Wanling Garden will purchase spirit ore from various places, and then put them on the shelves, marking different prices according to different qualities.

     If the customer feels that the price is right, they will buy the spirit ore and cut it by themselves or ask the store to cut it.

     But regardless of whether the cut is a profit or loss, customers and stores place your bets and hands off the table, they must not go back.

     The rules are a bit similar to the stone betting that Shen Tian has seen in his previous life.

     After learning that ordinary people may also encounter opportunities, Shen Tian's mind first came out of this place.

     There may not be many air transporters in this place, but the frequency of chances is definitely the highest.

     Because the entire Wanling Garden has a daily flow of tens of thousands of people, it is all for luck.

     With such a huge base, even if one of the 10 people can make a profit, there should be opportunities everywhere!

     In this case, Shen Tian can not only get rid of the black circle on the top of his head as soon as possible.Even the spirit stones that the three of us will use to cultivate immortals don't have to worry anymore.

      Thought until here, Shen Tian felt that he was a genius!


     But when Shen Tian really came to Wanling Garden, he found that he was thinking too much.

     The water in this gambling field is not as deep as usual.

     Although there are people everywhere in the huge Wanling Garden, Shen Tian glanced over, and there was just a very few chance scenes on his head.

     And judging from the screen, even if those people cut out the spirit stones, most of them are not top quality.

     Basically, they spend a dozen or so spiritual stones, and then cut them out to sell 30 or 50 spiritual stones.

     Although even the most common low-grade spirit stones in the immortal world can sell for 1,000 taels of silver in the secular world, or even higher.

     Can earn 10 spiritual stones, that is 10,000 taels of silver, which is enough for ordinary people to be smart for a lifetime.

     But this little chance could not satisfy Shen Tian's original expectation.

     It is said that there is an explosion of popularity in the Wanling Garden every day, spend a few spirit stones to cut out the amazing goods, and head to the peak of life!

     Co-authors are all nonsense, right?

     Just when Shen Tian doubted his life, suddenly an exclamation came from the east.

     "Little Lingxian is here!"

     With this sound, the crowd suddenly moved.

     "What? Little Lingxian is going to mine again? Brother grabbed a good position for me!"

     "Wait for me, I will go over immediately after cutting this ore!"

     "Who is the little Lingxian?"

     "Little Lingxian, you don't know at all, too ignorant and inexperienced! She is the best spirit vein master in our Wanling Garden'searching for spirits and breaking mines'.""Not only that, but she is also a stunning beauty!"

     "Anyone who marries a little Lingxian will become prosperous. Not only is the beauty in his arms, but he won't have to worry about it for a lifetime."


     Listening to the conversations of the people around him, Shen Tian couldn't help but become curious about this so-called little spirit fairy.

     He walked along the crowd, and soon saw a real person in front of a spirit mine called'Tian Ling Xuan'.

     It was a girl wearing a blue dress, although she couldn't see her face clearly because she was facing Shen Tian.

     But just the jade hands that are as tender as onion roots and the slender waist limbs like willow branches are enough to arouse endless reverie and indulge in fantasy.

     It is not difficult to imagine that the front of this woman is absolutely beautiful, capable of causing the downfall of a city or state.

     However, what Shen Tian was concerned about at this time was not the figure and appearance of this woman, but the halo on her head.

     This woman named Xiao Lingxian is indeed lucky, the color of the halo above her head is pure red.

     Although it was still mixed with a few faint green lights, it was close to the quality of Qin Gao's halo, far better than many imperial family members.

     However, contrary to Shen Tian's contrary to expectation, there was no chance scene on her head.

     This made Shen Tian very confused.

     "Speaking logically, if there is a chance, it will definitely show up on the head."

     "Does the little Lingxian won't even be able to open a good mine in the next time?"

     "Or is it that my abilities have failed on her?"
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