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9 How Can You Not Jeopardize It!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

capable of causing the downfall of a city or state.

     This is the image of the little Lingxian in everyone's hearts, perfect and insecure.

     Everyone watched the little Lingxian leave, reluctant to part, looking very much like those star chasers whom Shen Tian had seen in his previous life.

     Religious and obsessed.

     "Little Lingxian is gone again, and my love is gone."

     "Wake up fellow Taoist, you have no love."

     "What did the little Lingxian just say? She seems to say that there are still a lot of opportunities in Tianlingxuan?"

     "Xiao Lingxian has developed a magical skill-breaking veins and golden eyes, can see through the world's spirit mines, she said that there are good things in Tianlingxuan, then there must be!"

     "Brothers, our chance to make money is here!"

     "I think that golden piece of spiritual ore is good, it's curvy and implied aura, there must be a big baby in it."

     "I think that blue one is good! It has a strange shape, like a fairy holding a piano, maybe it can produce a fairy."

     "Don't grab it, mine, it's all mine!"


     Suddenly, the entire Tian Lingxuan business was getting better.

     And shopkeeper Song's originally distressed expression has also become a little better.

     Shen Tianchi looked at the direction the little Lingxian was leaving, reluctant to part.

     It wasn't that he was reluctant to bear the little Lingxian, but he was not at ease without making clear the situation.

     The 13th prince who was born with bad luck, changes the fate against the Heaven's only hope is to take advantage of the chances of other big luck.

     Now there is a person with Unable To View chance. Shen Tian feels that this woman must be a variable.

     The variables made Shen Tian very insecure!

     "Master Shen, if you really like her, then catch up!""Yes, Master Shen, Miss Lingxian is the most suitable person for you, don't let yourself regret it!"

     Duke Gui and Qin Gao persuaded Shen Tian with expressions of dismay.

     Shen Tian said indifferently, "How can I follow a little girl, the thirteenth prince of the great Yan Country!"

     Duke Gui whispered: "Master Shen, the minion just saw someone secretly stalking the little fairy girl, who doesn't look like a good person."


     Someone secretly followed the little spirits with bad intentions?

     Hearing the words of Father Gui, Shen Tian was instantly excited.

     Shameless gangsters shed tears of gratitude devote my life to after being stalked by Peerless Fairy.

     This is not the most common and classic plot in a novel!

     It was so lucky to be met by him!

     Now that the gangsters and fairies have appeared.

     Then the male protagonist should appear soon, and it's definitely an air transporter.

     Only to find a way to make friends with this air transporter, Shen Tian believes that he will soon meet great opportunities again and improve air luck.

     Just thinking about it makes me feel good!


     Father Gui looked at Shen Tian with a smile on his face and had to remind him: "Master Shen, he comes without enough time if he doesn't chase him."

     Shen Tian recovered his wits and quickly said: "Go, let's follow!"

     Duke Gui was once taught the superficial Cultivation Technique by Concubine Lan. He cultivated hard for decades, and his cultivation reached the fifth heaven of Qi Refining Realm.

     After transferring to "The Magic Book of the Sun", his cultivation is even more advanced by leaps and bounds.

     In just three days, he broke through to the seventh heaven of Qi Refining Realm.Coupled with the tracking secrets recorded in the "Devil to the Sun", the three quickly caught up with the little spirit fairy.

     At this time, Xiao Lingxian already left Wanling Garden and came to a remote alley.

     She stood quietly in the alley and said indifferently: "Come out!"


      a silhouette Suddenly fell from the air and stopped in front of the little Lingxian.

      he smiled and said: "Little spirit fairy, things leave it to me ba!"

     Sure enough, it was extortion and robbery.

     Qin Gao is an anxious person. He softly asked: "His Royal Highness, shall we take action?"

     Shen Tian said indifferently: "Stupid."

     "Just, stupid."

     Father Gui pulled Qin Gao back, and explained softly: "Use your mind too much, now this guy is just robbing money, and there is no looting."

     "His Royal Highness is now trying to save him, and at most he will leave a sentence of'Hero, you are such a good man'."

     "But the little Lingxian girl is so beautiful, this thief will definitely be tempted to rob him later, and we will make another move when that happens."

     "Hero rescuing the beauty, 13 His Royal Highness is so handsome and unparalleled, why not worry about the beauty not heartfelt promise?"

     "The old slave is right, your highness?"

     Qin Gao listened to Duke Gui's explanation, and couldn't help admiring prostrate oneself in admiration: "High! Your lord, you really are high!"


     Shen Tian rolled the eyes, what's all this?

     The reason for still not taking action is very simple, that is-the actor hasn't appeared yet!

     He wants to get acquainted with the mysterious actor, and he must wait for the hero to come out and help out by himself.Thus, sharing weal and woe is the only way to become a close friend in the future, so as to be able to take advantage of luck.

     If Shen Tian, they would take action now and beat this gangster away.

     Other people’s air transport heroes feel that there is no need to show up, what should I do if they leave?

     "Wait, wait!"

     Shen Tian and the three lie on the roof, quietly watching the gangster blackmail.


     Seeing the gangster blocking the way, Xiao Lingxian slowly lowered his waist purse, sighed saying.

     "Can't you save me some?"

     The gangster chuckled: "Yes! As long as the fairy stays with me all night, this bag of spirit stones can be given to the fairy!"


      legendary robbery!

     Father Gui expressed his excitement: "His Royal Highness, we can make a move!"

     After 15 years, His Highness finally grew up and became interested in girls.

     As long as His Royal Highness can succeed in hero rescuing the beauty and capture the heart of the little fairy girl, it will soon be passed on.

     When the time comes, Concubine Lan's wife knows about Jiuquan and can smile at Jiuquan.

     Qin Gao was also very excited: "His Royal Highness, do it!"

     "Wait, wait!"

     Shen Tian was not in a hurry, and said calmly: "It's not the time yet."

     The protagonist of the atmospheric luck has not appeared yet!


     the other side.

     When the little Lingxian heard the gangster's words, his face suddenly became ugly: "The thief, be carried away by one's wishful thinking!"

     After that, the little Lingxian threw the money bag in his hand to the gangster, turned around and left.

     Strangely, the gangster did not chase after him.

     Suddenly, Duke Gui became anxious: "How can you not chase this gangster!""His Royal Highness, we must take action. If you don't hero rescuing the beauty anymore, the little fairy girl will run away."

      With great difficulty encountering such a great opportunity, how can 13 His Highness the Imperial Prince lose the chain at a critical time?

     Duke Gui is simply bitter and hateful.

     Shen Tian is also bitter and hateful, this script It's not right!

     It stands to reason, the next script.

     It shouldn't be the gangster who stopped the little Lingxian with an obscene smile, ready to robbery, and then the hero appeared on stage!

     Why is this gangster so disciplined? Before Jie Se asked the little fairy girl if she could agree.

     If people don't agree, you can't rob you?

     Catch up to bully her, assault her, and possess her!

     Is there any professionalism of gangsters?

     As a gangster, you are so talkative, how can let the hero rescuing the beauty?

     It's so disappointing!

     Seeing the little Lingxian walk further and further, he almost left the alley.

     Shen Tian sighed saying.

     No way, he can only do it himself.


     Although the hero of the air transporter did not appear, the little Lingxian is also a red ring air transporter.

     Now shoot hero rescuing the beauty, and make friends with Xiaolingxian by the way.

     In the future, you might be able to get luck from the little Lingxian.

     Yes, it is better than nothing!

     After making the decision, Shen Tian loudly shouted: "The bold gangster, under the full light of day, dare to molest respectable women!"

     Give it a shout!

     Shen Tian takes a deep breath, suddenly jumped from the roof and landed in front of the little spirit fairy.
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