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14 Actor, Your Kid Must Be An Actor
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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What is the concept of 100,000 spiritual stones?

     One spiritual stone is placed in the secular world, enough to exchange 1000 taels of silver.

     One hundred thousand spiritual stones is 100 million taels of silver, enough for ordinary people to splurge for 100 lifetimes.

     However, in the gambling world, a small piece of ore with a big palm is worth this price!

     Of course, even if such an expensive Lingshi is in the Holy Spirit Workshop, it is also a "treasure of the town shop".

     However, when the sign in Shen Tian's hand pointed to this purple green fairy gourd mine, the eyes of everyone around him became strange.

     "Friend Aotian, are you sure you want to choose this ore?"

     The deputy captain looked at the gourd ore and reminded: "Could it be that fellow Taoist has never heard of the story of this spirit ore?"

     In Wanling Garden, each Lingkuangfang has its own treasure of the town shop.

     But among all the spirit mines, the ‘purple green fairy gourd mine’ is the most famous.

     It is said that when the owner of the Holy Spirit Workshop dug this ore, the entire Wanling Garden was shaken.

     Almost all the high-ranking officials and nobles and real immortals in the Great Yan Kingdom flocked to bid high prices, hoping to buy this spiritual ore.

     Its price even once climbed to millions of spiritual stones!

     However, when many Lingmai masters tested this ore, everyone was surprised.

     This spirit ore used to be very precious indeed. It contained a great immortal tool and possessed a great might.

     But after a long time of change, the origin of this great immortal weapon has been completely exhausted and turned into a useless waste tool.

     Not to mention a million spiritual stones, even 10,000 are not necessarily worth it!The owner of the Holy Spirit Workshop couldn't accept this result, so he invited the spirit vein master to test the spirit ore.

     But every test result is exactly the same.

     Now this spirit ore is a typical gold and jade on the outside rotten things on the inside.

     And Reputation Spreads Far can’t be sold at all!

      Without any choice, the proprietor of the Holy Spirit Fang had to place it in the store, positioning it as the treasure of the town store, and also hung a sign of 100,000 Lingshi.

     The reason is to meet a fat sheep who is rich fool one day, so that I can get rid of it.

     Today, Shen Tian is posing like a Sage Master.

     But among the many spirit ore, he picked this purple green fairy gourd mine at a glance.

     It is really shocking.


     Passer-by suddenly laughed: "Haha, you can really pretend, you almost fooled me."

     After speaking, he looked at Li Lian'er: "Fairy, now as the water recedes, the rocks appear, I hope you will take care of this trick..."

     "Shut up," Li Lian'er interrupted passerby.

     She looked at Shen Tian and softly persuaded: "Even if it is a Lingmai master, it is normal to make occasional mistakes. Brother Shen should change his choice!"

     Passer-by was about to argue, but saw a sword-like sharp gaze approaching.

     Suddenly, he took it seriously.

     Shen Tian lightly smiled: "Pan Dao never regrets the choice he made, please open a mine!"

     The deputy captain brows slightly wrinkled: "Miss, 100,000 spirit stones is not a small number."

     After speaking, he looked at Shen Tian: "Shen Aotian, the matter is not serious now. If 100,000 spiritual stones are involved, the consequences will not be easy to bear."Obviously, he has agreed with passer-by, and feels that Shen Tian is a fool the world and usurp a good name.

     The reason why I chose this purple green fairy gourd mine was to scare everyone away and then get out.


     But there is one thing that needs attention.

     That is pure fool the world and usurp a good name, which did not cause bad influence, and was suspected of fraud causing major damage to the interests of others.

     The conviction between the two is completely different.

     When the former is discovered, it will be shut down for a few years at most, and education will be given through labor reform.

     And if Miss Lian'er was really instigated by Shen Tian to open this sky-high price spiritual stone.

     Later, it proved that Shen Tian is a liar, doesn't have any real ability.

     Then, Shen Tian will at least be kept in a cell for thousands of years!

     As a law enforcement officer, he must remind Shen Tian.

     Following the advice of the law enforcement officers, other people in the shop asked why they were in an uproar.

     "What, did this'master' fool the law enforcement team?"

     "Brother Niu, let the eldest lady of the law enforcement team open this mine and know how to play!"

     "Can you speak, Daoist brother just missed it for a while, and he was wrong. Isn't he allowed to make a mistake?"

     "That is, give Brother Taoist an opportunity again, and you will definitely be able to pick a good mine!"

     "Women have long hair and short knowledge. She knows that she is a liar and she still protects her. Is it because she is good looking?"

     "Otherwise! Don't protect the good looking Taoist brother, don't you protect you ugly?"

     "Hehe, be impervious to reason!"


     In the Holy Spirit Workshop, the atmosphere gradually heated up.At this moment, a voice filled with vitality came from the crowd.

     "it is good!"

     "Sure enough, Hero comes from the youth!"

     "Unexpectedly, in the Young generation, there will be someone who is so proficient in soul-seeking and cutting off mines. It is really the young will be redoubtable in the years to come!"

     "In the future, there will be a place for you in the world of immortal cultivation!"

     At this time, in the entire Holy Spirit Workshop, only this person's speech was optimistic about Shen Tian.

     It's like a little green in a thousand flowers, very prominent.

     Suddenly, everyone's eyes looked in the direction of the sound.

     But the one who was speaking was an old man wearing a Tang suit who looked about fifty years old.

     This person holds two walnuts in his hand, kind brows, pleasant eyes, and he is full of wisdom.

     Like a wise man who has experienced vicissitudes of life.

     He came to Shen Tian, his eyes hot: "Little brother really thinks that there is a chance in this purple green fairy gourd mine?"

     Shen Tian nodded firmly: "Yes, there is definitely a chance in this mine, and it's a great chance!"

     "it is good!"

     The old man held Shen Tian's hand excitedly: "The little brother really has eyes like a torch."

     "Your point of view is exactly the same as the old age!"

     "This fairy gourd is covered with purple-green Dao pattern resemble nature itself, and it is more conceived by a peerless fetus of Nirvana."

     "Mediocre people only feel that the source is exhausted and turned into a waste."

     "Only a real predestined person can discover that this fairy gourd contains a slim chance of survival in nihility, which is a great chance of true nihility!"

     "Little brother, regret not having met earlier, I and you really regret not having met earlier!"Shen Tian was also very excited: "Mr., regret not having met earlier, regret not having met earlier!"

     After all, he looked at the people behind him and said indifferently: "It seems that there are still people who believe in the poor."

     The corner of the law enforcement deputy captain's mouth twitched slightly.

     "This is the owner of Holy Spirit Workshop, shopkeeper Liu."


     Shen Tian smiled on face, and gradually solidified.

     What, this old guy is the owner of Holy Spirit Workshop?

     Ahem, so embarrassing!

     At this moment, a scream suddenly sounded.

     Passerby suddenly patted his thigh and shouted: "I understand. Actor, you must be an actor!"

     Seeing everyone's attention returned to themselves, the passerby sneered.

     He pointed to Shen Tian and hummed: "I finally know your ambition of wild wolves!"

     "Actually, you are radically an actor hired by shopkeeper Liu!"
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