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15 Moved, The Old Man Is So Moved
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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"Intentionally set up a stall on the side of the street to attract the attention of others, saying that only for people who are destined to find souls, but never really take orders."

     "When the law enforcement team came to the door, you deliberately set up this round to get the fairy to the bait."

     "Then let the fairy impulsively buy this purple green fairy gourd, which is obviously a big pit, right?"

     After listening to passer-by's analysis, countless people immediately realisation.

     "So that's how it is, I thought it was just a simple liar, but I didn't expect it to be a serial scam!"

     "Holy Ghost Square actually played this kind of trick, and will never come again!"

     "Even the people from the law enforcement team dare to cheat, it's reckless, and must be severely punished!"

     "Such profiteers must not be tolerated!"


     The voice of condemnation was getting bigger and bigger, and shopkeeper Liu's face turned pale with fright.

     "Everyone, everybody, this little brother and I are really total strangers!"

     "I use my personality as a guarantee. If I know this little brother, let me Five Thunderstrikes of Heaven!"

     Shen Tian was very calm. Looking at the people who were suspicious, he said indifferently: "You said that Pang Dao and the shopkeeper Liu conspired to make a game. Pang Dao has several problems."

     Passerby sneered: "I'd like to see, how can you mislead the public with rumors ~!"

     Shen Tian stretched out a finger: "First, if Pan Dao and shopkeeper Liu are complicit, why not take a few orders first and forge a few explosive mines, it will be easier to attract people!"

     Passerby Jia hummed: "You deliberately didn't take the order, and you led the law enforcement team to investigate, and then shamelessly deceive the fairy!"Shen Tian smiled: "Then second, since we want to choose the fat sheep, why not choose the stupid one, the richer, the lesser background, must choose the law enforcement team?"

     "Does your Excellency think that the law enforcement team in Wanlingyuan is a bunch of stupid and cheatable sheep?"

     "Or do you think that everyone in the law enforcement team is embezzling and accepting bribes and can easily come up with 100,000 spirit stones?"

     "After all, Pan Dao can hardly be considered that Fairy Lian'er will come with the law enforcement team."

     Feeling the bad eyes projected by the law enforcement team, passerby suddenly panicked: "This..."

      How to answer this problem?

     If the answer is not good, the rhythm of drinking tea directly into the management committee is good!

     Adults, how can you question it?

     Shen Tian smiled again: "And this third, if it is really a conspiracy between Pan Dao and Shopkeeper Liu, why did Shopkeeper Liu come out to echo one another with me this time?"

     "When the whole world is on the opposite side of you, a person just stands together with you."

     "It's hard not to doubt that there is a hidden relationship between you!"

     The passerby replied hard: "Perhaps... maybe you just want to obscure the facts on purpose, so that you can explain that it doesn't matter!"

     Shen Tian not to know whether to laugh or cry: "Come on, let Xiaodao tell you, if shopkeeper Liu really wants to fool a fat sheep and sell this ore, what should I do!"

     "First of all, shopkeeper Liu needs to find a target to start."

     "This goal should be wealthy, stupid, and can't control him, not the law enforcement team, which directly monitors Wanling Garden!""Later, shopkeeper Liu can find a beautiful woman to approach him and make friends with him."

     "Then, let this woman introduce a so-called'spiritual master' to him, and find some prepared spiritual ore, let the'spiritual master' show some hands in front of him."

     "Let this ‘rich fool brother’ understand that some spiritual minerals seem not what kind of, but actually contain great opportunities."

     "I have come to this kind of performance several times, let'rich fool brother' fully appreciate how cool it is to stand on the opposite side of the world!"

     "After fully gaining the trust of this rich fool brother, I will bring him to the Holy Spirit Workshop."

     "The shopkeeper Liu told the'rich fool brother' clearly and directly that this mine has been seen by a master, and there may be waste tools in it. Please advise him not to buy it."

     "But Brother Rich Fool insists on believing in the ‘Master of Spirit Vessel’, and stands on the opposite side of the world again obstinately clinging to one’s course. Buy ore and mine!"

     "But this time, luck is on the side of the world."

     "Finally, the money was settled, and the beauty ran away with the "Master of Lingmai"."

     "Everything is reasonable and legal, and Holy Spirit Square doesn't have any fears of trouble in the rear."

     "After all, shopkeeper Liu has reminded everything."

     "It's Duo Duo who doesn't listen by himself!"

     Looking at the people who had gradually become dumbfounded, Shen Tian lightly smiled.

     "Brother, do you think my scam is more reasonable and has a higher success rate!"

     From the 21st century of the information explosion, Shen Tian simply does not understand too much about various scams.


     After listening to Shen Tian's narration of the new deception, there was a burst of cold air around him.Such a sinister, perfect fraud plan!

     It's terrifying!

     And Boss Li looked at Shen Tian with admiration, secretly saying a good idea!

     How could he not expect it!

     Thinking of this method long ago, this rotten stone has long been sold.

     And it's not a cheap sale, but a high price!

     Sure enough, this little brother is really a talent!

      regret not having met earlier, regret not having met earlier ah!

     The passerby insisted: "Then what can you prove that you have nothing to do with Boss Li?"

     Shen Tian calmly said: "Please prove that poor Tao is not your biological father."

     Passerby: "You!"

     Shen Tian looked up to the sky at a 45-degree angle, and said proudly: "Poor Dao has long said that those who are destined don't get a cent, and those who are not destined don't count as ten thousand dollars.

     "If Fairy Lian'er believes in the poor, he will naturally not disappoint the Fairy."

     "If you don't believe me, catch the poor road and lock it up, I will still say that, there is a big chance in this mine!"

     Shopkeeper Liu looked at Shen Tian's heroic appearance, and couldn't help applauding him.


     Have not seen such extreme for a long time.

     If he hadn't been clear about this purple green fairy gourd, he knew it was out of stock.

     I really thought that the great opportunity that Shen Tian said was true!

     Speaking of which, if Fairy Lian'er doesn't open this purple green fairy gourd mine, the law enforcement team really has no evidence to catch Shen Tian.

     After all, Shen Tian hadn't started taking orders before, nor had he failed in mining.

     Your law enforcement team is unreasonable and unfounded, how can you innocent people out of thin air?


     the other side.Li Lian'er looked at Shen Tian's sad look and looked up to the sky, as if a string had been plucked in her heart.

     Such a turbid son, such a deep sad profile, such a clear and flawless pupil.

      how can it be a liar!

     Being misunderstood by the world, Brother Shen must be very lonely in his heart!

     "I believe in him!"

     Gradually, Li Lian'er strengthened her conviction.

     Since Brother Shen said that he was predestined with me, then I chose to believe him.

     Even if you are misunderstood by the world, Lian'er will help you!

     Anyway, 100,000 spirit stones is not a big money, and it is a big deal to sell the sword.

     For Brother Shen, worth it!

      Thought until here, Li Lian'er took out a purse from his arms: "Brother Shen, Lian'er believes in you, but Lian'er only carries 50 spirit crystals. Wait for me to..."


     Just when Li Lian'er was about to sell the sword, shopkeeper Liu eyes brimming with tears of excitement interrupted her.

     "Just because of the trust that Fairy Lian'er has in Taoist Shen, the old man is willing to suffer this loss."

     "Sold at 50% off, wayward!"

     He instantly took the purse from Li Lian'er and wiped his tears: "Hey, it's touching, deeply affecting!"

     "Moved, so moved!"

     After counting the number of spirit crystals in his purse, shopkeeper Liu smiled with emotion.

     He patted his chest and said: "Fairy Lian'er, Dao Chang Shen and I met earlier, regret not having met earlier, you believe he believes in me!"

     "In order to show the sincerity of the old, my Holy Spirit Workshop sent the best stone stone master to stone for you for free."

     "No matter what shocking opportunity is offered, Lao Chu will never charge a fee for half a spiritual stone!""Don't ask the old why this is so, touched, capricious!"
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