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17 Qinglian Jianjun, Li Changge
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Hearing Shen Tian's praise, the surrounding people also realisation, repeatedly praising shopkeeper Liu.

     "Yeah! It turns out we misunderstood shopkeeper Liu and Holy Spirit Fang."

     "It's worthy of being the treasurer of the Holy Spirit Workshop. It is really admirable to be able to see through this spirit ore."

     "I take back the words of'Never come to Holy Spirit Workshop again' and apologize to shopkeeper Liu. This is the real conscientious business!

     "Clearly knows that there is a priceless treasure in this ore, and it is still waiting in the store for someone who is predestined, Gao Yi, shopkeeper Liu!"

     "From now on, I will come to the Holy Spirit Workshop to buy spirit ore, and such a good person like Shopkeeper Liu is definitely not a profiteer."

     "As long as everyone gives a little love like shopkeeper Liu, why worry that the world of immortality will not become a beautiful world?"


     Listening to Shen Tian and the compliments of the crowd, shopkeeper Liu laughed more ugly than crying.

     "Yes, this is what the old man should do!"

     "Thank you for your support. In the future, Holy Spirit Workshop will repay customers and everyone with greater enthusiasm!"

     "Treasure see the light again, find the master. Old..."

     "The old man is so touched, I can't help it."

     "Everyone who is unaccompanied, I will cry for a while first."


     At the end, the shopkeeper Liu was so moved that he cried.

     Bean's tears fell on the ground, crackling.

     People around me admire it.

     Take a look, this is a businessman of conscience!

     Love and righteousness, dare to love, hate and shed tears.

     The shopkeepers nearby are all learning.

     ...And Li Lian'er stared at Shen Tian for a long while, as if frozen.

     It was not until the deputy captain of the law enforcement team reminded her that she recovered his wits.

     Holding the fairy gourd seed with colorful brilliance in her hand, Li Lian'er said earnestly: "I can't ask for this seed!"

     "This is the spirit ore selected by Brother Shen, how can I give me all the opportunities!"

     Shen Tian lightly smiled: "The poor way has something to say first, for the destined person to find the soul and cut the mine without taking any money, the fairy no need to be polite."

     Li Lian'er hurriedly said, "But this is priceless treasure, how can Lian'er feel good about it!"

     Although Shen Tian was also reluctant to bear this seed, he was even more reluctant to recover the luck with great difficulty.

     After all, this is a seed, not a technique, and it cannot be shared by two people.

     Is it possible to break this seed in half, each person gets half?

     no kidding!

     What should I do if I plant the Seven Treasure Fairy Scoop back?

     Is it possible to make a sacrifice and refine it into a magic weapon, shouting during a fight: God does not give birth to me Shen Aotian, prostitution is like a long night?

     Come on?


     Since there is no way to divide evenly, then this seed can only be given to Li Lian'er.

     Otherwise, if he had asked for this seed, wouldn't Shen Tian have to change back to the ultimate moldy tuo?

     You woman, don't want to take me seriously!

      Thought until here, Shen Tian righteousnessly said: "Fairy Lian'er this statement is wrong, although fairy seeds are priceless, fate is even more priceless."

     "When everyone is suspicious of Poor Dao, only the fairy believes in me firmly."

     "Does the fairy think that the fate of you and me is not as good as a Seven Treasure Fairy Gourd Seed?"Shen Tian had a gentle smile on his face.

     Like the spring breeze, ripples swayed in the hearts of all women.

     Suddenly, the women in the Holy Spirit Square waved.

     "Wow, Brother Taoist is so warm!"

     "Brother Taoist, he looks so accurate in mines, Brother Xian is pretty much the same!"

     "Precisely precisely, Brother Fairy is right!"

     "I really envy the fairy Lian'er. A mere 50,000 pieces of spirit stones can be associated with Brother Fairy, this girl wants too!"

     "Senior Brother Xian, take a look, if the little girl has a relationship with you, people don't mind being a little girl!"

     "And me, and me, Brother Fairy, I don't ask for a name, I only ask for a spring breeze!"


     Listening to the words of many women around her, the blush on Li Lian'er's face became more and more obvious.

     "So, is this the crystallization of the fate between me and Brother Shen?"

     "Or is this the token of love given to me by Brother Shen?"

     There are many thoughts in Li Lian'er's heart.

     She cautious and solemn put away the seeds of the fairy gourd: "Don't worry, Lian'er will cultivate this fairy gourd seed so that he can thrive!"

     At this moment, Li Lian'er made up her mind.

     Even if spare no effort, she will plant this fairy gourd seed.

      If given time, bring the grown-up fairy gourd back to look for brother Shen to continue the front line.

     We must never disappoint Brother Shen's heart for himself!


     At this moment, a negative voice sounded in the Holy Spirit Workshop.

     "Hey, since you don't want this fairy gourd, it's better to give it to my ancestors!"As soon as the voice fell, a thick black smoke suddenly rose in the Holy Spirit Workshop.

     The black smoke kept rolling, covering the entire Holy Spirit Workshop in an instant.

      a silhouette flashed by, carrying a huge momentum directly towards Li Lian'er, actually trying to forcibly grab the treasure!

     "Where is the rat, dare to come to my Holy Spirit Square to make trouble!"

      At the same time, a powerful momentum rose up in the Holy Spirit Square, and it approached the attacker.


     The two fought against each other in the black smoke, and the powerful aura fluctuations shook everyone back again and again.

      a figure was forced back in embarrassment and fell heavily to the ground.

     The one who was beaten back was the worship of the Holy Spirit Workshop.

     "Hey, it's worthy of the Holy Spirit Square, there is actually a real person from the early stage of Jindan sitting here."

     "It's a pity that I'm still a little tender for my ancestor!"

     The person in the black smoke sneered again and again, and repelled the worship of the Holy Spirit Workshop with lightning speed.

     Then, without the slightest hesitation, he headed straight towards Li Lian'er, not daring to stay at all.

     After all, the Garden of All Souls is the land of hidden dragons and crouching tigers, and Li Lian'er is a certain Great Character's a pearl in the palm.

     Now that I have chosen to snatch Li Lian'er's treasure, I have to prepare for The Fugitive immediately.

     But it's all worth it!

     As long as the ancestors, I seize this fairy gourd seed, and then resell it to those holy places and caves, there is no need to worry for the rest of my life!

     Seven feet...five feet...three feet!

     The distance between that person in the black smoke and Li Lian'er getting closer and closer, getting closer and closer.

     He could even vaguely feel the huge vitality and light pressure emanating from that seed."The 36th Supreme Immortal Seed on the Lingmu List, really name is not in vain."

     "Haha, after today, ancestors, I won't have to fight anymore!"

     That person face upwards and laugh, extremely proud.


     At this moment, a joke suddenly sounded in the void: "Oh, is it?"

     In the next second, impassioned poems sounded in the Holy Spirit Workshop.

     "The water of the Yellow River is coming up from the sky, and the eternal Qinglian will be opened!"

     With the sound of the poem, a Sword Qi suddenly appeared between the heaven and the earth, and an azure colored lotus flower was transformed into an azure colored lotus flower.

     Then, one life is two, two is three, three is ten million!

     As if it can be copied infinitely, it instantly turns into a sky full of green lotus, hiding the sky and covering the earth.

     "Xianlu Changsheng is not what I want, the world's great wine toast--too--white!"

     "Good wine, good wine!"

      After reading the seven-character quatrain, the sky full of green lotus turned into an endless sword light, sweeping away.

     In an instant, all the thick black smoke was cut away.

     Bright, appear again in the Holy Spirit Square.



      a blood-curdling screech, sounded in the Holy Spirit Workshop.

     After the dust has settled, I saw a white-clothed man in the Central Area of Holy Spirit Square.

     He has long hair draped her shoulders swordlike eyebrows starry eyes, carries a blue wine gourd in his hand, and carries a three-foot magic front on his back, exuding a powerful breath.

     After a sip of wine, the man smiled contentedly.

     It is like an amazing sword, standing above the common crowd.

     Just like a handsome young man, unrestrained and unrestrained!

     If there really is a sword fairy in the world, I am afraid it is this person!At the foot of the man, there was a rickety old man dressed in black and dark skin.

     Already pierced the Dantian air cavity, completely subdued.


     "It's him! Taibai Dongtian Number One Genius, Qinglian Sword Master Li Changge!"

     "Is it because he is stepping on the evil cultivator outside the territory, Nigor, known as the ancestor of the nigger, is the Late Stage Golden Core powerhouse!"

     "Xiu's mouth spit out, the sword gas turns the lotus, could it be that he has already practiced "Cyan Lotus Sword Song" to the Great Accomplishment Realm."

     "The young age actually defeated Nigel, so powerful's sword intent, so terrifying!"

     "It's so cool, although the appearance is a bit worse than that of Brother Fairy, but the look is so handsome!"

     "I still like Brother Fairy better. Men who drink do not like it!"

     "Men who love to drink spend one's time in drinking and pleasure. Maybe they are also a Taoist buddy, which makes people feel insecure. Or Brother Fairy looks more reliable!"

     "I think so too, mainly because Senior Brother Xian is too handsome!"

     "plus 1."


     Listening to the onlookers, especially the comments of the women.

     Li Changge's smile on face gradually solidified.

     In the eyes of those people, this Sword Master is not the most beautiful boy on this street?

     Then I will rack one's brains on stage, recite poems and dance swords, pose what else is there meaning?

     Especially when I saw Li Lian'er, my favorite sister, staring straight at the other man.

     There is no time to perfuse yourself even by saying ‘Brother, you are here’.

     Suddenly, Li Changge's mentality exploded.
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