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19 Can You Not Make Up For It?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

"Not love what is?"

     "Shen Lang, don't be afraid, even if Dad and Brother don't like you, I will protect you!"

     Li Lian'er pulled out the fairy sword behind her back: "Brother, you threaten Shen Lang to leave me again, I...I will die for you to see!"

      The rather die than submitting dumb hair is angry **.

     It's like a sword that rushes into the sky, facing the injustice of fate!

     Li Changge: "?????!!!"

     Shen Tian: "!!!!!!???"

     Shen Tian was stunned.

     He suspected that the way of opening the immortal cultivation world he crossed was wrong.

     How to drop.

     There are not only mines, but also enthusiastic fans!

     In his previous life, he thought that the fans who attempted suicide in order to meet the idol were all navy.

     Now it seems that the Lian'er fairy is not to be inferior in any aspects compared to them!

     By the way, I only met you for the first time, and I only got along for two hours.

     From fellow Daoists, brothers, to Shen Lang, are they all ready to die directly?

     Fairy, your love comes so fast that the tornado can't catch up!

     Hey, being too handsome is indeed a sin.

     Shen Tian felt like he was in trouble.


     "How about this!"

     Li Changge sighed saying, saying: "I don't know if Taoist Shen has a teacher, has he entered the martial art?"

     Shen Tiandao: "The poor road is the gully cave of the famous autumn mountain, Shen Aotian, the disciple of Venerable Tian Ji."

     "It turns out that Brother Shen is a disciple of Venerable Tian Ji, no wonder he has such an ability."Hearing Shen Tian's answer, Li Changge was overjoyed and said: "I wonder if Master Ling is doing well these days?"


     Shen Tian was stunned.

     Yedi, have you heard of my master's name?

     Is there really a Venerable Tian Ji in this world?

     Then how can I continue to edit it down?

     Is the vest off the show?

     That's not a minute pill!

     Shen Tian is panicking!

     Suddenly, Li Changge's transmission sounded in the ears, "I don't want to be castrated by my father, it is best to cooperate with me."

     Suddenly, Shen Tian tiger body shakes: "Brother Lao Li missed, my family and teacher have always been well."

     He didn't want to practice "The Magic Book of the Sun", even though the technique was really strong.

     "Now things are easier."

     The madness on Li Changge's face disappeared completely, replaced by a gentle smile.

     "Lian'er, you may not know, Master Shen's master Tianji Zhenren is the best friend of his father when he was young, and a lifelong friendship."

     "Our two Families are family friends!"

     Li Lian'er looked suspicious: "Shen Lang, is that true?"

     When Shen Tian was about to speak, Li Changge reminded: "My father is Longhe Jianzun Li Canglan, Brother Shen should have heard the real Tianji mention it!!!"

     When the word "ba" was spoken, Li Changge's voice was three points harder.

     Shen Tian nodded quickly: "Sword Master Changhe, of course I have heard of it, the name like thunder piercing the ear!"

     "My teacher praised without cease for Senior Li's swordsmanship, and he even admired his moral character."

     "I admire Dad's moral character," Li Lian'er was stunned, "Does Dad have such friends?"Li Changge lightly coughed: "I heard that Dad was very elegant and easy-going when he was young. It should be menopause now, right?"


     Li Changge said: "Since Brother Shen is a real man of Tianji, sister, you don't have to worry too much about your relationship with him."

     Li Lian'er said with joy: "Brother means that you and Dad are not opposed?"

     Li Changge nodded with a smile: "Heaven's Secret Faction is a family friend with our family, how could my brother and father object to it!"

     "It's just Lian'er, you in the end still unmarried maiden, you have to pay attention to the influence."

     "Don't let people think that our eldest lady in the Li family eloped with someone!"

     Seeing that Li Lian'er's mood seemed to ease, Li Changge suggested.

     "Besides, Brother doesn't object to the matter between you and Brother Shen, but we have to go back to Taibai Cave first."

     Li Lian'er was immediately wary: "Why?"

     Li Changge said helplessly: "You still carry Seven Treasures of the Immortal Gourd Seed!"

     "If the news is leaked, the evil monsters in a radius of a thousand miles will find you and Brother Shen, and even brother will not be able to protect you then."

     "Zhedi, now both father and brother are not opposed, do you still want to die in love with Brother Shen?"

     Li Lian'er stuck out the tongue, embarrassedly said: "I don't want to."

     "That's it!"

     Li Changge smiled and said: "Now you are separated from Brother Shen for a while, let's go back to Taibai Cave to plant the seeds of Qibao Xian Gourd."

     "Brother Shen went back to Qiu Ming Mountain to look for Senior Tianji to come forward and find a lucky day to come to propose marriage.""At that time, the crystallization of your fate will also sprout, and you will be married gracefully."

     "Wouldn't it be beautiful ?"

     Listening to Li Changge's flicks, Shen Tian couldn't help but admire.

     Seeing that sincere and serious look, he almost believed it!

     In terms of mouth escape, I would like to respect you as the strongest!

     Li Lian'er turned her head and stared at Shen Tian, reluctantly said: "Then Brother Shen, you must come to Taibai Cave to find me!"

     Hearing that Li Lianxin finally let go, Li Changge was so touched that he started to cry.

     I finally coaxed this sister, what's the matter I'll talk about it later.

     At least I took my sister safe and stable home.

     As for the future, how does Otou-sama deal with it?

     That's Otou-sama's business.

     Mother asked anyway.

     He doesn't touch the pot!

     And if this kid really dared to go to Taibai Cave, he could hold the old man's Canglan sword.

     Also not impossible to consider, give him a chance to chase Lian'er.

     The question is, does he dare? ! !

     Li Changge looked at Shen Tian with a smile of ‘encouraging’ in his eyes.

     I look forward to you being sliced like a squirrel mandarin fish by the old man.

     You know, the old man is much fiercer than me!


     Facing Li Lian'er's expectant gaze, Shen Tian said helplessly: "Definitely, certainly will."

     Anyway, I didn’t say when, looking for a hundred years later will not be considered as a breach of contract.

     After all, in the world of cultivating immortals, 100 years is not very long.

     At least before he could beat Li Changge and Li Canglan, Shen Tian would never go to Taibai Cave.

     Sister control + daughter control + non-chief air luck, it is terrible.It will be broken!

     After thinking about it, Li Changge took out another token from his arms.

     This token is silver-white in color with a blue long sword engraved in the center, simple and simple, with awe-inspiring sword intent.

     On the other side of the token, there is an engraved "Li" character.

     "Since the matter between you and Lian'er has been settled, I can't help but express my brother."

     "This ‘Sword Master’s Order’ was refined by my father at a great expense, and it was sealed with a sword incarnation comparable to Nascent Soul Initial Stage. It can be driven by dropping the blood to recognize master."

     "At the same time, the Wanli Sound Transmission Array is inscribed in the token, and it can be used for Wanli Sound Transmission if activated."

     "If you encounter trouble in the future, you can call it as your brother at any time."

     "Although it is not as valuable as the Seven Treasure Immortal Gourd Seed, it is considered a little bit for brother!"

     "Today, give it to Brother Shen!"

     Looking at Li Changge with a smile on his face, Shen Tian understood that this sword master command should be a thank you gift for the "Seven Treasure Fairy Gourd".

     After all, the Taibai Dongtian Li family was considered a family with a face and a face in the world of cultivating immortals.

     With a so big opportunity, it will naturally show something.


     Sword Master Ling is considered to be the best treasure worth several cities in the world of cultivating immortals.

     And for the current Shen Tian, the sword master command is much more practical than the Seven Treasure Fairy Gourd Seed.

     You must know that even Chen Tian's cheap father, His Majesty Yan Emperor of the Great Yan Country, his cultivation base is just Peak Golden Core Stage.

     And this sword master can actually summon the bodyguard of Nascent Soul Initial Stage at any time.

     With this sword master in hand, as long as you don't force it to death.

     It's even enough to run amuck in Great Yan Country.Its preciousness as you can well imagine.

     You can give away such treasures at hand, has to say the Li family is a real cow.

     Shen Tian didn't even want to fight anymore.

     "How embarrassing is this!"

     Shen Tian took the sword master's order and turned his head and said, "Fairy Lian'er, your fairy sword can be used by the poor."

     Li Lian'er face slightly blushed: "Shen Lang just calls me Lian'er."

     "This clear water sword is a birthday present from his father to Lian'er on Lian'er's 16th birthday."

     "However, if Shen Lang likes it, give it to Shen Lang as a token of love!"

     Shen Tian: "?"

     What token of love.

     I just borrowed your sword to cut my finger, dropping the blood to recognize master!

     After all, biting your finger is too painful and unhygienic.

     Can you stop thinking about it?
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