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21 Accumulate Virtues And Do Good, Refuse Taoists
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Shen Tian didn't know that in the eyes of some interested people, he had completely become a sweet potato.

     In the eyes of other people, he has become one of the people that the Wan Ling Garden absolutely cannot provoke.

     He now, only has one thought.

     That is to be able to sleep soundly, it is really comfortable!

     Yesterday, I forcibly carried a weight of 30 kg and walked more than ten kilometers, so tired that Shen Tian's bones fell apart.

      It should be noted, he is just a young man who hasn’t recovered from his cultivation deviation!

     Fortunately, when he returned to Wanling Garden, Father Gui and Qin Gao had already booked an inn for him.

     After soaking in a hot bath and having a massage with the service staff, the whole person feels comfortable.

     The only thing that made Shen Tian upset was that the woman who massaged was too unprofessional.

     Massage is just massage, always touching places that don't need pressing.

     He also said that he was so handsome, could he make her comfortable.

     Shen Tian was so angry that she let her leave on the spot.

     Massage is just a good massage, the technique is not that's the end of it, and the service attitude is not good.

     I spend money to let you serve me.

     What does it mean that I can make you comfortable?

     Why do you want my Highness to massage you again?

     Your Highness is so tired, won't your conscience hurt?

     Besides, did you give me money?


     Gui Bo's massage technique is authentic and strong.

     Over the past 16 years, 13 His Highness the Imperial Prince has often promoted blood circulation and removed blood stasis, and refined techniques for easy tendons and bones.

     Finally, Shen Tian fell asleep under the slight or important, urgent or non-urgent pressure of Father Gui.The next day, the sun rose.

     Shen Tian manage to regain consciousness from a deep sleep, only feeling comfortable all over, like a new life.

     Duke Gui on the side said with concern: "His Royal Highness was so tired yesterday, why not rest today!"

     "No, this time my Highness goes out to experience the palace, how can I slack off because of a little fatigue."

     This damn black ring must be washed out as soon as possible!

     Looking in the mirror and looking at the bleached white spots on the black ring, Shen Tian suddenly felt full of fighting spirit.

     Fast, fast, and another wave or two of big opportunities.

     It can be washed ashore thoroughly.

     How can my Highness be lazy in this critical period.

     "Uncle Gui, keep this sword for me!"

     Shen Tian pointed to the clear water sword left by Li Lian'er, and treated Gui Gong justly.

     "This is the token of love left by the prince and concubine to His Royal Highness, the old slave can't keep it well!"

     "First, she is not the prince and concubine; second, my highness has not started practicing swords yet; third, this sword is really too heavy for my highness to carry it."

     After walking 30 miles with this sword on his back yesterday, Shen Tian's back was almost bald!

     To let him carry this sword every day, it would be better to ask for his little fortune.

     Grandpa Gui said helplessly: "In this case, the old slave will carry it for His Highness!"

     When he met the prince and concubine in the future, the old slave immediately returned the sword to his highness, and it should be no problem.

     After washing, tidy up your own way robe and beard.

     Shen Tian picked up the signboard and prepared to go out to set up a stall.

     But after thinking about it, he stopped again.Pick up a writing brush and add four characters after the banner [Accumulate Virtue and Do Good]-[No Taoist Couple].

     After that, Shen Tian was relaxed and went out with confidence.


     The three of them once again came to the place where the stall was set up before, but saw that this place was already vast crowd.

     Many women even pulled up banners and cheered immediately when they saw Shen Tian.

     "Big Brother Xianshi, I love you, just like the mouse loves Xianmi."

     "You are mine, fairy gourd, I am your flower, you are mine, Brother Fairy Brother, for life's care!"

     "Brother Xianshi, this fate is like a bridge. I would like to pass over mountains ridges and see you across the bridge."


     Seeing many enthusiastic fans, Shen Tianmu pointed to the banner affectionately.

     [Accumulate virtue and do good, refuse Taoist couple]

     Suddenly, there was a heartbreaking sound around.

     Shen Tian cupped his hands and said: "The poor road is the gully cave of the famous autumn mountain. The disciple Shen Aotian under the seat of Venerable Tian Ji is here only to accumulate virtue and do good, and to find the soul for the destined."

     "I hope that all the girls will ask about fate rationally and not affect the order of the park, nor affect their normal life.

     "Drinking more hot water on weekdays and less star chasing is good for physical and mental health."

     As soon as Shen Tian had finished speaking, the women were happy again.

     "Wow, Brother Fairy is so warm!"

     "He is caring for us, he is really too gentle."

     "I seem to be in love, I really hope I have a relationship with Brother Fairy!"

     "Senior Brother Xian, seek fate, seek fate!"



     Shen Tian gave up struggling.Sure enough, as long as his handsome face does not disappear in a day, there will be no fewer women around him.

     After all, these people outside the palace didn't know how bad he was.

     To be honest, he even misses the quiet atmosphere in the Lanxin Palace a bit now.

     I am surrounded now, even my private dimension is gone, which is really distressing.

     "Don't make noise, please line up one by one."

     "Please stand on the left if you have a destiny for the poor Dao. Later, I will take you to find the spirit and break the mine."

     "And those who have nothing to do with the poor roads can stay and watch the excitement, or they can leave on their own. You will never force yourself."

     Under the escort of Father Gui and Qin Gao, and the spontaneous cooperation of the surrounding women.

     Soon, the order in front of the booth stabilized.

     The stone gamblers who hope the time comes, fortune turns spontaneously line up in front of Shen Tian.

     Shen Tian was not in a hurry, and each person took a closer look before letting him leave.

     "What, I have a predestined relationship with Brother Fairy, great!"

     "Please wait for the girl for a while, and later I will take the girl to find the soul and break her pulse. In addition, please don't grope the girl because it is such a bad influence."


     "Why, why I have no relationship with the fairy master. Oh, no!"

     "You don't need to be discouraged, the fate is extremely mysterious and abstruse. Today you have no fate with the poor way. Maybe tomorrow, fate will come."


     "Master, I'm here to ask fate on behalf of my girl. I wonder if Master Master has a Taoist companion?""Auntie, you have no destiny with the poor Dao. If you are interested, please ask about the destiny by yourself. In addition, it is written on the banner. I will decline the Dao couple below. Next!"


     "This dignified Gold Core Daoist Master said that he has no relationship with me? Be bold!"

     "You can't force it. If you want to come hard, you can pass the law enforcement level first!"

     "You! Wait for me, I will definitely come back!"


     It is screened by layers of organization, discipline, and exposure.

     It took only half a day for Shen Tian to gather a team of 20 elite destined persons.

      have males and have females, the cultivation base has ups and downs, all standing behind him.

     "Just these people today!"

     Shen Tian lightly smiled and began to classify everyone: "No. 1, No. 3, No. 8, and No. 15, you group, go to Tianlingxuan with the poor road, the others are free."

     After finishing speaking, Shen Tian led 4 people who were destined to be in Tianlingxuan and walked towards Tianlingxuan.

     But when he said this, he didn't say it, because watching the excitement is the nature of everyone.

     When Shen Tian rushed to Tianlingxuan, everyone followed behind him.

     Does the immortal master really have the astounding ability to find spirits and break mines, or is it pure luck to develop [Seven Treasure Fairy Gourd Species].

     See you soon!
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