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22 This Son Is Unfathomable And Unpredictable
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Hundreds of people walked towards Tianlingxuan, a large swath of Wuyang.

     It also continued to absorb the onlookers who joined in to watch the good show, and the team grew stronger.

     When I came to Tianlingxuan, most of the street was full.

     The treasurer Song and his son hurriedly walked out when they heard the movement, but saw that the leader of the group was Shen Tian wearing a Taoist robe and holding a signboard.

     "Father, it really is him!"

     Although he changed his clothes and put on a beard.

     But the unbelievable coolness still made Song Shao the treasurer recognize Shen Tian at a glance.

     Well, mainly Shen Tian's disguise is too perfunctory.

     Change your clothes and put on a beard as a disguise?

     People are really blind!

     Shopkeeper Song's eyes were full of dignity, and he whispered softly: "If it's really him, you don't recognize it, this is profound mystery, we can't afford it!"

     The moment Shen Tian stepped into Tianlingxuan, the treasurer Song was checking Shen Tian's imaginary and real depths.

     However, he could not see through.

     He couldn't feel even the slightest fluctuation of spiritual power in Shen Tian's body.

      In general, there are only two possibilities for this situation.

     The first is that Shen Tian's cultivation is far above him.

     The second kind, Shen Tian's cultivation's technique, completely crushes his cultivation's technique, which is more than one grade.

     Regardless of the possibility, it shows that the background behind Shen Tian is enormous.

     It was definitely not something his Song family could afford.

     Reminiscing about the Seven Treasure Fairy Calabash that Shen Tian had previously opened, shopkeeper Song suddenly squeezed a bright smile on his face."I don't know the Immortal Master Ao Tian we are honored by your presence, the old man excuse me for not going out to meet you, and I hope the immortal master will forgive me!"

     Shen Tian was stunned, so polite!

     Looking at the treasurer of Song Shao who forced a smile on the side, Shen Tian looked thoughtful in his heart.

     So, this silly boy didn't recognize this highness?

     It seems that as long as you change your clothes and put on a beard, you can easily set it.

     Sure enough, it is universal in another world.


      Thought until here, Shen Tian relaxed: "Treasurer Song is polite."

     Shopkeeper Song flattered: "It has been heard that Immortal Shen is not only spiritually shocking, but also elegant and refined, such as Exiled Immortal Descend The World, and I saw it today, and the name is not in vain."

     Shopkeeper Song was so polite, making Shen Tian a little embarrassed.

     After all, I was fat and beat up your son yesterday, but today you praise me like that.

     This is not in line with the routine in Xiuxian's novels!

     Reaching out his hand not to hit the smiling man, Shen Tian said: "The treasurer of Song is too acclaimed, the poor Taoist temple looks extraordinary, promise of brilliant young person, in the future will be a cultivator of immortality, the future is limitless!"

     When the treasurer Song Shao on the side heard Shen Tian's words, his mouth cocked.

     The god is so extraordinary, it was swollen by you!

     Go to his promise of brilliant young person, that's the bag you made!

     Yesterday, I had just beaten others, and today I changed clothes very perfunctorily, put on a beard, and came to taunt.

     Shen, you are bully intolerably!

     The treasurer Song not a word or movement grabbed the son who wanted to go up.

     "I wonder if Master Shen is here today, has any advice?"Before Shen Tian spoke, the four destined people behind him answered together: "The immortal master is here to find the spirit and break the mine for us."

     Seeking spirit and breaking mine?



     Shopkeeper Song is slightly frowned. If it's hype, why didn't he receive the news?

     After all, he is not ready for special spirit ore, how to hype.

     "Could it be that this kid really has the ability to find spirits and break mines?"

     Shopkeeper Song was surprised.

     In the world of cultivating immortals, people who can practice the technique of finding the soul and breaking the veins are all sweet and pastry.

     All major Immortal Sect will rush to solicit.

     If this is the case, the weight of this child in the hearts of the Ye family is incredible!

     Observe for a while and weigh his true level.

      Thought until here, shopkeeper Song showed a smile on his face: "Welcome, welcome, Master Shen (of a notable person etc) to honor with one's presence and offer guidance. Today, all spirit minerals selected by Master Shen, will be discounted by our shop."

     Shopkeeper Song's words were fine, but the women behind Shen Tian were unhappy.

     "Treasurer Song, your attitude is not right!"

     "When the little spirit fairy came to open the mine, you had a bitter face, why are you smiling so happy now?"

     "It's also a 96% discount. Do you think our brother fairy can't make good things!"

     "96% off, 69% off is almost the same, who do you look down on!"

     "That is, I don't want this discount. What price should you give me?"


     Listening to the people behind him, the woman among the four destined people didn't matter.

     The two male destined people are suffering.By the way, what are you guys tossing about? Although the 96% discount is not a special offer, it is also a discount!

     With 10 spirit stones, you can save half a piece, which is 400 taels in silver!

     Take it to eat, drink and bet, isn't he fragrant!

     However, in the current situation, they dare not make any comments.

     After all, the anger of female Immortal Cultivators can't bear it.

     Fortunately, Shen Tian did not refuse the kindness of treasurer Song.

     "Since the treasurer Song has some good intentions, the poor road is not easy to refuse, the next ore selected by the poor road, please trouble Guifang to mine!"

     "I don't know what do you think, treasurer Song?"

     Lingkuangfang will charge a 10% profit commission for mining.

     With a 4% discount, Tianlingxuan can still get a lot of hard work.

      Thus, even if Shen Tianzhen took out a lot of spirit stones, the Song family wouldn't be too worried.

     To achieve a win-win-win situation, Shen Tian did not want to have a grudge with the major mines in Wanling Garden.

     After all, multiple friends are better than multiple enemies.

     "So, the old man would like to thank Master Shen Xian!"

     Shen Tian's words made the treasurer Song's evaluation of him a new level.

      Since ancient times Cultivation World’s 独行天骄 too many to count, mostly proud and arrogant, the eye can see nothing worthwhile all around.

     But Beautiful Tree In The Forest Wind Must Certainly Destroy It, this Peerless Supreme Talent is easy to fall and turn into dead bones.

     On the contrary, it is respect for the wise, the family and heroes who make good connections everywhere, finally stand at the top.

      It should be noted, Jianghu is not violence, but the ways of the world.


     With the guidance of the four chance screens, Shen Tian quickly selected the spirit ore for the four destined persons.The price of these spirit stones is not too high, ranging from 10 to 200 spirit stones.

     At the same time, those 4 destined people can afford it.

     After the four paid the payment, they all stared nervously at their spiritual ore, waiting for the stone driller to open the mine.

     Sorted by price, the first mine opened is the most expensive.

     Its selling price is as high as 188 spiritual stones, if converted into silver taels, it is 188,000 taels.

     It’s enough and to spare to buy a large manor in Great Yan Country!

     "Master, you... are you really sure?"

     Destined Person A looks very nervous, after all, this is most of his wealth.

     If you lose money, you won't even think about getting on the bed of a couple for half a year after you go back.

     It will suffocate people!

     Shen Tian lightly smiled: "surefire!"

     As soon as Shen Tian's words fell, he saw Kaishishi's spirit knife cut through the skin of the mine.

     A blue ray of light shot out from the cracks in the stone, illuminating the face of Kaishishi full of green.

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