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24 The Immortal Master Is Busy For Me, What Can I Do Without Paying
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

The destined person A is realisation under the reminder of the destined person B.


     I was tempted by Lingshi to be muddled in the brain before, it was mad about money.

     What a mere 3,000 spiritual stones.

     As long as you can get the goodwill of the immortal master, get to know the immortal master several times.

     How many spirit stones cannot be opened in the future?

      Thought until here, Ren Jia hurriedly squeezed towards Shen Tian.

     At this time, the second and third spirit stones were also opened.

     The price of the second spiritual stone is 108 spiritual stones, and one spiritual crystal is drawn from the inside, which is estimated to be about 1,200 spiritual stones.

     The value has more than 10 times, although it is not as good as the first spirit ore, it is also considered a big explosion.

     The third spirit stone burst into a big upset.

     It looks dull of gloomy and dull, but the price is as high as 66 spiritual stones.

     So that until now, all be of no interest to anyone.

     But at this time Kaishi master opened it, and there was a piece of precious profound iron essence hidden inside.

     It should be noted that the essence of profound iron is one of the main materials used by the cultivator to refine the flying sword of the supreme magic weapon.

     The thumb-size profound iron essence in the ore is enough to sell 3000 spiritual stones at a high price.

     If you look at the return on investment, the return on this third ore is more than 40 times.

     Even much higher than the first spirit stone.

     Earn blood!


     Seeing this scene, the destined person A became more and more firm in his belief.

     Most of the people who came to the Wanling Garden were acquainted, knowing that the spirit ore here was actually left over.

     Can find 4 pieces of shipped spirit ore every minute from the discarded items left in a batch.And the return rate of each piece of spirit ore has reached more than 10 times.

      The concept of what is this, the master's attainments in finding spirits and breaking mines, is absolutely appalling!

     Nothing to say!

     As long as you hug the thigh of the immortal master, will you still be afraid that you can't eat it in this Garden of All Souls?

      Thought until here, the Destined One gritted his teeth and took out all the 3000 spirit stones.

     He left two bags for himself, and the remaining 28 bags were placed in front of Shen Tian.

     "This is a little bit of my heart, please accept it!"

     After finishing speaking, the destined person A bowed deeply towards Shen Tian.

     Like a believer, extremely pious!


     Shen Tian was stunned when he looked at the man who bowed.

     In other words, what do you bow to your Highness.

     Give gifts and spirit stones to my Highness.

     And, is this a little bit of heart?

     Are you digging out everything!

     Here, let's do the calculations. You bought 188 spirit stones for the spirit ore.

     After the mine was opened, sold to Tianlingxuan to get back 3000 pieces.

     Now he put 2,800 Lingshi in front of me, want to give it to me?

     Co-authored discard four, but treat five as whole, in your big business, earn 12 spirit stones by yourself?

     What a happy picture?

     Brother, your head is watted!


     Looking at the bags of spirit stones on the ground, Shen Tian was frankly moved.

     That is a total of 2,800 spiritual stones, which is 2.8 million taels of snowflake silver when converted into silver!

     If you don’t mention it, my Highness will have nothing to do with me.

     It would not be tangled in my heart.As a result, you don't play cards according to the routine, you want to give so many spirit stones to your Highness.

     What do you ask my Highness to do.


     My Highness wanted to refuse, but you gave too much.

     How can my Highness be willing to refuse!

     But it won't work if you don't refuse.

     After all, Shen Tian knew very well that his current reputation in Wanling Garden hadn't been solidified yet.

     If it spreads out, he will earn a total of 2812 spirit stones for others.

     As a result, the employer only got 12, and he swallowed all the remaining 2,800.

     In the future, who would dare to find Shen Tian to find the spirit to break the mine?

     If no one is looking for Shen Tian to find the spirit to break the mine, the plan to improve Qi Luck will inevitably be delayed.

     The result is probably quite sour.


     Therefore, even with all the perseverance, Shen Tian could only righteousnessly and indifferently said.

     "Pan Dao said that those who are predestined don't get a penny. Your Excellency, what does it mean?"

     A destined person laughed and said: "The fairy master is looking for the spirit and breaking the mine for the next, which has consumed vitality, and the next is just thinking about it."

     "Poor Dao speaks first, you are embarrassing poor Dao!"

     The destined person Jia hurriedly said: "There is absolutely no other meanings, please don't get me wrong..."

     "Since without other means, then take the spirit stone back!"

     When Shen Tian interrupted the fateful man, he indifferently moved his gaze away from the 28 bags of spiritual stones.

     It seems that the 2800 spirit stones are completely disdain as beneath contempt.

     But only he knew that he was afraid that he could not help it if he kept watching.

     After all, that was a total of 2,800 spirit stones.He is an out-of-love prince, and he has never seen so much money through childhood!

     To accept it, directly rise from poverty and become prosperous!



     Seeing Shen Tian so determined and resolute, the destined person A was helpless.

     But at this moment, two other voices sounded nearby.

     It's friendly!

     "Brother Tai has a good opinion, I also think that the immortal master is depleting our vitality to find the spirit and breaking the mine, but not taking the money, which is really unreasonable."

     "Yes, if the immortal master is unwilling to accept the kindness of the slave family, then don't do so!"

     A predestined person showed joy on his face, looking for reputation.

     But the one who was speaking was the owner of the second and third spirit ore.

     Although there was some pain in the eyes of these two people, when they said this, their tone was extremely firm.

     There is no hesitant look at all.

     Suddenly, the fate is secretly ashamed.

     Before you know him, he never thought of benefiting Shen Tianfen.

     It was in order to be able to continue to bond with Shen Tian in the future, so that he was willing to cut his flesh with pain.

      In comparison, the ideological consciousness of the other two destined people is obviously higher.

     Sure enough, the predestined people who can be favored by the immortal master all have good morals.

     As a destined person of the fairy master, I really failed too much.

     Really should be friendly and eager to learn from the other two Dao!


     Just when the predecessor A secretly felt guilty, a silhouette appeared behind him.

     It's not someone else, it's the destined person B who previously suggested that he share the benefits to Shen Tian.He secret voice transmission, proudly said: "I told them those words again. You see, everyone thinks the same as you!"

     A destined person: "..."

     Co-author, these two people are calling for the benefit of the fairy master, are you the one who jumped up?

     Destined person B doesn't know, at this time, destined person A is complaining.

     He looked at Shen Tian with a look of worship.

     "The divine master divine strategy and wonderful planning, insight into the secrets, will surely be able to figure out what I did for him."

     "At that time, I will definitely become the closest destined person to the fairy master."

     "And Xiongtai, you are the first to give respect to the immortal master, presumably the immortal master also appreciates you."

     "From now on, we will hold the immortal master's thigh firmly, and then our brothers will send it out!"

     The destined person A was stunned, and was also happy: "Yes, we will post it in the future!"

      Thought until here, the Destined Man gritted his teeth and knelt directly.

     He shouted: "The fairy master is busy for me, so what can I do without remuneration!"

     "Please forgive the believers for being rude, and never agree to the immortal master who wronged himself like this!"

     "Today, if the immortal teacher refuses to accept the kindness of believers, I will just long kneeling cannot rise!"

     After a few words, his expression was extremely firm.

     As soon as he finished speaking, the other two lucky ones were dumbfounded.

      Damn, brother, you can work hard!

     In order to get the chance of Master Immortal, don't even have the face?

     No, it has already been preempted.

     If you are sincere, it would be worse than this man.

     How to play in the future

     How can I monopolize the limelight!Thought until here, the other two people who were predestined to draw the spirit stone also thumped on their knees.

     "If the immortal master refuses to accept the kindness, the slave family will never agree, so long kneeling cannot rise!"

     "Me too!"
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