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29 Xiaolingxian Night Exploring Shen Xianshi
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:


     This woman who turned up without being invited is the little spirit fairy.

     After Xiao Lingxian left in angrily during the day, he thought and became more angry.

     She didn't believe that Shen Tian, a fellow about her own size, could actually be a spiritual master.

     You know, in the world of cultivating immortals, more than 90% of the spiritual masters are old antiques!

     After some thinking, Xiao Lingxian decided to investigate Shen Tian.

     See if this guy is really capable, or just like her is just a hype.

     Therefore, after putting on a suit and putting on makeup, the little Lingxian mixed into the crowd.

      has to say, this girl’s makeup technique is to kill men in seconds.

     Little Lingxian changed her clothes and put on an ugly makeup. No one in the crowd recognized her.

     In this way, Xiao Lingxian followed Shen Tian's ass for a day.

     The first hour of looking at the stone: This guy must be a liar, he must be blindfolded.

     The second hour of watching the stone: I have hired so many passersby, so my acting skills are good!

     The third hour of watching the stone: Why don't all the shopkeepers look like they are pretending?

     The fourth hour of looking at the stone: This guy... won't really be a spiritual master!

     The fifth hour of looking at the stone: I'm going, it burst, burst, burst again!


     As the ore pieces were continuously cut open, the destined persons were so excited that they tears and mucus flowing profusely.

     Xiao Lingxian finally had to believe that she had been pretending to be a cow, and Shen Tian...

     It's a real cow!

     So gradually, she was brainwashed by many destined people around her.also couldn't bear joined Xianshijiao!

     After all, "Ling mines will be bought by the fairy master, and the fairy mansion will depend on the sea in the coming year".

     It's so attractive.


     "What are you doing!"

     Facing Shen Tian’s doubts, Xiao Lingxian has not replied.

     She pleased: "Brother Shen, are you tired! Would you like Linger to pinch your shoulders and beat your legs?"

     With that said, Xiao Lingxian actually squatted directly in front of Shen Tian, and then...

     Hammer Shen Tian gently!

     Don't say it, it's very comfortable!

     Shen Tian felt it, not much worse than Gui Gong's technique.

     However, if this scene was seen by her fans.

     I'm afraid how many people will be heartbroken!

     "How about, Brother Shen, is this strength okay?"

     The girl raise head up, with a big smile, like a thousand flowers in full bloom.

     However, in Shen Tian's eyes, he always felt something was wrong.

     He looked down at the little Lingxian: "What are you trying to do?"

     He scolded himself as a bastard during the day, and now he took a bite of "Big Brother Shen" and actively pinched his shoulders and beat his legs.

     This woman has nothing to do with courtesy, she must have an ulterior motive!

     Sure enough, after hearing Shen Tian's words, Xiao Lingxian's smile on face became more brilliant.

     She looked at Shen Tian and knelt down reverent and respectful: "I beg Brother Shen to accept Ling'er as a disciple!"



     What are you talking about!

     Shen Tian was dumbfounded: "Accept you as a disciple?"


     Little Lingxian raise head up Looking at Shen Tian, his exquisite and beautiful face is full of sincerity."Ling'er is serious! Please Brother Shen accept Ling'er as a disciple, and teach Ling'er the technique of finding the soul and breaking the pulse."

     Young life!

     An Exceptional Beauty knelt in front of you and asked you to accept him.

     Can you bear it?

     But any normal man can't help it!

     However, Shen Tian held back.

     the reason is simple.

     How can he find souls and break mines?

     Take this Nizi, what to teach.

     It won't be all revealed by then!

     "I reject."

     "Why," Xiao Lingxian was aggrieved, "Could it be that Ling'er is so ugly that Brother Shen doesn't like it?"

     At this time, the little Lingxian was eager to weep, but I felt sorry for me and taught people to refuse.

     Shen Tianqiang resisted and looked away, and said helplessly: "Girl Ling'er, you have no chance with me!"

     Little Lingxian pitifully said: "Brother Shen, Linger seeks fate!"

     I can't take it anymore!

     Shen Tian quickly closes the eyes: "Why girl Linger should be like this."

     "You are so beautiful, there must be other spiritual masters who are willing to accept you as a disciple, why bother to be poor?"

     Looking at Shen Tian who closes the eyes without looking at himself, Xiao Linger's eyes showed a smile.

     She curled her lips and murmured: "Where is there a more powerful spiritual master than Brother Shen in this Wanling Garden?"

     "And that group of old antiques are all lustrous, Ling'er doesn't like it."

     Shen Tian not to know whether to laugh or cry: "Ling'er girl is not afraid, is the poor way a lust?"

     Looking at Shen Tian, who closed his eyes, Xiao Lingxian couldn't help pfffted and smiled."Hee hee, there is no such a handsome elder brother Shen. If there is, Linger will recognize it."

     Shen Tian: "..."

     "Besides, Brother Shen looks loyal and honest. He must be a good person. He won't bully Ling'er in the name of Master, right Master?"

     Shen Tian is stunned!

     Looks loyal and honest?

     Is this a good person card issued?

     Presumptuous, my Highness is clearly the Sea King!

     Countless Langli Overlord Guns of long-running scumbags!

     A loyal and honest person is not my personality at all!

     Shen Tian hummed: "Girl, let's go! The poor way will not accept you as a disciple!"

     "Don't listen, don't listen!"

     "Master, Ling'er followed you to drive the stone for a day today, so tired!"

     Little Lingxian didn't care what Shen Tian said, minding one's own business came to Shen Tian's bed.

     "I have already taken over the bed, Master must not mess around!"

     "Ling'er sleep first, good night Master!"

     After all, the little Lingxian went to sleep under the quilt.

     She actually fell asleep directly! ! !

     Looking at the little Lingxian lying on the bed with his eyes closed, Shen Tian was angry.

     This girl actually ignored him and crawled onto his bed to sleep?

     This is simply the greatest contempt for the scumbag!

     It's an insult!


     Well, Shen Tian accept her insult!

     "Even if you occupy Pan Dao's bed, Pan Dao will never accept you as a disciple!"

     This Highness is not a pervert who can't walk when he sees a beautiful woman and uses think with the lower part of the body!

     Shen Tian was coldly snorted, picked up the bed from the cabinet for another life, and walked out of the room.Want to seduce him, there is no door!

     What Shen Tian didn't know was that it was the second after he walked out of the room.

     The girl's tight body in the quilt relaxed.

     She put down the small smoked bottle tightly held in her right hand, and slowly opened her eyes, revealing a beautiful and sly smile.

     "I was right, Master, he is really a good person!"

     "Hmph, wait! This girl will definitely let you accept me as a disciple!"

     "for sure!!!"


     The words were divided into two parts. After Shen Tian left the guest room, he was faced with an old eunuch full of regrets.

     "His Royal Highness, how can you miss such a good opportunity!"

     The bitter and hateful of Grandpa Gui: "You are 16 years old, even if you are not going to be a concubine, you should learn pleasure seeking!"

     Shen Tian: "..."

     Obviously, Xiao Lingxian can sneak into Shentian's room noiselessly, and there must be Duke Gui's acquiescence.

     Otherwise, with the cultivation base of Grandpa Gui's Qi Refining Realm 7th Heaven, he could definitely stop the little spirit fairy.

     What made Shen Tian helpless was that Duke Gui obviously wanted him to gallop!

     So deliberately pretended not to notice, and let Xiao Lingxian pick Shen Tian.

      Thought until here, Shen Tian's mentality collapsed.

     By the way, are you cultivators so open?

     Am I a traverser, or are you a traverser?

     How do you feel that the style of painting is completely It's not right!
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