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32 Evil Spirits
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

In words, the black man seemed to be not at all surprised. He was discovered.

     It even gave Shen Tian a feeling that his goal was not Xiao Lingxian at all, but Shen Tian.

     Grandpa Gui sneered and said: "The rebel is so daring, he dare to hit His Highness's idea!"


     As soon as the voice fell, Duke Gui had already turned into a red shadow and shot towards the person.

      clang clang clang clang!

     The speed of the purple feather soft sword seemed to have surpassed the limit, and there were only countless purple sword lights left in the world.

     At this moment, the black-clothed man was surrounded by red shadow and purple sword light.

     Like a ****, on the verge of collapse the flat boat.


     Even if Duke Gui's offensive was as fast as lightning and as fierce as a storm.

     However, he failed to cause the slightest damage to the black man, instead he was completely bounced off by an invisible position.

      The black-clothed man stood proudly in the invisible aura, standing still.

     As if the countless sword lights around him were just breeze blowing, there was no threat.


     "Yes, it is rare that Qi Refining 7 can have such a lethal power."

      The black-clothed man looked at Duke Gui, his face was hot: "Your cultivation's technique must be very special!"

     "Hand it over, this seat can make you die faster!"

     As soon as the voice fell, golden rays of light burst out from the black-clothed man's pubic area.

     A golden pill the size of a long eye is faintly revealed.

      At the same time, the coercion of the huge position pouring out, like a violent wind and huge waves.

     In an instant, Duke Gui flew backwards as if he had suffered a heavy blow.He suddenly spouted a mouthful of blood, look pale as paper, and was already seriously injured.


     "Golden Core Realm, you turned out to be a golden core monk!"

     Duke Gui showed a desperate look and tried to stand up: "His Royal Highness, run, and the old slave will stop him!"

     Shen Tian shook his head slowly.

     The Golden Core monks can condense Principle Domain.

     In front of this level of powerhouse, running away is just a joke.

     Not to mention that the person in front of him deliberately hid his cultivation base, obviously he had planned for a long time.

     The black-clothed man sneered disdainfully: "Don't struggle, from the moment you are led out of the Garden of All Souls, fate has been determined already!"

     "This place has already been set up by this seat, and no one will notice."

     The man in black took out a jade box from his arms, took out a pill from it, and said with a grinning smile.

     "Hehe, Shen Aotian? The ability to find spirits and cut the pulse is good, but the cultivation base is too weak."

     "I thought you were really a master of Hiding One's Ability."

     "Unexpectedly, you didn't have any cultivation skills."

     "Since you have to say that this seat has no destiny with you, then this seat can only forcefully seek fate."

     "As long as you swallow this ‘heart-relief pill’, you will become a vassal of this seat."

     "At that time, the power of the Sect in Great Yan Country will surely expand rapidly, Ha Ha Ha Ha!"

     Looking at the black-clothed man laughing wildly, Shen Tian is looking thoughtful.

     He did remember that a real Jin Danqi named Heixue entangled with him endlessly, insisting on finding souls for him.But on the top of that moldy tuo's head, there was no chance at all.

     So Shen Tian refused.

     Unexpectedly, this guy actually took a risk out of desperation and was about to turn himself into his puppet.


     "Sacred Church?"

     Shen Tian engrossing asked: "The territory of my Great Yan Nation is under the jurisdiction of Taibai Dongtian, and Taibai Dongtian is a vassal of Shenxiao Holy Land."

     "Within a radius of a million miles, it seems that there's nothing about it, the so-called holy religion!"

     Hearing Shen Tian questioning the existence of Shengjiao, Real Black Blood's face suddenly sank.

     He snorted coldly: "Taibai Dongtian, what is it in front of my Holy Spirit Sect?"

     "When the Holy Spirit teaches and teaches the king to come, even the Holy Land of Gods is only clay chickens and pottery dogs, it will be destroyed at hand!"

     The words of the real black blood made Duke Gui's face even more ugly.

     "The Holy Spirit Cult? Is it the Evil Spirit Cult?"

     "This guy is actually a member of the Evil Spirit Cult!"

     There are countless Sects in the world of cultivating immortals. There are twelve sacred sites in the East Wasteland alone, 36 Cave Heavens and 72 Blessed Lands.

     These sects live in harmony in theory, and the relationship between the various forces is tangled and complicated.

     The elders of your holy land are the Taoist companions of the elders of Dongtian.

     The saint of my family blessed land is the goddaughter of your family's Dongtian head.

     In short, there is harmony and harmony on the bright side.


     But in addition to these righteous Immortal Sects, there are also some evil forces in the dark.

     Evil Spirit Sect is one of the most powerful forces.When cultivating, the followers of the evil spirit sect rarely consume spirit stones, but choose blood sacrifice.

     They devour mortals or other Immortal Cultivator's blood and spirits to strengthen themselves.

     Although this kind of cultivation way will cause the foundation to be unstable and the spiritual power to float.

     But the early stage of cultivation speed is extremely fast and consumes very little spirit stone.

     If you refine some vicious and evil magical tools, such as the "Evil Infant Umbrella" and "Ten Thousand Soul Banners", it will even make immortal cultivators of the same level suffer a big loss.

     Because of the cultivation way of evil spirits, it hurts heaven and harmony.

     As long as there are people of evil spirits, they will definitely be killed by the joint efforts of the major Immortal Sects.

     But even so, the cultivators who chose to join the Evil Spirit Sect are still continuously.

     In particular, people with poor roots and extreme selfishness can easily be induced.

     Over the years, the major forces have been extremely troublesome.


     "So you are a cultist."

     Shen Tian slightly frowned and said, "Your goal is me, let Bo Gui and Xiao Lingxian go!"

     The real black blood sneered: "Hey, this is not good, they already know the identity of this seat."

     "There is only one pill for this heart-warming pill. Except for you, the other two are going to die!"

     After a word, the real black blood glanced at the little Lingxian who had fainted beside him, jokingly: "What a pretty girl, what a pity."

     "You said, boy, should I do something more before killing her?"

     "You do not mind right!"

     Real Black Blood stared at Shen Tian, seemingly looking forward to seeing anger on Shen Tian's face.

     However, he was disappointed.Shen Tian's face was filled with helplessness: "Are you sure you don't consider my suggestion?"

     The real black blood sneered: "You are not qualified to discuss terms with this forum, they are dead!"

     Shen Tian sighed saying, relieved: "Sure enough, this is the realm of immortality in my impression!"

     "Xiao Hei, you make me very relieved."


     Shen Tian's calm attitude made the real black blood brows slightly wrinkled.

     With a strong ominous premonition rise in the mind, he snorted coldly: "Dress up as God, play the devil, do you think you can turn the sky right now?"

     Shen Tian walked slowly to Duke Gui and lifted him up.

     He smiled and said, "Black Blood, you could it not be curious. Where did my other partner go?"

     As soon as Shen Tian's words came out, the complexion of Black Blood suddenly changed slightly.


     There are two followers around him.

     Why only one came, another individual!

     Black Blood's thoughts had just arisen, and he heard a rapid burst of air in the distant sky.

     call out!




     An immortal law enforcement team wearing white robes and flying swords.

     Appeared in the sky not far away!
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