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33 Hi To Be A Father?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Each person of them was wrapped in white sword light, shining like a meteor in the night sky.

     Three Jindanqi team leaders run neck and neck, and 20 Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivators line up left and right, scattered in the shape of "people".

     According to the study of Controlling Sword Flight, such Controlling Sword Flight will save more energy.

     The fact is indeed so, more than twenty law enforcement officers are at full speed.

     In an instant, lasing came from 10,000 meters away.


     Behind the law enforcement team, the demon-suppressing swords were unsheathed together, and the sound of the swords rang in a string, particularly clear.

     Twenty-three swords woven the inescapable net, and instantly surrounded the real black blood in the center.

     In an instant the sword light burst, like Divine Soldier Falling From Heaven!


     "Break evil---punish!"

     The Golden Core monk headed by him shouted loudly, holding his sword high.

     Suddenly the magic swords of the entire law enforcement team seemed to be drawn, and powerful spiritual swords gathered.

     A long sword of spiritual power with a length of more than 20 meters was created out of thin air and was cut down suddenly.

     Jian Gang wherever one goes The earth is cracked, and the sword marks are several feet deep!

     The black blood ancestor complexion big change, never dare to ask for a big change again.

     A thick black aura emerged from his golden pill, which was extremely strange.

      At the same time, his breath has become stronger.

     Obviously, it was just time to deal with Father Gui.

     He didn't use his true strength at all.

     "Netherworld Blood Palm!"

     The voice of the black blood is hoarse, like a ghost of Hell's Return.

     He slashed out a palm and moved the entire Golden Core Realm towards Jian Gang.The palm strength suddenly turned into a dark crimson whirlpool, exuding a powerful attraction, as if to swallow everything.

     It's a pity that the attack that gathered more than twenty law enforcement officers' sword energy was too powerful.

     As if the evil spirits can really cut away all evil, it crashed down.

     The black blood vortex of the palm strength only blocked a breath of time, and then burst into pieces.


     The black blood mortal returned in embarrassment, spouting a mouthful of blood.

     His face suddenly turned pale.


     Twenty-three law enforcement officers landed together, guarding Shen Tian behind them.

     "Black blood, didn't expect you turned out to be a member of the evil spirits!"

     "If you can't run, you still need to hands tied and wait to be captured!"

     "Master, don't worry, we are here, this thief can't hurt you!"

     There are not many Jindanqi powerhouses in Great Yan Nation, and the three law enforcement captains obviously know Black Blood.

     However, no matter what the friendship, after learning that the real black blood is a cultist, there is only one choice left.

     That is, kill!

     What's more, the identity of the ‘Aotian Immortal Master’ behind him is so noble.

     Not only many high official and noble persons in the Garden of All Souls owe the kindness of the fairy master and are grateful to him.

     The little princess of Wanlingyuan even heartfelt promised to him, and even sent the Bishui Sword.

      Such existence if something goes wrong in the Garden of All Souls and is taken away by a cult.

     Then they, the law enforcement captains, don't have to do it.

     Roll the bedding as soon as possible and leave!


     Behind these law enforcers, Qin Gao also rushed over.

     His roots and bones are even more suitable for practicing "The Magic Book of the Sun" than Duke Gui.After Shen Tian opened up the supply of spirit stones, Qin Gaoxiu became advanced by leaps and bounds in just one night.

     From the first heaven of qi refining, directly to the peak of the third heaven of qi refining.

     At this time, it was surprisingly fast to perform the supporting body method of "The Magic of the Sun".

     "His Royal Highness, Uncle Gui, are you all right!"

     Qin Gao ran to Shen Tian and said with concern.

     Uncle Gui smiled bitterly: "Thanks for the timely support, otherwise the old slave will go to see Empress Lan."

     Qin Gao was a little embarrassed, scratched the head: "Blame me for being late."

     In fact, I saw Black Blood abduct the little spirit fairy before.

     Shen Tian had doubts in his heart.

     Although the inn in Wanling Garden is not a dragon's pool and tiger's den, it still has protective measures.

     How dare the ordinary little thief in the refining realm dare to go to the inn to abduct people?

     What's more, what is the use of him taking the little spirit fairy?

     In case of robbery, the existing bed in the room.

     Isn't it more comfortable and exciting?

     It's totally inconsistent with abnormal psychology!


     What's more, the acting skills of the real black blood are also a bit poor.

     Obviously carrying a peerless beauty on her shoulders, she kept looking back at Shen Tian's room.

     Just pointed at Shen Tian's nose and told him, come and chase me!

     If you don't doubt this behavior, so many novels in Shen Tian's previous life will be for nothing.

     Therefore, Shen Tian directly asked Qin Gao to contact the law enforcement team for help.

     Anyway, punishing criminals this was originally so the duty of the law enforcement team.

     Let others do it, there is no need to risk yourself.

     Sure enough, facts proved that he was right.But Shen Tian didn't expect Qin Gao to call so many people.

     He originally thought that if he could call a golden core period, he would be the sky.

     Unexpectedly, there were three golden core periods and more than twenty base-building periods.

     This is enough to form a strengthening platoon!

     In this regard, Shen Tian was very pleased.

     He smiled and said: "The law enforcement captain of Wanling Garden is generally not easy to dispatch. Xiao Gaoneng asked the three captains to come out and did a good job.

     Qin Gao said honestly: "In fact, it didn't take much effort."

     "I just found a law enforcement team casually and told them that you might be in danger."

     "Then all the law enforcement team members on the night shift came, striving to be first and fearing to be last."

     "What can I do for the immortal master, this is an excellent opportunity to form a good relationship."

     "The three captains also said not to tell the other captains."

     "If there are too many people, the fate is weak!"

     Shen Tian: "???"


     Can this be linked to a good relationship?

     The corners of Shen Tian's mouth twitched slightly, these guys broke the mine in order to let his Royal Highness help.

     The devil is stunned!

     At this moment, a sudden change occurred in the battle circle on the other side.

     "It's worthy of being the Wanling Garden law enforcement team, this hand-breaking evil sword formation is really powerful!"

     At this time, the black blood real person, his clothes were already in tatters.

     There were dozens of wounds on his body, and black blood flowed from the wounds, which was extremely evil.

     The three Jindanqi law enforcement captains coldly hummed: "Black Blood, hands tied and wait to be captured!"

     "Hands tied and wait to be captured ?"The black blood sneered: "This seat is Deacon Elder, the sacred church stationed in the Great Yan Nation, don't you think you have no cards?"

     He let out a sharp grin and cut his left wrist abruptly.

     The blood splashed out, in the sky outline a strange pattern.

     With the continuous influx of blood, the patterns became more complicated and strange.

     The real black blood roared: "Ghost mother, come out!"



     A slender palm stretched out from the pattern.

     Next, the head, neck, and body!

     It was a pale woman wearing a big red wedding gown with her hair covering her entire face.

     She floats in the sky.

     The whole body exudes a weird and gloomy atmosphere, which makes people have one's hair stand on end.

     And beside her, there are densely packed ghosts of young children floating around.

     Each one was covered with blood and looked extremely hideous.

     "This...this is a half-step Yuan Ying-level evil spirit, nine sons and ghost mother!"

     The voice of the law enforcement captain was trembling in fear.

     Nine children and ghost mother?

     Shen Tian was slightly surprised, and looked at the Jiuzi Guimother.

     However, under the densely packed Black hair, a pair of eyes is also staring at him.

     The shrill woman's voice, in the sky faintly sounded.

     "Jie Jie~"

     "Good-looking brother, my children finally..."

     "I'm going to have a father!"
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