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34 The Sword Qi Is In The Air
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

"My children, finally..."

     "I'm going to have a father!"

     The black hair covered the entire face, making it difficult to see the appearance.

     But just this guy's dress and that stern voice are enough to make people have one's hair stand on end.

      such existence, suddenly said that you want to be her father to her children?

     Look at the ghost infants who are surrounded by Jiuzi Guimu...

     Shen Tian shuddered.

     Are even the evil spirits so rude these days?

     To be too handsome is really troublesome!


     The real black blood smiled and said, "Ghost mother likes this little white face?"

     "It's easy to say, as long as the ghost mother helps me to entangle these law enforcement officers."

     "Wait for this boy to feed the heart-lifting pill, then the ghost mother can act wilfully!"

     The nine sons of the ghost mother glanced at the black blood real person, her eyes gloomy and terrible: "Jie Jie, isn't it?".

     Even the real black blood can't help but shuddered.

     He knows better than anyone how evil this evil spirit is.

      Strictly speaking, Jiuzi Guimu is not a member of the evil spirit sect.

     It is a special magic weapon that was taught by the evil spirits to offer refined special instruments.

     This artifact needs to find a virgin who was born in yin day yin hour.

     This woman puts on her wedding dress and sits on the sedan chair, just when Mingzhong gets married.

     Spare no one and kill her in front of her.

     Then draw his soul and seal it in a magic weapon, and practice it day and night.

      In the course of time, she will transform into a grieving ghost.

     Then hunt and kill other children born in Yinyue and Yinyue years and practice them into magical artifacts.In this way, the spirit of the young child and the spirit of the ghost are in a tangle together, forming the ghost infant and ghost mother.

     Only when the number of ghost infants reaches more than 500, this evil magic weapon nine sons and ghost mothers can be considered as complete.

     The completely refined nine sons and ghost mothers are at least above the Yuan Ying stage.

     Once sacrificed, the entire city and country will be reduced to hell.

     This ghost mother currently has more than 300 ghost infants, and the strength is only half a step Yuanying level.

     But Black Blood had already felt that the artifact was somewhat out of self-control.

     Over the years, he has not dared to continue to practice ghost infants into the magical artifacts.

     Just because she was afraid that the ghost mother was too strong, she turned her head back to bite herself.

      In that case, he would definitely die miserably.


     But at this time, the real black blood has been surrounded, completely without a way out.

     He could only sacrifice the ghost mother in blood, risking a bet.

     "Jie Jie, remember your promise."

     "This is the best furnace, I want to suck him dry!"

     The nine sons and ghost mother laughed grinningly, and rushed towards the three Jindanqi law enforcement officers.

     And the 300 ghost babies behind her surrounded more than 20 Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivators.

      The law enforcers wielded invincible sword energy, and hurt these evil spirits so little.

     All of a sudden, the law enforcers who rushed to help were restrained.

     Without the help of the strong, it will be sooner or later that you are defeated and killed.

     "Hey, kid confess his fate!"

     The real black blood smiled grinningly: "It's costing me a lot of blood, let's see how I clean up you!"

     After a word, the black-blooded man was covered in golden radiance suddenly flashes, and rushed towards Shen Tian.He was holding the Heart-Mind Pill in his hand, as long as it was fed into Shen Tian's belly.

     At that time, everything will have settled the dust.


     Seeing the real black blood rushing towards Shen Tian, Duke Gui and Qin Gao complexion big change.

     "His Royal Highness retreat, the minion will stop this rebel!"

     The two agree by chance blocked Shen Tian's face, with the determination to view death as a return home on their faces.

     They absolutely don't allow it, your Highness will encounter mortal danger!

     However, just when the black blood is getting closer and closer to the three.

     Shen Tian slowly pushed away Duke Gui and Qin Gao.

     "It seems there is no way!"

     "Why do you want to force me to shoot?"

     Shen Tian sighed saying, slowly stretched out his right hand and pointed it as a sword.

     In an instant, his body burst out with great light.

     A linen figure appeared in the light.

      This form looks vague, but exudes an extremely magnificent momentum.

     When he appeared at that moment, it seemed that even the void was collapsing.


     He held a wide sword and stabbed it indifferently.

     The moves seem to be average and ordinary without mystery.

     However, at the moment the wide sword pierced.

     Invincible sword light suddenly appeared between Heaven and Earth.

     In an instant, Jianguang changed into two, two into three, and three into thousands.

     It has evolved into a Sword Qi Yangtze River, carrying infinite sword power, sweeping and invincible.

     "It's Changhe Jianyi, how can it be."

     "Do not!"

     The real black blood issued a blood-curdling screech, and his voice was full of horror and fear.The Golden Core Domain that surrounded him was completely unable to resist in front of this vast and limitless sword aura.

     In an instant, a long sword pierced through the body of the black blood real person, and real blood splashed.

     Cracks appeared on his golden core in an instant, and it quickly shattered.

     When the sword light dissipated, there was only a rain of blood left between Heaven and Earth.

     Jin Dan stage black blood real person, die!


     After the black blood real person turned into a rain of blood, a string of black rosary beads fell to the ground.

     This rosary is obviously extraordinary, otherwise it is absolutely impossible to save it under the sword.

     However, under the baptism of sword gas, the black rosary is not undamaged.

     On each bead, clear cracks appeared.

     The largest red rosary almost cracked.

     It is worth mentioning that while the rosary fell and cracked.

     The nine sons of the ghost mother and the three hundred ghost infants all issued a blood-curdling screech.

     Then, all evil spirits dissipated in the sky.

     Before the ghost mother disappeared, she gave Shen Tian a bitter look.


     "Huh, so risky!"

     At this time, the three Jindan stage law enforcement officers were relaxed, and their bodies were soaked in cold sweat.

     The ghost mother is really terrible, and ordinary physical attacks are almost ineffective to her.

     But her attack was extremely weird, forcing the law enforcement officers to spring up all around dangers.

     If it weren't for the sudden disappearance of the ghost mother, all three would be very dangerous.

     The three took their swords and looked at each other.

     Then Qi Qi came to Shen Tian, his face full of worship.

     "Ashamed and ashamed, I thought I could serve the fairy master, but I didn't expect the fairy master to save us.""The fairy master's swordsmanship is pouring down like a galaxy, it really makes people gasp in amazement!"

     "Master, you will be my savior from now on, speak up if something happens."

     "Master Immortal, do your immortal teachers still accept people? I'm pragmatic!"


     Looking at the three dignified Jin Danqi real people in front of him, they actually wanted to join the fairy teacher.

     Shen Tian couldn't help but wipe his sweat.

     Even if you join the Royal Family of Great Yan Nation with your strength, it is at least a royal worship.

     It’s really good to be a fan like this!

     "Well, I thanked three real people for coming to help today."

     Shen Tian not to know whether to laugh or cry and cupped his hands: "In the future, I think the poor Dao will become attached to the three."

     The auras on the heads of these three Jindan stage powerhouses are full-bodied green rings, pure green.

     Although the red light has not yet been born, it is already a rare lucky person.

     If you insist on signing in at the Shentian booth, you should have some chances.

     Hearing Shen Tian's definite reply, the three real people were immediately ecstatic.

     The immortal master not only mastered the ghosts and gods cannot measure the art of finding spirits and breaking mines, but even the swordsmanship of cultivation was shocking.

     It would be a blessing to be able to form a relationship with the fairy master!

     "Master Xie!"

     "If the immortal master is driven, just call it down."

     "In the future, we will provide convenience for all the activities taught by the fairy teacher in the garden!"


     Listening to the pledges made by the three real people, Shen Tian reluctantly nodded.


      If it’s possible, the one who forced Shentian just now really doesn't want to pretend.Because of the sword master order given by Li Changge.

     Too much money!

     He just urged the sword master to condense the kendo clone and cut out a sword.

     It actually consumed 3000 spirit stones.

     God knows how heartbroken he is!


     However, Shen Tian looked at the string of black rosary beads, his heart moved slightly.

     This is killing monster dropped item(s)?
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