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37 Has Your Highness Finally Transferred It?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Shen Tian had learned some basic first aid knowledge in his previous life.

     Artificial respiration and chest compressions are among them.

     In order to be useful when needed, Shen Tian studied very seriously.

     Therefore, after Shen Tian rescued him for a while, Xiaoling Immortal Aura slowly recovered.


     Little Lingxian slowly opened his eyes, suddenly feeling something wrong.

     A face that was too handsome to speak, was slowly approaching him at this time.

     It's Shen Ao!

     Suddenly, the little Lingxian was so frightened that Huarong turned pale, and quickly closed the eyes again.


     Damn it, actually kissed me while this girl was in a coma.

     Kiss me also just sufficed, and even blow into this girl's mouth.

     Wait, he... he's still pressing this Miss's chest!

      bully intolerably!

     They are still unmarried maiden!

     How can this girl marry in the future if you play with others like this?

     Little Lingxian was anxious, and wanted to jump up and fight Shen Tian desperately.

     But after another thought, this desolate region there's nobody around.

     Only Shen Tian and his two close servants were all around him.

     Even if he really jumped up to resist.

     It seems that I can't resist!

     Isn't it... Is this girl the wrong person.

     This surname Shen is actually not a good thing, but an Abnormal Pervert Demon?


      Thought until here, Xiao Lingxian was so scared that he didn't dare to move.

     But an unprecedented special feeling gradually flooded her body.

      This kind of feeling is wonderful, she has never experienced it before.

     Suddenly, the touch between the lips disappeared.The pressure on the chest also stopped.

     The feeling of sorrow filled Xiao Lingxian's body.

     She closed her eyes and heard Shen Tian talking with Father Gui.

     "Bo Gui, I'm a little tired, or let's get the needle for you!"

     Little Lingxian's heart tightened.


     What a needle! !

     "Ahem, the old slave's medical skills are not good, I am afraid of hurting Girl Ling'er. Your Highness should continue!"

     So, the person surnamed Shen just now is not belittle me, but save me?

      how can this be so?!

     How could it save people so much.


     Why do you feel wronged by saving this girl like this?

      Thought until here, a deep resentment could not help rise in Xiao Lingxian's heart.


     In Shen Tian's arms, the rosary also trembled.

     "Master, Jiuer sensed grievances on this girl!"

     Shen Tian heart tensed up: "Could it be the black blood thief, what is left behind on this girl?"

     Father Gui's expression also became solemn: "Do not rule out this possibility!"

     Evil cultivators are notoriously vicious and can do everything.

     Because there is no bottom line, the trick is fantastic oddities of every description, which is extremely difficult to deal with.

     Shen Tian held the sword master command in his hand: "Is there any way to dispel this resentment?"

     Qin Gao on the side thought for a while: "I heard that the boy urinates to the fullest sun, can restrain evil..."


      heard until here, the little Lingxian was so frightened that Huarong was pale, and he jumped directly from the ground.

     "I, I, I, I are all right!"Looking at this panicked little spirit fairy, Shen Tian weird expression: " woke up long ago?"

     Little Lingxian was stunned and nodded: "I just woke up for a while."

     "Why don't you say it when you wake up," Shen Tian said helplessly, "I'm dying of exhaustion."

     Little Lingxian: "..."

     After a while, Xiao Lingxian became angry.

     "Shen, you bastard!"

     "You just kissed and pressed this girl, how will I marry in the future?"

     Duke Gui narrowed his eyes with a smile: "Marry Your Highness won't it be fine."

     Hey, luckily I didn't get the needle just now.

     Your Highness is really smart!


     "Who, who wants to marry this bastard!"

     Little Lingxian cheeks slightly red, muttering: "Doing that kind of thing to them while they are unconscious."

     Shen Tian said helplessly: "I was to save you, really without other thoughts."

     Little Lingxian became even more angry: "Do you think this girl will believe you?"

     Shen Tian's mouth twitched slightly, why is this woman very unreasonable!

     He sighed saying: "How can you trust me?"

     Little Lingxian put his head aside, and his anger became more and more intense.

     Bastard, this bastard actually said it was just to save people, and had no other idea.

     Obviously, it was eaten and wiped, and I was not ready to admit it.

     Damn it, it's terrible!

     The little Lingxian was angry and pointed at the cliff on the side.

     She groaned: "Don't you want to be responsible? Huh, if you jump from here, I believe you have no other ideas!"

     Shen Tian looked at the cliff and swallowed: "Jump from this cliff?"Little Lingxian nodded triumphantly and said with a smile: "How about it, be scared!"

     Humph, bastard.

     Seeing that you saved this Miss's, this girl will be wronged by herself!

     But if you want to be irresponsible, there is no door.

     Say it.

     When you pass the door in the future, who cares about the spirit stone at home!


     Little Lingxian is indulge in fantasy too!

     Suddenly I saw a silhouette flashed by quickly, running towards the cliff.

     "Today, Shen was frivolous about the girl, but Shen was really just to save people."

     "Since the girl doesn't believe it, Shen only has to die to prove his innocence!"

     As soon as the voice fell, Shen Tian's figure suddenly jumped down the cliff.

     Like the blue dragon entering the sea, it disappeared into the vast clouds in an instant.

     He actually jumped off the cliff.

     Even Duke Gui and Qin Gao on the side had no time to stop them.


     Seeing what happened in front of him, Xiao Lingxian was stunned.

     You, why did you really jump off the cliff.

     Do I hate you so much?

     In order not to be responsible to me, you would rather jump off the cliff and die.

     Or do you think my words hurt your self-esteem?

     Stupid, who cares if you have the idea of without other!

     In order to prove his innocence, he jumped off the cliff.

     You are not a fool!

     Little Lingxian felt her face wet.

     Reached out, but found that I don’t know at what time has cheeks streaming with tears.

     Everything that happened tonight is connected in series.

     She remembered that she was abducted by the real black blood.I recalled being fainted by the smoke.

     "So everything Brother Shen did was to save me.

     But I was making trouble without reason and forced him to commit suicide by jumping off the cliff? "

      Thought until here, Xiao Lingxian only felt that all his strength was exhausted.


     She walked towards the cliff step by step.

     Haha, Brother Shen, you are not afraid of death, am I afraid?

     Waiting for my brother Shen, Linger will accompany you now!

     The little Lingxian walked slowly to the edge of the cliff, looking at the thick clouds.

     She smiled, then took her left foot firmly.

     Take one step further, and you will return to life and death!


     at this time.

     Under the bottomlessly deep cliff, a deep voice suddenly came.

     "Hahaha, there is a floating stone platform in the middle of the cliff."

     "Bo Gui, Xiao Gao, Girl Ling'er, I'm not dead!"

     "I landed on this stone platform and was caught."

     "There is also a cave here. It looks like it should be a cave mansion opened by a cultivator."

     "Hurry up and find a rope to get down!"

     As Shen Tian's voice sounded, the little spirit fairy who stepped out of the cliff was stunned.

     And the father Gui, who was originally ashen-faced next to him, immediately crying tears of joy.

     "I didn't die by jumping off the cliff, but instead I met the cave house opened by the cultivator?"

     "His Royal Highness conceal one's strengths and bide one's time for 15 years, has it finally been transferred?"

     However the facts.

     It's not that simple!
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