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38 A Pond Of White Lotus
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

On the suspended stone platform, Shen Tian was shocked in a cold sweat.

     Damn it, I almost played myself to death.

     The reason why Shen Tian suddenly jumped off the cliff was not an impulse choice.

     He wants to jump off the cliff, but he has been thinking about it for a long time.

     Of course, not to seek death.

     It was the chance that Shen Tian saw on top of Xiao Lingxian's head, right under this cliff.

     In theory, if Shen Tian does not appear.

     Little Lingxian was abducted by the black blood real person, and the final result was a cliff.

     As for falling off the cliff while struggling or committing suicide after being insulted, is unable to find out.

     But the place where the cliff fell is undoubtedly this stone platform.

     However, due to Shen Tian's intervention, Xiao Lingxian was rescued.

     After being rescued, the little Lingxian, naturally impossible, continued to jump off the cliff.

     Since Xiao Lingxian doesn't jump off the cliff, Shen Tian can only go up by himself.

     The problem is that Duke Gui and Qin Gao are guarding by the side.

     Shen Tian can never jump off the cliff suddenly!

     This reason is hard to find!


     Fortunately, Xiao Lingxian actually let Shen Tian jump off the cliff to show his innocence.

     Such a good opportunity, Shen Tian how can it be let go.

     That must be jumping down without the slightest hesitation!

     Shen Tian carefully analyzed the location and direction of Xiao Lingxian falling from the cliff in the picture.

     Then he jumped without the slightest hesitation and experienced the feeling of flying.

     But in the process, there were so many small accidents.

     Shen Tian originally thought that following the trajectory of Xiao Lingxian from falling from the cliff, he would definitely be fine.

     However, he ignored the mold circle on his head.He jumped off and hit a pine tree on the edge of the cliff.

     Not only was it confused, but it also changed the direction of the landing.

     Directly with the position of the platform, offset three feet away.

     He was scared at the time!

     The man flew in front and the soul was chasing behind, almost missed.

     If it wasn't for the critical moment, Jiuer pushed him hard.

     Shen Tian may be a meatloaf now.

     "Misguided, misguided!"

     "Sure enough, Gou is the kingly way, at least until the green light above his head, absolutely can not wave!"

     Lying on the cliff platform, Shen Tian have lingering fears summing up the lesson.

     Secretly vowed not to wave again next time.


     At this time, Xiao Lingxian and others also found the rope and climbed down.

     "His Royal Highness, are you all right!"

     Father Gui raised Shen Tian with concern.

     And Xiao Lingxian clenched his fists, the fairy temperament that once made countless men obsessed with nothing left.

     On the contrary, she is like a little daughter-in-law who has been wronged.

     God knows how much she wants to cry now!

     "Asshole, jump off the cliff!"

     "This girl doesn't want you to be responsible, let's do it!"

     Shen Tian turned his head, afraid to face the little spirit fairy.

     After all, the girl's expression at this time was really too vicious.

     It feels that if you give the rosary to the little fairy, it will heal in a few days.


     Shen Tian didn't know why, he seemed to have become a scumbag.

     Obviously he didn't do anything!

     "Ahem, let's take a look at this cave house!"

     He bluntly shifting the topic and walked towards the cave.This cave was sealed by a large bronze door about a height of about ten feet high, and a plaque made of mysterious iron hung above the door.

     On the plaque, four characters-Tianshuixianfu were written with a stylus and silver hook.

     "Tianshuixianfu? There is no relevant record in the palace classics."

     Gong Gui said: "Your Highness, be careful, there may be danger in the Xianjiadong Mansion."

     Shen Tian is nodded, and he doesn't need to say that he knows it too.

     After all, he almost fell flat just now.

     Slowly walked to the door, but saw that there was a recessed handprint on the large bronze door.

     Shen Tian put his right hand on the fingerprint, applying a little force.

     Suddenly, his fingertips stabbed.


     Five drops of blood penetrated from the fingertips and was absorbed by the large bronze door.

     However, after absorbing blood, the gate doesn't have any changes.

     Sure enough, do you still have to look at people for some opportunities?

     Shen Tian said helplessly: "It seems that this large bronze door is a test, my blood won't work."

     Duke Gui and Qin Gao looked at each other and stepped forward to try.

     But the result is the same as Shen Tian, the large bronze door still does not move a single jot.

     "Ling'er girl, now Only you left."

     Shen Tian lightly smiled to Xiaolingxiandao.


     Xiao Lingxian glanced at Shen Tian proudly and came to the large bronze door.

      takes a deep breath, the little Lingxian presses his slender jade hand in that grooved palm print.

     Five drops of blood leaked from her fingers and was absorbed by the large bronze door.

     Suddenly, the entire large bronze door burst into an extremely bright light.

     Booming~The large bronze door that Zhang Xugao opened suddenly.

     A long passage appeared in front of everyone.


     "It seems that Girl Ling'er is the destined person of this cave mansion!"

     Shen Tian lightly smiled and relaxed.

     Finally let the little Lingxian open the door of this cave.

      Thus, after the little Lingxian reaps her great opportunity.

     Lucky Aura on his head should also be transformed!

     A group of people walked cautious and timid towards the cave.

     It can be seen that this cave has been abandoned for quite a long time.

     Rows of lamps and candles stand on both sides of the cave, the area covered with dust.

     Stepping into the large bronze door, everyone marched towards the depths of the cave.

     Follow the passage for about several hundred meters.

     In front of my eyes suddenly opens up to a wide panorama, and a wide small valley appeared in front of everyone.


     There is a lot of aura in this small valley.

     Planting a variety of very rarely seen, unusual, aromatic.

     In the middle of the valley, even an acre of small pond was dug.

     There is a pond of lotus planted in it, and the flower blooms at this time, emitting a fragrance that penetrates deeply into the heart.

     "It is a white lotus that can be used to refine the precious medicinal materials of'Peiyi Jindan'."

     Looking at the white lotus in the pond, Grandpa Gui couldn't help but exclaim.

     Jingshi White Lotus is a very precious elixir and is extremely popular in the world of immortality.

     Even the most common third-grade pure white lotus can sell for a high price of a thousand spirit stones.

     At first glance, there are at least hundreds of white lotuses in this pond.

     Among them, Shen Tian even saw the existence of a few fifth-grade flowers.The value of the fifth-grade pure white lotus is at least one hundred thousand spiritual stones!

     The value of this pool of pure white lotus is inestimable.


     Looking at this full pond of pure white lotus, Xiao Lingxian couldn't help covering the mouth.

     There are so many pure white lotuses, and there are fourth and fifth grades.

     How much would it be worth if it were all sold out!

     This is a terrible wealth that Little Lingxian dare not even think of.

      thought until here, Xiao Lingxian somewhat concerned glanced at Shen Tian.

      so big If a wealth is seen by himself, he will not kill a witness to silence them!

     For the cultivator, cultivation resources are more important than anything else.

     This rare and exotic grass on the ground plus a pool of white lotus is at least worth a million spiritual stones.

     With such a huge wealth in front of them, many people can harm even their parents and compatriots.

     Born poor, and worked hard for many years in a place like dragons and snakes mingle like Wanling Garden.

     Little Lingxian had a full understanding of the ugly hearts of the world of cultivation.

     For most immortal cultivators, if you encounter such a great opportunity.

     It is possible to wipe out all the insiders to keep secrets!

     Can this guy bear the temptation?

     For a while, the little Lingxian became worried.
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