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39 So Tough, So Domineering, So Like
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Although Xiao Lingxian had a good impression of Shen Tian.

     But after all, she met Shen Tian not long ago, and saw many sanctimonious hypocrites.

     Human nature is the most unbearable test of interests.

     For Shen Tian's thoughts, she did not dare to conclude.

     At this moment, Shen Tian said: "Ling'er, accept these white lotus and elixir!"

     His words immediately shocked the little Lingxian, and the whole person was dumbfounded.

     Xiao Lingxian turned his head blankly to look at Shen Tian.

     But seeing the latter look serious, it didn't seem to be joking at all.

     She hard to believe: "Do you know how much spiritual stones these white lotus and elixir are worth?"

     Shen Tian stared at the little Lingxian and smiled: "No matter how much it is worth, it is yours."

     Feeling Shen Tian's scorching eyes and listening to the gentle words, Xiao Lingxian's face turned red.

     Did Brother Shen give me an elixir worth more than one million spiritual stones?

     Sure enough, Brother Shen still has feelings for me, right?

     I just jumped off the cliff and just couldn't accept being questioned, instead of unwilling to take responsibility for me?

     But Brother Shen stared straight at others like this, full of tender feelings, really shy!

     In Xiao Lingxian's heart, endless reveries and brain supplements suddenly appeared.


     However, in fact, she totally thinks too much.

     Shen Tian stared at her and said to give her all the elixir for a simple reason.

     Because he was observing Lucky Aura on top of the little spirit fairy.

     When Shen Tian finished speaking, he gave all the white lotus and elixir to the little Lingxian.

     The halo on the top of the little Lingxian's head really rose sharply.It was originally the red halo with a few ray of green light, but at this time all the green light had disappeared.

     The halo on her head completely transformed into a big red.

      At the same time, Shen Tian also felt his body relaxed again.

     Obviously, his luck is also increasing simultaneously.

      this kind of feeling is quite cool.

     But at this time, Xiao Lingxian spoke: "This is not appropriate."

     She glanced at Shen Tian timidly, and said, "Brother Shen discovered this cave after jumping off the cliff. How can things divide me so much?"

     After thinking about it, Xiao Lingxian said, "Brother Shen should keep these elixir and white lotus!"

     As soon as the voice fell, the halo above her head began to glow green again, and it seemed more.

     Shen Tian also clearly felt that his own body was becoming heavier.

     He righteousnessly said: "How can this be done, if you open the profound iron gate without Ling'er, we won't be able to get in at all."

     "You are the destined person of this cave, so these elixir should belong to you!"

     The green light slowly dissipated, and the body slowly became lighter.

     Xiao Lingxian's heart became more and more moved.

     Such a good man is really rare.

      thought until here, she complexion slightly red: "Brother Shen, don't refuse, accept it!"

     Green light emerges again...

     Grandpa Gui, who was watching, suddenly felt a little panicked.

     He reluctantly said: "Ling'er girl just marry your Highness, so whoever accepts it will not be the same!"

     If Concubine Lan knew about the matter between her Royal Highness and Girl Ling'er, she would have smiled at Jiuquan.But now these young people are so troublesome for being a Taoist!

     What kind of elixir, will it not all belong to your family after you pass the door?

     Duke Gui's words suddenly made Xiao Lingxian's face even redder.

     She glanced at Shen Tian secretly, but saw that the latter was still staring at oneself.

     The full of tender feelings makes people feel hot on their cheeks, which is always weird.

     When it comes to men looking at their sweetheart, shouldn't they always look at their faces and eyes?

     How do you always feel that Brother Shen is staring at someone's forehead?


     After thinking about it, Xiao Lingxian felt that he should be more reserved.

     After all, I heard that most men like girls who are more reserved.

     She whispered: "Who is going to marry Brother Shen."

     "How about this!"

     Little Lingxian looked away from Shen Tian: "Brother Shen fell off the cliff and found this cave, and my blood opened this cave."

     "What's inside, maybe 60-40 share profit!"

     "Brother Shen and I each get 40%, and Brother Gui and Xiaogao also get 10% each."

     Shen Tian flatly refused: "How can this work, I will naturally give the share of Bo Gui and Xiao Gao, how can I share it with you from Ling'er."

     "Let's do it! Five to five cents, you take 50% away, don't refuse!"

     Listening to Shen Tian's unquestionable domineering words, Xiao Lingxian couldn't help but become mad.

     So domineering, so tough, so masculinity, so I like it!

     If you want to be reserved or refuse, you can't open the mouth!


     Facing such a domineering Shen Tian.

     In Xiao Lingxian's heart, his brain started to fill up again.As for Shen Tian, he has moved his gaze away from her forehead.

     After the incident just now, Shen verified one of his conjectures.

     That is, he can divide up to 50% of the chances of luck.

     This is a critical point. If you share within 50% of each other's benefits, both sides will increase their luck to the greatest extent.

     This has long-term benefits for both parties.

     If the benefits of Shen Tianfen's walk reach more than 50%, the increase in air luck will begin to weaken.

     If Shen Tian completely swallows the opportunity, then his luck will not increase.

     And the air luck of that air transporter may even fall down due to this.

     Before Qin Gao fell from a pure red ring to a red ring with green spots.

     As well as the increase in the green light of the little Lingxian, they all proved this.

     It can be seen that relying on one's own Special Ability, making good relationships everywhere is the kingly way.

      Thought until here, Shen Tian couldn't help but like his wit.


      "All right, don't refuse."

     Seeing Xiaolingxian staring at oneself, his face seemed somewhat blurred.

     Shen Tian didn't know what was wrong with this girl, he pointed to the small stone house deep in the valley.

     "These medicinal ingredients are just leftovers. If I'm not mistaken, that's where the chance is!"

     The stone house deep in the valley looks very ordinary.

     The whole is made of gray stone, doesn't have any carvings.

     But the more you observe carefully, the more you feel that it contains a special charm.

     It seems to be connected to the entire valley and is the core hub of the entire valley.If you feel it carefully, you can find that the aura of the entire valley is converging towards the small stone house.

     Obviously, this is where the master of Narcissus Mansion really lives.

     "It looks like this master should be an ascetic monk!"

     Shen Tian smiled and shook the head, slowly walking towards the small stone house.

     Just the elixir in the valley is worth a million spiritual stones, the true heritage in the stone house!

     Deep expectation rose in Shen Tian's heart.

     I don't know if the opportunity left by this senior can make him completely whitewashed.

     When everyone came to the small stone house, they saw the same palm print in front of the door.

     Obviously, you have to donate blood again.


     Little Lingxian reluctantly stretched out his right hand and slowly printed it on.

     Immediately, five drops of blood seeped into the mysterious iron gate.

     The door of the stone house slowly opened, a quiet closed room.

     Appeared in front of everyone.
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