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40 Unless You Become A Person In Yaochi Holy Land
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

The furnishings of this closed room are very simple, one table, one chair, one bed and one futon.

     On the table, there was still a pot of tea.

     But after a long time of change, the tea has already dried up.

     It is worth mentioning that there is a stone statue sitting on the futon in the center of the bed.

     This stone statue is extremely smooth, and its clothes are flying, and it is astonishing.

     The face is more delicately carved, vivid and lifelike.

     As everyone entered the secret room, a phantom woman appeared in front of the stone statue.

     The woman's face is very similar to the stone statue, and she is wearing a blue dress with a beautiful face.

     His appearance and body are not under the little spirit fairy.

     There is even a little more graceful and dignified temperament, which makes people awe.

     Phantom floating in the air, shot a look at Shen Tian and others indifferently.

     When I saw Shen Tian, the phantom seemed to stay for more than ten seconds.

     She slowly said: "The latecomer can enter this door, presumably this honor is already sitting."

     "I am the nine elders of Jade Lake Holy Land.

     "Later people who opened the stone house of the cave mansion by their blood will be the descendants of my race."

     "Go forward and kowtow, you can bear the mantle of this honor."


     The phantom self-introduces suddenly made everyone secretly speechless.

      Jade Lake Holy Land Nine Elders?

     This identity can be no way!

      Jade Lake Holy Land, even among the holy places, is among the top ones.

     As the elder of Jade Lake Holy Land, his status is only under the Holy Land Lord.

     It can be said that it is definitely one of the characters in the cream of the crop's in the entire East Wilderness.Thought until here, Shen Tian couldn't help but glance at Xiao Lingxian.

     Unexpectedly, this girl is related to Shenshui Lingzun by blood.

     No wonder she alone can open the gate of this cave.

     "Brother Shen, she told me to kowtow a hundred times."

     Little Lingxian looked at the phantom and asked, "Am I knocking?"

     Shen Tian smiled: "Since you are the elder of your clan, it's okay to give her a gift."

     Little Lingxian nodded, and knelt before the stone statue obediently.

     She respectfully knocked her head three times toward the stone statue of Shenshui Lingzun.

     That virtual shadow nodded slightly: "not bad not bad, this honor is very gratifying."

     "Child, come here."

     Little Lingxian cleverly approached the phantom.

     The latter glanced at Shen Tian again, and pointed his index finger at the center of Xiao Lingxian's brow.

     Suddenly, the phantom turned into countless points of light scattered, rushing towards the little spirit fairy.

     The voice of Shenshui Lingzun echoed in the secret room.

     "The younger generations should remember that this honor has a five-hundred-year duel with the god-sacred land Akabane Yuanzun."

     "Now this honor is dead, but the agreement cannot be invalidated."

     "Those who inherit my mantle need to apprehend Jade Lake Holy Land, who will fight against the descendants of Akabane Genzun in the future."

     "This battle cannot be defeated!"


     When the voice fell, all the light spots were vanish from sight.

     The little Lingxian slowly opened his eyes, his eyes were full of shock.

      At the same time, the color of the halo on her head has become unprecedentedly bright.

     The big red halo was as magnificent as a vast sun.

     Its edge is completely bordered by golden rays of light, which is brighter than Qin Gao's halo.And Shen Tian was also relaxed for a while, almost like a fairy.

     Obviously, this is an incredible heritage!

     See Shen Tian’s gaze staring at oneself, little spirit fairy cheeks slightly red.

     She hurriedly said: "Master gave me two inheritances, one is the secret technique of seeking the soul, "Ling Tian Ling Jue", and the other is the practice before the transformation period of "Jade Lake Emperor Jing".

     "But Brother Shen, I'm sorry, Master told me when I was imparting merit law."

     "The "Ling Tian Ling Jue" is an opportunity that the master got. She allowed me to pass you a copy."

     "As long as my cultivation base breaks through to the foundation building stage, I can give you this exercise to participate in the cultivation together.

     "But the "Jade Lake Emperor Jing" is an unspread secret, and you must worship into the holy land to practice."

     "Unless you become a person of Jade Lake Holy Land, I can't teach it to you."


     Become a Jade Lake Holy Land?

     But isn’t Jade Lake Holy Land only accepting female disciples?

     Hearing the words of Xiao Lingxian, Shen Tian not to know whether to laugh or cry, said: "It's okay."

     The phantom of the talent should be the remnant of the spirit of Shenshui Lingzun.

     Little Lingxian is a descendant of her family, so disperse Cannian to complete the little Lingxian.

     And Shen Tian and others are not even disciples of Jade Lake Holy Land.

      All in all, it is impossible to be taught the core heritage of Jade Lake Holy Land.

     And with Shen Tian's current aura, even if he had to pass on the Jade Lake Emperor Jing, he would not dare to practice!

     If you practice a few simple qigong methods, you can cultivate deviation 88 times.

     If you cultivate the profound and obscure Peerless Emperor Sutra, it will explode into fireworks every minute?

     Still the same sentence: the head is not green, never refining Qi!

     ...Seeing that Shen Tian didn't have any grudges, Xiao Lingxian was relaxed.

     Then she looked at Shen Tian, her face full of worship.

     "Brother Shen, I finally knows why you want to help others find the soul."

     Shen Tian was slightly surprised, do you know it again?

     He not a word or movement, smiled and said: "Oh, let's talk about it."

     Little Lingxian said earnestly: ""Ling Tian Ling Jue" is a sophisticated technique for finding souls and breaking pulses."

     "The cultivator can condense the divine mind into pupils and scan the spirit ore for investigation."

     "The higher the attainments, the stronger the ability to scan for spirit ore."

     "But at the beginning of the exercise, it was emphasized that this exercise must not be used frequently."

     With a mysterious smile on his face, Shen Tian asked: "Oh, why?"

     Little Lingxian thought Shen Tian was testing her, not to be outdone: "Because there is a big horror in the spirit mine!"

     "Each piece of spirit ore will breed ominous power after a long period of time."

     "This kind of ominous power can contaminate the divine mind, and then pollute the physical body."

     "Exploring the spirit ore with the secret technique of seeking spirits will inevitably be infested by ominous power and require a lot of energy to clear it."

     The little Lingxian narrated the essence of "Geeping the Sky".

     "But people with extremely high attainments in spiritual seeking secret techniques can master some secret techniques."

     "Through these secret methods, give others the things that are found in the spirit ore."

     "In this way, if the cause and effect are allocated to the predestined people, the pressure on the spiritual pulse master will be greatly reduced."

     "And the ominous power of those who are destined will slowly fade with Time Elapses.""In this way, the spirit vein master can detect more spirit ore without being backlashed."

     Shen Tian not to know whether to laugh or cry, just set up a stall dress up as God, play the devil, can this be misunderstood?

     But so to speak, those so-called secret techniques for seeking spirits are not what kind of!

     Shen Tian was completely no need to be worried, and he was completely successful.

      In comparison, the so-called secret technique of seeking spirits is simply tasteless!

     Shen Tian asked again: "If the ominous power is not removed in time, how is it?"

     Xiao Lingxian said: "If it is not cleared in time, or if it is infested by a large amount of ominous power in a short time."

     "Then, the Lingmai Master is likely to be completely eroded by the ominous power."

     "Thus the body is petrified and turned into a stone statue."

      spoke until here, the little Lingxian seemed to have thought of something.

     She looked at the stone statue sitting on the futon, her face suddenly changed.

     So Shenshui Lingzun turned into a stone statue because of the erosion of ominous power?

     From the accepted inherited memory, Xiao Lingxian knows.

     Master is an expert in the transformation stage who is above the Nascent Soul stage, and is a peak expert in the transformation stage.

     Such existence will be directly petrified into statues due to the erosion of ominous forces.

     Back then, what forbidden things she touched!

      Thought until here, Xiao Lingxian couldn't help but feel a tingling scalp.

     But at this moment, another change occurred in the secret room.

     The floor was cracked.
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