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44 Hold The Thigh Of The Immortal Master, As Soon As Possible?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Seeing these two guys hugging their thighs, they cried with crashing sounds.

     Shen Tianxin originally refused.

     After all, you cried and cried, don't wipe your highness's pants!

     This tears and mucus flowing profusely...

     And who are you two?

     Shen Tian scratched the head, I feel completely impressed!

     However, when he glanced at the halo on the heads of the two goods.

     Shen Tianle was over.


     Yes, my little chest brother, my Highness seems to think of it.

     Just finished cutting your leeks three days ago, and grew out so quickly?

     Well, not bad not bad.

     Suddenly Shen Tian smiled on face and became warm.

     With a smile, he lifted the destined person A and destined person B up, and patted them on the shoulders.

     "The two brothers are very polite, these days when I have been away from the poor road."

     "I want to kill you too!"


     The destined person A and the destined person B looked at each other, the excitement in their eyes was hard to conceal.

     Sure enough, the immortal master had an impression of the two of us.

     After all, one is the first destined person of the fairy master.

     And the other one is the little cutie who called on all those who are predestined to divide into the fairy master!

     The two are the initiators of Immortal Teacher Education, the oldest veteran-level members.

     The immortal master how can it be has an impression of we do not have!

     And the fairy teacher actually said that he wanted to kill us?

     There is still such a kind and kind smile on his face!

     Sure enough, in the eyes of the immortal master, we are very important!

     The destined person B said seriously: "The immortal master is not in these few days, we have been missing you all the time."A destined person not to be outdone: "Master, I'm still at home giving you a card of longevity!"

     At home, gave me a longevity card?

     That really troubles you.


     Shen Tian touched the heads of these two goods, and said: "Okay, you have received it for your poor intentions."

     "Frankly, today you two are still related to the poor Tao."

     "In a little while, Xiang Dao will find the spirit and cut the mine for you."

     As soon as Shen Tian's words came out, the faces of the destined person A and the destined person B suddenly showed a look of wild joy.

     Destined Person B winked at Destined Person A.

     The meaning is obvious: "Look! I'll just say it! Listen to me, right!"

     The faces of everyone behind him also showed jealous look.

     Sure enough, he is the strongest senior in the teaching, this ability to hold the thigh is terribly strong.

     I knew it, I didn't hesitate to be reserved just now, and I felt embarrassed.

     Sure enough, opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared.

     Fate is to ask!


      Thought until here, a gorgeous-faced female monk came to Shen Tian and cast a wink.

     She smiled and said, "Brother Xianshi, do you have a relationship with the slave family today?"

     Shen Tian looked at the female monk's forehead and shook his head slowly.

     "You have no relationship with Poor Dao today. You can come to Poor Dao's stalls in the future."

     "Maybe fate will come one day in the future."

     The female monk smile on face instantly solidified, stamped his feet: "Master, you..."

     The female monk fly into a rage out of humiliation, just about to argue.However, before she could speak, she was lifted aside by someone next to her.

     "I don't want to hug my legs, still want to have a chance?"

     "Leave it off! There are still people behind!"

     A burly man walked up to Shen Tian.

     This man wears a large black and white alternating robe, which looks like a bear.

     There was a struggle on his face, but his eyes gradually became firm.

     However, he saw that the man slowly squatted on the ground, holding both hands toward Shen Tian's legs.

     In that way, it turned out to be a bit cute!

     He raises head up, staring at Shen Tian eagerly: "Master, you are finally back, I Xiong Meng missed you to death!"

     Shen Tian: "???"

     Qin Gao: "???"

     Little Lingxian: "???"

     Grandpa Gui: "???"

     All the onlookers around: "???"

     At this moment, everyone's eyes were fixed on Shen Tian.

     They want to verify one thing.

     That is, whether it is true or false to hold the thigh is useful.


     Shen Tian is not a fool, and he probably sees the little nine in these people's hearts now.

     To be honest, he really wanted to tell these people that it was useless to hold the thigh.

     Although my Highness helps you find rocks, it can improve your luck.

     But at what time encountering new opportunities, it really can't be solved by holding my thighs.

     But what is embarrassing is that there is a real chance on the top of this hanhan named Xiong Meng.

      Crap! Are all of you who have the chance to form a group?

      One after another, hug your Highness on the thigh, do you want to behave?This is not plainly misleading!


     Or, just tell Xiong Meng that you have nothing to do with you?

      Thus, other people will not misunderstand that holding thighs can help.

     But looking down at Xiong's eager eyes, Shen Tian suddenly couldn't bear it.

     After all, this brother looked at buff dominating the world and could actually pull his face down to hug his thigh.

     People get off one's high horse like this, but you ruthlessly shattered their hope?

     This is too ruthless, too shameless, and too make trouble without reason!

     What if someone fly into a rage out of humiliation, what should I do with you?

      takes a deep breath, Shen Tian said helplessly.

     "Get up, brother, you also have destiny with poor Tao."

     Suddenly, Xiong Meng was so happy: "Wow Ha Ha Ha Ha hahaha!"

     "Master Xie, if I draw out a spirit stone, I will definitely give the teacher a longevity card!"

     Shen Tian: "..."

     Shen Tian: "You should withdraw!"

     After Xiong stepped aside, everyone immediately looked straight at Shen Tian's thigh.

     There were even some female monks with cunning eyes staring at Shen Tian's calf.

     Suddenly, Shen Tian tingling sensation.

     It would be terrifying to think about these dozens of people.



     Shen Tian hurriedly shouted: "One can be two, not over and over again!"

     "You are not allowed to hug this thigh anymore, otherwise you will never have a chance with this seat!"

     Suddenly, those who had been eager to give sth a try were afraid to run forward.

     Shen Tian's words are like thunder from a clear sky, making them regret not falling.I had known that Master Xian only allowed the first three people who held the thighs to renew their fate, so I should have charged just now!

     Just because he couldn't let go of his face, he missed a good opportunity to continue his relationship with the fairy master.

     This wave is simply lost to grandma's house!

     Hey, there used to be a pair of fairy master's thighs in front of me, I didn't cherish it.

     Until the time of loss, too late for regrets.

     The most painful thing in the world is this.

     If God can give me a chance, one more time.

     I will hold the immortal master's thigh tightly and say seven words to him: "Master, I missed you to death!"


     Seeing everyone feeling depressed, Shen Tian said helplessly: "Don't be discouraged."

     "Although you have no relationship with the poor road today, the future is long."

     "As long as you often come to the poor road stalls in the future, fate will definitely appear."

     Hearing Shen Tian's words, everyone's mood slightly recovered.

     Destined person B who had already retreated to the side, now a proud face smiled.

     He looked at the destined person A and Xiong Meng, and smiled: "Look, fellow Taoists, I'm right!"

     "Holding the immortal master's thigh has to be done as soon as possible. The first few can still please the immortal master, and the rest will not be pleasing.

     "This is a fairy tale, but also to pay attention to innovation!"

     A destined person admired: "Big brother deserves to have studied in Xiu Xian Academy, knows more than us."

     "From now on, my little brother will only follow blindly. I hope my eldest brother will teach me how to slap a fairy."

     On the other side, Xiong Meng scratched the head.

     His gaze gradually became firmer: "Me too!"
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