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45 Improved Luck And Ability
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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According to the old rules, Shen Tian started looking for someone at the booth.

     Because of the reputation, there are more monks in line this time than three days ago.

     There are even some people who do not believe in evil, and after being screened for the first time, they actually come back and arrange again.

     After spending more than half a day, Shen Tiancai screened out 20 destined people.

     It is worth mentioning that six of these twenty people are regular customers.

     As for these six old customers, half of the spirit stones were given to Shen Tian.

     As a result, a delicate atmosphere gradually formed.


     The six selected old destined people are all grateful for their previous choices in their hearts.

     The remaining fourteen destined people who were not selected all secretly blamed themselves.

     It does not belong to oneself. I didn't do well before, which made the fairy teacher greatly upset.

     Hey, I blame myself for not being a human being, and for missing the opportunity to continue my relationship with the fairy master.

     If there is another chance next time, they must rush forward to worship.

     The first one hugged his thigh and said to the fairy ‘I want to kill you’!

      "All right, today only these twenty people are destined!"

     Shen Tian led the crowd and walked towards the Holy Spirit Workshop.

     Little Lingxian also followed Shen Tian.

     Because of the change of clothes and makeup.

     She was not recognized.

     Shen Tian was very pleased with this.

     This disguise is really not under my Highness!


     In the past few days without Shen Tian, the business of the Holy Spirit Workshop has prospered a lot.

     After all, Qibao Fairy Calabash, ranked thirty-sixth in the Spirit Wood Ranking, was published here!Who knows if there are similar top-grade spirit ore that can be picked up by others?

     In these three days, the Holy Spirit Workshop has become a tourist attraction in Wanling Garden.

     Every day, a large group of people come to the Holy Spirit Workshop to inquire about Shopkeeper Liu.

     Shopkeeper Liu, I heard that Fairy Lian'er spent 50,000 spiritual stones, so I bought that one?

     I heard that shopkeeper Liu has long seen that the ore is unusual, just waiting for its destiny? Shopkeeper Liu, that is the 36th treasure on the Lingmu List! Don't you feel bad?

     I, the treasurer, have 100,000 spiritual stones. Can you sell me one of those spiritual stones?


     Yes, that seed has been bought.

     The old man is quite accomplished in spiritual arts, and he really sees the extraordinaryness of that seed.

     The ownership of the spirit ore has fate, and it is not distressed to see it find the master.

     100,000 spiritual stones? Haha, get out!


     Shopkeeper Liu has to answer similar words countless times every day.

     Moreover, every time I answer, I have to poke my heart hard.


     Why didn't I open the spirit stone by myself?

     If you drive by yourself, you will go straight to the pinnacle of life!


     Hey, forget it.

     Shopkeeper Liu squeezed a smile on his face, time and time again to deal with the customer's inquiry.

     Business is getting better, after all, it is a happy thing.

     Just prick your heart, as long as the fairy master doesn't come to patronize again.

     This thought in his mind rose, and shopkeeper Liu looked bored to death towards the door.

     In the next second, the smile on the face of shopkeeper Liu gradually solidified.Because of the man who made him resent and wronged.



     Seeing an army of destined people and fans surrounded by Shen Tian with excitement.

     Shopkeeper Liu felt a little moist in his eye sockets.

     "Treasurer, why are you crying again?"

     Shen Tian strode into the Holy Spirit Square.

     Seeing the tears of shopkeeper Liu, he couldn't bear stunned.

     Shopkeeper Liu wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes: "The fairy teacher stood in front of me, and the old man remembered three days ago."

     Shen Tian in the heart was warm: "The shopkeeper Liu is really a passionate person, regret not having met earlier!"


     Shopkeeper Liu looked at the people around Shen Tian: "Is the immortal master here?"

     Shen Tian smiled and said, "Pan Dao retreats for three days and has gained a little bit. I am ready to try again."

     Suddenly, shopkeeper Liu's eyes became more moist.

     Three days of retreat, another gain?

     Stop it! My master Xianshida!

     You drove Qibaoxian Gourd from me before you closed the door.

     Now that the retreat is over, why have you run to the old man again to harm it!

     You can't point to the decayed my one person and go to death!

     Lao Song at Tianlingxuan next door, his family is much thicker than mine.

     You should go to their store more!


     Negative energy in my heart is bursting, but the shopkeeper Liu dare not say.

     After all, the person setting of the "Buddha Department Conscience Treasurer" he did before is too good.

     Now the immortal master ‘regret not having met earlier’ comes to you again to open a mine, can you not welcome it?

     Not to mention that behind Shen Tian, there are still rows of destined people and female fans standing!

     Dare to block the way to prevent Shen Tian from entering?Hehe, the shops are all around you in minutes!

     "Congratulations, Master, please come in!"

     With red eyes, shopkeeper Liu honestly welcomed Shen Tian into the Holy Spirit Workshop.

     She looked like an old hen, watching the weasel sneak into her chicken coop.


     "Brother Shen, I also want to try to find spirits and break mines."

     Little Lingxian looked at the spirit ore, with a trace of seeing others go hunting, one is excited by memories of the thrill of the hunt.

     In the past, the little spirit fairy could only have some furs from spiritual arts, and was basically unable to find spirits and break mines.

     But in the three days in the Tianshui Immortal Mansion, the little Lingxian has been comprehending the "Ling Tian Ling Jue".

     She is self-confident about her ability to find spirits and cut mines, already have advanced by leaps and bounds changes.

     Seeing this Holy Spirit Square full of minerals, the little Lingxian also felt a little itchy.

     Listening to Xiao Lingxian's words, Shen Tian was slightly surprised and then smiled.

     Because he discovered that after Xiao Lingxian said this sentence.

     Pictures began to appear on her head.

     Obviously, this should be the spirit stone harvest that the little Lingxian will issue next.


      thought until here, Shen Tian lightly smiled: "Go! You must have something today."

     Listening to Shen Tian's gentle words, Xiao Lingxian's face was slightly red.

     Unexpectedly, Brother Shen would actually encourage others.

     Although I have studied the "Ling Tian Ling Jue" for three days, I never practiced it.

     To be honest, Xiao Lingxian was not very sure in his heart.

     However, Shen Tian's words gave her great encouragement.

     "Don't worry, Brother Shen."

     Little Lingxian said seriously: "I will not let you down!"Shen Tian nodded: "If you encounter a mine of hesitation and indecision, you can come to me."

     The little Lingxian was restless in his heart, and he nodded directly into the Holy Spirit Workshop.

     Shen Tian smiled, and started searching for souls with those destined people.

     He didn't intervene in the chance of Little Lingxian's head.

     Let the little Lingxian practice his hands, let's play!


     It may be because of stronger strength, or stronger luck.

     Shen Tian felt that his ability to check chances was more accurate than before.

     Before Shen Tian checked the "Magic Tome of the Sun" and Tianshui Cave House, he could only look at it roughly.

     For example, Xiangri Magician, Shen Tian can only view the "Great Yan Calendar" with a grunting sound it stops.

     By the chance of Tianshui Dongfu, Shen Tian could only see the gate under the cliff.

     As for the magic book in the Great Yan Calendar, the inheritance in Tianshui Cave Mansion.

     Shen Tian could not be seen through the screen.

      Even the front screen is quite blurry.

     But now, the scene of opportunity that Shen Tian saw became clearer and clearer.

     And the screen's description of the chance content is getting more and more detailed.

     Shen Tian can even clearly see what the Ultimate Form of each opportunity is.

     Therefore, Shen Tian suspected that his ability might...

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