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46 Are You Surprised Or Surprised?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

For example, the fate of Ren Jia, his chance today is a spiritual ore.

     If it was the previous Shen Tian.

     You can only see where it is, where it is, and which one it is.

     As for what is sealed in this spirit ore.

     He could only see a shadow vaguely, and sometimes he couldn't even see the shadow.

     But now Shen Tian can clearly see through the spiritual ore in the picture.

     He knew that a small piece of red flame iron spirit was sealed in this spirit ore.

     That piece of red flame iron is about a thumb size and can be used to refine the fire-attribute flying sword.

     The lucky man in the chance screen sold this iron spirit to shopkeeper Liu.

     And shopkeeper Liu gave the price of 1,500 spiritual stones.


     Yes, Shen Tian's Special Ability now.

     The future is already foreseeable!


     In this regard, Shen Tian is naturally open to Sen.

     He one by one chooses spirit ore for those who are destined.

     Every time one was picked, the corner of Liu's mouth twitched violently.

     It seemed that the knife was not cut on the spirit ore, but on his mouth.

     But the thing that made shopkeeper Liu gratified, although the five spirit stones picked out by Shen Tian had exploded.

     But after all, it didn't open again, it was the same treasure as the Seven Treasure Fairy Gourd Seed three days ago.

     This gave him a lot of balance, and he had a profit anyway.

     Although there are so many unsinkable talents, only Shen Tian's mouth is leaking.

     It's enough for shopkeeper Liu to eat so much.


     At this moment, the little spirit fairy walked out holding three spirit stones.She looked at Shen Tian embarrassedly, and said, "Brother Shen, there seems to be something in these three spiritual stones, can you help me see it?"

     Shen Tian looked at these three spirit ore.

     However, among the three spirit stones, the first one is about fist size and the price is 50 spirit stones.

     The second one is in the shape of a long strip, which looks a bit like a cucumber and is priced at 99 Lingshi.

     As for the third ore, it is the size of a small watermelon, and the price is 168 Lingshi.

      Lightly smiled, Shen Tiandao: "Which one do you prefer?"

     The little Lingxian thought for a while: "I used mystery to investigate, the ominous power contained in that long strip of ore is the heaviest, and there should be good things in it!"

     Shen Tian smiled and said, "Here is a top-grade magical item'Huang Yuchai'."

     "Essential loss is serious, it is estimated to be worth 30,000 to 50,000 spiritual stones!"


     As soon as Shen Tian's words came out, a chilling voice suddenly rose around him.

     In the ore that is priced at 99 spiritual stones, there are magical tools worth 30,000 to 50,000 spiritual stones hidden?

     If this were to change hands, wouldn't it directly turn over three to five hundred times the profit?

     It's a profit!


     And Xiao Lingxian's heart was extremely shocked.

     Just glance at it and see through the long strip of ore?

     This how can it be!

     Even if the god Shui Lingzun is resurrected, he is not so godly!

     Shopkeeper Liu was also stunned when he heard Shen Tian's words.

     Then came bursts of distress.

     Picked up a leak, and got another big leak!

     My fairy master, are you trying to pierce the old heart through?No one doubts Shen Tian's judgment, because he hasn't failed to find the soul and break the mine.


     Shopkeeper Liu reluctantly called the miner in the shop to prepare for mining.

     The miner slowly cut open the spirit ore, and as expected, burst out the magic light.

     A vivid and lifelike scarlet phoenix can be seen faintly dancing above the spirit ore.

     As more and more ore fragments were peeled off, the sound of Fengming even sounded in the Holy Spirit Workshop.

     A red gold hairpin, carved with a gorgeous phoenix pattern, appeared in front of everyone.

     The energy fluctuations that this Zhu Chai exudes after its recovery are impressively the highest level of magical implements!


     It is the best magic weapon, the Phoenix Feather Hairpin, and a little Phoenix Blood Scarlet Gold is added.

     Shopkeeper Liu eyes shined, he is a person who knows goods.

     Before the source of this artifact was lost, it should be a powerful artifact.

     It's just that because the seal was too long and the original source was severely drained, it was downgraded to the level of the best magic weapon.

     If you can find a master craftsman, spend a little cost to make a new sacrifice.

      not without opportunity, get promoted back to spirit weapon again!

     It really needs to be completely objectively valued, this Zhu Chai is worth at least 200,000 spiritual stones.

     The immortal master just said, this Zhuchai is only worth three to fifty thousand spiritual stones?

     Could it be said that a fairy master who is proficient in finding souls and breaking mines is not good at valuation?

      Thought until here, shopkeeper Liu's heart suddenly heated up.


     He leaned in front of Shen Tian and Xiao Lingxian, and said with a smile: "Congratulations, Master Xian, another good thing has been delivered."

     "This Zhuchai is indeed good. Our shop is willing to buy it for 50,000 spiritual stones.""I wonder how the fairy master and this little brother think how is it?"

     Little Lingxian showed a trace of perseverance in her eyes, after all, girls like jewelry.

     Especially this kind of jewelry which looks good in shape and high in grade.

     In the world of cultivating immortals, such small jewellery artifacts are difficult to refine and are very scarce.

     Little Lingxian said helplessly: "I want to keep it for myself, but I don't have so many spirit stones."

     Hearing Xiao Lingxian's words, shopkeeper Liu's eyes became more and more intense.

     Sell it, sell it!

     Isn’t it lack of spirit stones?

     You will get money if you sell it!


     However, just as the shopkeeper Liu was looking through his eyes, a bag appeared in front of him.

     Shen Tian smiled and said: "Here are 5 spirit crystals, almost worth 5000 spirit stones. We will not sell this Zhuchai.

     Shopkeeper Liu: "???"

     Why not sell it?

     Shopkeeper Liu felt that he was about to cry. Didn’t you estimate it at three to fifty thousand?

     The old man offered 50,000 spiritual stones, why don't you sell it!

     If you don't sell it, you will pay me 10% of the wages for mining the ore!

     5000 spiritual stones? This red hairpin is worth at least 200,000 spiritual stones.

     10%, at least 20,000 spiritual stones!


     The shopkeeper Liu was in pain.

     But he can't tell others.

     Because there is an unwritten rule in the gambling world.

     The shopkeeper can only estimate the price of the goods sold in the store once.

     If the customer feels that the price is right, they will sell the items to the shopkeeper.If you feel that the valuation is not appropriate, you will pay 10% of the mining fee according to the price estimated by the shopkeeper, and then take the things away.

     The shopkeeper is absolutely not allowed to have extremely low valuations when preparing for the acquisition.

     When the customer was unwilling to sell and prepared to pay 10% of the mining fee, the price was increased significantly.

     That is a serious act of defrauding customers.

     Once discovered, it will be suppressed by all colleagues around it.

     The credibility of the store will also be fatally hit.

     Therefore, even if the treasurer Liu knew, the price of this Zhu Chai was a full 200,000 spiritual stones.

     He can't argue with anything.

     Only Shen Tianhua's 5000 Lingshi was allowed to take away Zhu Chai.

     At this moment, the shopkeeper Liu was moved to cry again.


     On the other side, Little Lingxian was also very moved.

     "Brother Shen, what are you?"

     Watching Shen Tian throw the Lingjing to shopkeeper Liu, then take out Huang Yuchai and pass it to in front of yourself.

     Xiao Lingxian's face suddenly turned red.

     What is Brother Shen doing? Are you going to give this Huang Yuchai to me?

     Sure enough, Brother Shen still had feelings for Ling'er in his heart!

     I don't know, can he put it on for me personally.

     The joy of Xiao Lingxian's heart has just risen.

     Shen Tian smiled and said, "Haha, silly girl, I can see that you like this Zhu Chai."

     "I will pad for you first, and then return the 5000 spirit stones to me when you have money."

     "Anyway, I still have a lot of spirit stones, you don't have to be polite to me."

     "How about, are you surprised or surprised?"

     Little Lingxian: "?????"
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