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47 Brother Shen, Lian'er Is Looking For You!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Seeing the Huang Yuchai that Shen Tian would open, handed it to the little Lingxian.

     The faces of the many crowds around him suddenly became very strange.

     After all, the current little Lingxian still looks like a man.

     The fairy master actually gave a hairpin to a man?

     And the man looked at the fairy master, he was full of tender feelings!

     Hiss, could it be~

     An extremely exciting thought, agree by chance, rose up in everyone's hearts.

     Heartbreak sounded in the Holy Spirit Square, popping into a piece.

     "Oh no, brother fairy, you can't do this!"

     "Big Brother Fairy, I love you so much, how can you like him!"

     "Men will not be blessed by anyone, you are not true love!"

     "Smelly pervert, get away, stay away from my brother fairy, don't allow you to bend him!"


     Hearing the screams of many female fans behind him shout oneself hoarse.

     The corner of Shen Tian's mouth twitched slightly.

     Who is the man?

     Your Highness will obviously okay until I have no friends!

     And Qin Gao, your eyes are not right!

     Followed my Highness so many days.

     My sexual orientation is normal and not normal, don’t you still know?

     Shen Tian felt that his heart was so tired!

     "Leave me quiet!"

     Shen Tian loudly shouted and took the little Lingxian into his arms domineeringly.

     Then, he untied the strap of the little Lingxian's hair.

     The ink-like green silk suddenly fell down.

     At this moment, Xiao Lingxian's disguise technique finally broke.

     Everyone in the Holy Spirit Workshop recognized her identity."I went, it was a little spirit fairy (of a woman) to dress as a man!"

     "It's amazing. I wouldn't recognize her unless she untied her hair."

     "Little Lingxian (of a woman) to dress as a man, what is their relationship with the fairy master?"

     "Hey, hey, you haven't heard of it, did the little Lingxian talk to the master a few days ago?"

     "I heard my neighbour's cousin's brother-in-law said that they are okay~"


     For a time, a happy gossip atmosphere enveloped the entire Holy Spirit Workshop.

     Feeling the envy, jealousy, and questioning gaze from all around.

     Little Lingxian said not the slightest pressure, she only feels deep happiness now.

     Brother Shen actually took people into his arms, and made people appear in the public place with numerous people.

     Could it be that Brother Shen is not going to be secretive anymore, to show off our feelings?

     Thinking about it this way, it really makes people caught off guard a bit!

     After Shen Tian untied his hair band, he calmly looked at everyone.

     He said seriously: "First, the poor sexual orientation is normal."

     "Second, this man next to Pindao is not a man, but a little spirit fairy that you all know."

      come come!

     The next step is to confess to me domineeringly in front of everyone!

     Little Lingxian felt that at this time, his heartbeat was faster and faster than ever.


     Finally, Shen Tian spoke again.

     "Thirdly, the relationship between Pindao and Ling'er girl is innocent, and she has absolutely no thoughts about Linger girl.

     "At this point, Pindao is willing to swear by his own teacher!""Please stop spreading falsehoods."

      if thrown on the floor, it will make a sound After saying these three sentences, Shen Tian feels that he feels comfortable.

     Really, how come there are so many gossiping people in the world of immortality?

     The Linger girl is still unmarried maiden!

     If you spread rumors like this, how can they get married in the future?

     Fortunately, my Highness was witty and promptly rejected the rumors in front of everyone.

      Thought until here, he let go of the little Lingxian: "No thanks, this is what I should do."

     Xiaolingxian#: "???"

     So you righteousnessly said so much, just to tell my old lady!

     You don’t have any thoughts about this girl?


     特么#Thank you!


      at the same time, the distant Taibai cave sky.

      In the garden of birdsong and fragrant flowers, a girl in a white skirt is watering.

     The girl looks pure, with a round face with naive and innocent that people can't help but like.

     The most special thing is that the girl still has a bunch of dull hair on top of her head.

     When the girl hummed softly, the dumb hair was still playing.

     "La la la, la la la, little gourd, you are about to sprout."

     "Sprout and grow up early, and I will take you to find Dad."

     "Snee! Snee! Ah~snee~"

     Suddenly, the girl sneezed several times in a row.

     The dull hair on his head also straightened up suddenly.

     "How come it's so easy, suddenly sneezing?"

     "Could it be that Brother Shen is thinking of me? Hey, he must be thinking of me!""It's not right! I'm not with Brother Shen, what if he encounters danger on the road?"

     "No, I can't continue to stay in the cave, I want to run away from home!"

     "Sneak out, and then take Shen Lang back to Dongtian to propose marriage."

     "As long as the speed is fast enough, Daddy can't discover!"

      Thought until here, the girl couldn't help but like her wit.

     "But if I go, what will Huer do?"

     Seeing the Seven Treasure Fairy Gourd Seed with a small sprout from the soil, the girl was embarrassed.

     After all, this was the crystallization of the love she had agreed with Brother Shen!

     It's just budding now, just leave it alone.

     What if Ya'er stops when she comes back?

     "Yes, I will take Hu'er with me too, won't it be fine!"

      Thought until here, the girl glanced at the potted nine-leaf gladioli planted by her father.

     She grabbed the nine-leaf sword orchid inside and planted it in the ground nearby.

     Then dig out the cautious and solemn of the Qibaoxian gourd and gently plant it into the pot.

     After all this, the girl slipped out of the garden with the potted plant.

     Brother Shen, Lian'er is looking for you! ! !


     the other side.

     Shen Tian swears by his own sect and finally convinced everyone.

     After all, in the world of cultivating immortals, it is still very serious for Nazongmen to swear.

     Suddenly, the discussion around was much quieter.

     However, in Shen Tian's ear, Jiuer's difficult to suppress excitement sounded.

     "Master, I felt a strong resentment.""The very pure resentment is on Girl Ling'er."

     "It smells so good! Can Jiuer take a little bit?"


     Shen Tian patted the rosary: "To stop grievances requires persistence. Don't give up halfway."

      Thought until here, Shen Tian was worried glanced at Xiaolingxian.

     Speaking of it, it wasn't the first time that Ling'er had resentment.

     Could it be that the guy named Black Blood really left behind?

     The problem is that there is nothing wrong with my Highness!

     Oh, damn cult monk!


     "The other two spirit stones, we don't want them."

     Little Lingxian chose 3 spirit ores, but Shen Tian saw it in the little Lingxian's chance screen.

     Only the spiritual ore shaped like a cucumber is the destined opportunity of the little spirit.

     Shen Tian did not see the other two spirit minerals in the screen.

     Therefore, he couldn't judge whether there was anything in the two spirit minerals.

     At this time, the five destined people in the Holy Spirit Workshop had all opened mines.

     Shen Tian looked at the remaining 15 people who were predestined and found that 4 of them were in Tianlingxuan.

     Not to mention, it is indeed one of the best spiritual mines in Wanlingyuan.

     Shen Tian led the destined person, grandiose walked towards Tianlingxuan.

     But what Shen Tian didn't expect was that he had not yet reached the door of Tianlingxuan.

     He saw Tian Lingxuan Song's shopkeeper, standing at the door wearing a bright red wedding dress.

     There are big red banners on both sides of the store: Those who are destined don't get a cent, and those who are not destined don't count as ten thousand dollars.And under the signboard of Tianlingxuan's store, there is also a big red banner hung.

     "Welcome to Immortal Master Shen Aotian, come to our store to find spirits and mines!"

     Shopkeeper Song stood at the gate reverent and respectful and saw Shen Tianhou eyes shined.

     He trot to the front of Shen Tian, bowed slightly with respect.

     "Master, you are finally here, the old man wants to die of you!"

     Suddenly, Shen Tian was stunned.
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