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49 Witty One Song Shopkeeper
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

The best artifact!

     It turned out another superb magic weapon!

     In Tianlingxuan, the crowd around the audience was shocked!

     "Blessed God, this hammer looks so powerful!"

     "Hammer thunders and purple golden light, the power is so powerful that you can't help but tremble."

     "In my opinion, the value of this purple gold hammer is probably higher than that of the Huang Yuchai."


     In the eyes of many destined people, it is look of envying.

     Although the spirit ore that the fairy master chose for them also exploded.

     But with the value of this thundering purple golden hammer, there is no way to compare.

     Shopkeeper Song was able to break into such a big family business in Wanling Garden, and he really had the ability.

     I knew I would hang a set of couplets at the door, and I would wait hand and foot with the fairy.

     You can let the fairy master help you find the world-shaking magic weapon.

     What they say they have to hire a team of people to beat the gongs and drums to blow the snails for the fairy master!

     Hey, I blame myself for being too shy and unable to let go like the treasurer Song.

     Otherwise, isn't it the one who gets this thundering purple golden hammer now?

     One thought until here, the destined people around immediately beat one's chest and stamp one's feet.

     Secretly swear in my heart, next time you must be perfect sth that is already outstanding!

     Strive to shoot the fairy fart to the most comfortable level!


     Seeing shopkeeper Song stared at Zijin Hammer in shock and obsession.

     The eyeballs of the destined person Yi moved slightly, and he walked around to treasurer Song.

     "Treasurer Song, are you planning to install the magic weapon directly and keep it for yourself?"

     Shopkeeper Song recover his wits, looking thoughtful and said: "Thank you Daoyou for reminding, the old people understand.""The old man will go to find a fellow Taoist later, go through the formalities for joining the teacher and join the teacher."

     "The value of this Zijin Hammer is naturally half that of Immortal Aotian."

     Destined person Yi has an expression of admiration on his face, he is indeed the treasurer of Song!

     In the past few days, he has been busy persuading the destined to give 50% benefits to the fairy master.

     But everyone who is predestined has to spend some time and words, and only after carefully stating the pros and cons can they be willing.

     Only treasurer Song, he just clicked for a moment, and instantly understood everything.

     No wonder how many people can be killed by this EQ in seconds!


     Destined Person B watched Shopkeeper Song walking towards Shen Tian, his eyes filled with I'm not alone.

     Shopkeeper Song picked up the purple gold hammer on the ground and tasted it carefully.

     Yes, it is indeed the best product rarely seen on the market.

     This purple gold hammer is engraved with the mysterious thunder formation inscription.

     As long as the spirit weapon is injected, the formation can be stimulated to release powerful lightning.

     If Shopkeeper Song was right, this purple gold hammer should have been a spiritual weapon.

     It's just that it has been sealed in the spirit ore for too long, so the source is missing, and it has fallen to the rank.

     If there is a powerful thunder attribute monk with pure thunder attribute aura.

     Presumably if given time, and not without the opportunity to re-promote the spirit weapon.

     If shopkeeper Song were to evaluate this purple gold hammer, at least 300,000 spirit stones would be required!

     Shen Tian lightly smiled and said, "How about Shopkeeper Song, it didn't disappoint you!"

     Shopkeeper Song's eyes moved slightly, and he smiled and said, "Isn't there any, Immortal Master is really amazing.""This purple gold hammer is quite extraordinary. According to the old man, it is worth at least 10,000 spiritual stones."


     As soon as Shopkeeper Song said the words, the brows of the people around him frowned.

     This superb magic weapon that exudes thundering purple golden light all over, you say it's only worth ten thousand spiritual stones?

     Shopkeeper, do you know what happened to the last shopkeeper who held down prices in front of the fairy master?

     Destined Person B and Destined Person A looked at the treasurer Song and couldn't help but sighed.

     I thought Shopkeeper Song was a smart person, but now it seems...


     Sure enough, Shopkeeper Song still couldn't resist the temptation!

     Shen Tian didn't care about Song's quotation.

     Anyway, he helped people find the spirit and cut off the mine, and he didn't intend to receive much benefit.

     As long as there is less and less black air on the head, it will do.


     In fact, the main thing is that Shen Tian doesn't know how much this thing is worth.

     After all, as an unlucky one from childhood to big, Shen Tian is daily poor.

     I have never used such advanced equipment before, how can it be an accurate estimate?

     He smiled and said, "10,000 Lingshi is not bad, at least it didn't make Shopkeeper Song lose money!"

     Shopkeeper Song hurriedly said: "Where is the fairy teacher? The ore sells for 500 spirit stones, and the price of 10,000 has been increased by 20 times. How can it be will lose money!"

      Pausing, shopkeeper Song showed an embarrassed expression on his face.

     He looked at Shen Tian and said: "Originally, the old man should have allocated 5000 spiritual stones to the immortal master, but the store has recently purchased too much, and there is really no working funds."

     As soon as the treasurer Song came out, all the destined people around him suddenly showed a look of anger.

     ...How can this be!

     The immortal master said that those who are destined don't take any money.

     You really don't want to give it, don't give it!

     No one will force you to pay!

     What reason are you looking for!

     The shop has recently purchased too much.

     It is really not how many working funds.

     You dignified Tianlingxuan, so big Lingkuangfang.

     Tell me you can't take out the mere 5,000 spiritual stones?

     What's more, fools are able to discern, this purple gold hammer is very valuable.

     If you really want to sell it to thunder cultivators, 200,000~300,000 spiritual stones are lightly and easily.

     You estimated the price of a 10,000 spiritual stones. Are you trying to fool the ghost?

     It's like being a bitch and wanting to set up a chastity memorial, so shameless!

     Just when many people were to sharpen one's sword, preparing to fight the injustice for the fairy master.

     Shopkeeper Song spoke again: "Why don't it be like this, Zijin Hammer is estimated to be sold to the fairy master at 10,000.

     After deducting 50% of the hard work of the immortal master to find spirits for the elders, that is, 5000 spirit stones.

      In other words, the immortal master gave the old 5,000 spiritual stones, this purple gold hammer is yours.

     There are not enough spirit stones in the store, and the old can only come up with this compromise.

     If the immortal master doesn't have enough spirit stones, it's okay to owe it.

     I don’t know if you think there is something wrong with this old proposal? "




     When the treasurer of Song finished speaking.

     The destined person A is kneeling, and the destined person B is kneeling.

     Xiong Meng knelt, and all the destined people around knelt.

     Damn it!

     Shopkeeper Song, you deserve to be Shopkeeper Song!With you, wait here!

     Obviously it is a superb artifact worth 300,000 yuan.

     According to the five to five points, you can at least divide 150,000 spirit stones!

     It's better now, you directly estimate the price of 10,000, and then sell it after discounting 5,000!

     In this wave of bribery and gifting, you can really do where water flows, a canal is formed wonderful workmanship!

     With this set of tricks down, why not enduring while the world lasts?

      has to say, at this moment even the destined person B can't help prostrate oneself in worship.

     I thought he was on the third floor, and the other destined people were on the second floor.

     And the greedy shopkeeper Song who obstinately persist in going about things the wrong way is still on the first floor.

     It seems that they have already reached the ninth floor!

     Idol, shopkeeper Song, you are simply my idol!

     This operation is so witty!


     On the other side, Shen Tian was also stunned.

     Frankly speaking, he doesn't really know how much this hammer is worth.

     But judging from the appearance, it's not too bad!

     Shen Tian took the Zijin Hammer and slowly clenched his right arm.


     This amount is heavy!

     Hold it in your hand and feel like a thief!

     If you add First Primordial Heavy Water to your head again, you can properly smash the walnut weapon!

      Thought until here, Shen Tian looked at the treasurer Song.

     "Okay, I like this Zijin Hammer."

     "Since shopkeeper Song doesn't have enough working funds in his hands, I want to sell them for spiritual stones."

     "Then you can buy it!"

     "However, Pang Dao said before that people who are predestined don't take a penny, and 5000 Lingshi is still forgotten."Ten thousand, ten thousand spirit stones, Xiang Dao bought this purple gold hammer."

     "In this way, shopkeeper Song will not suffer."

     "What do you think?"
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