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51 This Highness Is Really The Sixth Prince!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

"His Royal Highness is the sixth prince of the Great Yan Kingdom, Shen Ao. This time he is here to select gifts for Master."

     "Seeing that you have just been crowded, business must be good, so come and have a look."

     As soon as Shen Ao finished speaking, he saw shopkeeper Song staring at oneself with an odd expression.

     "Why... What happened? Is there any thing on my Highness's face?"

     Shopkeeper Song recovered his wits with a very bright smile.

     "If the old man heard you right, you just said that you are the sixth prince of the Great Yan Kingdom..."

     "His Royal Highness Shen Ao???"

     Shen Ao was slightly surprised: "What's wrong, doesn't your Highness look like a prince?"

     Shopkeeper Song smiled: "This is naturally not, it's just empty words..."

     Shen Ao's face sank slightly, and he coldly snorted: "If you go down the hall, you won't change your name or your family name."

     "Moreover, I have already visited Daoist Ziyang in the Taibai Cave. Who dares to fake my name?"


     Shen Ao was very upset.

     He is a once-in-a-hundred-year-old genius of the Great Yan Kingdom.

     And now it has successfully broken through the foundation-building period, and worshipping into the sky of Taibai Cave is just in sight.

     As long as he succeeds in apprenticeship, he enters the top Taibai Cave among 36 Cave Heavens to learn art.

      If given time, Golden Core Great Dao is simply within reach for Shen Ao.

     Even if the broken pill becomes an infant, it is not impossible to become a master of Yuan Ying!

     He is the Heaven's Chosen Child who is destined to fish leaping over the dragon gate.

     The shopkeeper of a ling mine workshop dared to question that he was a fake.

     Ha ha, in this entire Great Yan Nation, are there anyone who doesn't have eyes that dare to fake his Highness?Shen Ao took out a golden token from his arms and displayed it in front of Shopkeeper Song.

     The whole body of this token is made of gold, with a five-clawed red dragon tattooed on the front with spiritual gold.

     Chilong bare fangs and brandish claws exudes a powerful flame spiritual power through spiritual gold.

     Shopkeeper Song brows slightly wrinkled: "Can you let the old man take a closer look?"


     Shen Ao became more and more uncomfortable: "How can the royal token be fake?"

     He coldly snorted and smashed the token on the cabinet: "Huh, look at it!"

     The treasurer Song nodded began to examine the token carefully.

     "Hey, this workmanship, this carving technique, it's a real imitation!"

     The corner of Shen Ao's mouth twitched slightly: "what are you saying?"

     Shopkeeper Song coughed: "Ahem, I said this token is indeed true."

     Shen Ao took back the token: "Huh, it's good to know, it's really disappointing!"

     After speaking, Shen Ao turned and walked outside the door.

     Where can I go to mine for spirit stones?

     The shopkeeper in this shop, weird and incomprehensible, also doubted his identity.

     Shen Ao said that he had never been so wronged in his life.

     From now on, this spirit mine will be dark all his life!


     Seeing Shen Ao turning around to leave, shopkeeper Song suddenly became anxious.

     He hurriedly stopped in front of Shen Ao and said with a smile: "His Royal Highness, don't be angry!"

     Shen Ao sneered: "Haha, my Highness is not angry, just remembers you."

     Shopkeeper Song quickly apologized: "I'm sorry, but the old man is too cautious."

     "Frankly, His Royal Highness Shen Ao is the pride of Great Yan Nation and an old idol.""The old man has always admired the Six His Highness the Imperial Prince very much, so seeing you claiming to be the Six His Highness the Imperial Prince, it’s hard to believe."

     Hearing this, the original sneer on Shen Ao's face gradually warmed up.

     He smiled, said: "Oh? Then you mean, why do you worship the Sixth Prince?"

     Shopkeeper Song said: "As everyone knows, Six His Highness the Imperial Prince Shen Ao Heaven-blessed genius, the talent for cultivating immortals is a once-in-a-century experience in the Great Yan Kingdom!

      In addition, he was still alive with a pair of insightful eyes, and he was very good at finding spirits and breaking mines.

     But any spirit ore passing through his eyes can see through the reality in an instant.

     It really can be said to be a peerless stranger in the world of seeking souls~! "


     Listening to treasurer Song's words, Shen Ao's smile became more gentle.

     Unexpectedly, the prestige of my Highness is already like thunder piercing the ear in Wanling Garden.

     You must know that those who can mix in the Garden of All Souls are rich and powerful top characters.

      Otherwise, it is impossible to afford those spirit mines that use spirit stones as currency.

     Hearing the treasurer of Tianlingxuan in Wanling Garden, he flattered himself face to face.

     This can be compared to the praise of those little eunuchs in the palace, and there is a sense of accomplishment.

     But who is spreading rumor, my Highness is good at searching for spirits and breaking mines?

     My Highness has been focusing on Qi cultivation since he was a child. How can I have time to learn those things?

     But since this shopkeeper's misunderstanding, let him continue the misunderstanding!

     In this case, he will not dare to cheat me anymore later!

     With wishful thinking in his heart, Shen Ao shook the head modestly.

     "You're too kind, my Highness only knows a little about Xunling and Broken Mine."...

     Shopkeeper Song lightly smiled and said: "It's really not right to be rude to His Highness just now."

     "Let's do it! The spirit ore outside is really not on the table."

     "His Royal Highness, please follow me into the inner hall, and your Highness, please drink a cup of apocalypse tea."

     "Then the old man took out the top-grade minerals he had kept for many years."

     "His Royal Highness can choose any of them as an apologize for the old behavior."

     "I don't know what your Highness thinks, how?"

     Enter the inner hall to drink a cup of apologizing tea, and then choose a collection at will as a gift?

     Fortunately, anyway, I have to pick a treasure for Master Ziyang as the apprenticeship.

     Since this shopkeeper is a fan of my Highness, he rushes to give the treasure.

     That highness it would be disrespectful to decline, you're welcome!

     "You're welcome, what a shame!"

     Shen Ao walked back from the door, and smiled helplessly.

     "The stinky boy is looking out for the store, and for the father, he must treat your highness well."

     Shopkeeper Song handed over the affairs of Tian Lingxuan to his son, and led Shen Ao to the inner hall.


     The tea mist is full, and the elegant room produces fragrance.

     Shopkeeper Song slowly poured tea on Shen Ao.

     Shen Ao sniffed lightly and said with a smile: "Biluo Peak's excellent green tea."

     Shopkeeper Song gave a thumbs up: "His Royal Highness is indeed a master of tea ceremony, admire it!"

     Shen Ao will drain the cup in one gulp: "The treasurer, you said treasure!"

     Shopkeeper Song's mouth raised slightly: "His Royal Highness, don't worry, wait, wait."

     Shen Ao was stunned: "Could it be that the collection will only be available in auspicious time?""His Royal Highness, don't worry, count on dozens with Lao Yu."

     "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five..."

     Shopkeeper Song smiled on face, gradually indifferent.

     Shen Ao complexion slightly changed, he suddenly felt a little dizzy.

     At this moment, he seemed to think of something, complexion big change.

     "Hey! You profiteer, you actually poisoned tea!"

     Shopkeeper Song took out a leather whip and a bundle of twine, sneered.

     "Where is the ugly kid with yellow hair, dare to pretend to be Master Immortal!"

     "That token is so fake that I almost didn't recognize it!"

     "If it hadn't been for the old, I would have been fortunate to have admired the masterful beauty of the fairy master."

     "This time I was almost fooled by you and took you seriously!"

     "Come here, hang up this ugly and yellow hair to the old man!"

     "The old man must be tortured and interrogated."

     "Why fake six His Highness the Imperial Prince!"

     "Are there any accomplices around!"


     Shen Ao felt his head heavier and heavier.

     Before his consciousness disappeared, there was only one thought left in his mind.

     This Highness is really the Sixth Prince Shen Ao!
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