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52 Pure Golden Halo, So Dazzling!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

"Don't talk or talk, talk or talk!"

     A cross stands in the dim basement.

     On this cross, a man in brocade clothes was tied.

     His face was full of slap prints, and his forehead was knocked all over.

     The treasurer Song Shao held the whip in his hand, standing proudly in front of the man.

     From time to time, he slapped the man in Jin Yi, or his brain broke.

     "Hehe, I don't know the immensity of heaven and earth."

     "Dare to come to me and pretend to be His Royal Highness Shen Ao."

     "I didn't expect it! Xiaoye once met His Royal Highness Shen Ao."

     "Furthermore, he fought against His Highness Shen Ao for three hundred rounds unable to determine victory or defeat."

     "His Royal Highness's peerless spiritual arts, the beauty of the world is unique and unmatched."

     "His temperament, can you pretend to be a little turtle?"

     "I advise you to recruit as soon as possible! Avoid physical pain."

     While talking, Song Shao's shopkeeper happily moved his hands.

     Sometimes he gave Shen Ao a head and slapped backhand.

     Don't tell me, treat this kid as fat as a stupid son.

     This bold and unrestrained feeling is really refreshing.

     At this moment, Song Shao's shopkeeper gradually understood his father's happiness.

     No wonder the old guy always scolded the little master for being stupid, and beat the little master on me.

     It turned out that the feeling of beating my son in idleness was so pleasant.

     Song Shao's treasurer suddenly had a bold idea.

     I don't know, if this guy is changed into father's clothes.

     Yi Rongcheng Dad, will it be better to fight!...

     "Little turtle calf, how is it going?"

     When the treasurer Song Shao was indulge in fantasy, the voice of the treasurer Song rang out of the basement.

     Suddenly, Song Shao was so scared that the treasurer tingling sensation, with a guilty face, retreated to the side.

     "That dad, I tortured this kid for a full hour."

     "But this kid's mouth is so hard that he didn't say a word."

     Shopkeeper Song glanced at Shen Ao's undamaged clothes.

     Then he looked at the palm print and brain collapse on Shen Ao's face.

     He looked at Song Shao's shopkeeper, his expression gradually becoming angry.

     "I didn't draw a whip, slammed my mouth and knocked my head. This is called torture?"

     The treasurer Song Shao said aggrieved: "People have followed you since they were young, and they have never interrogated any prisoners!"

     "Things that are not promising," Shopkeeper Song snorted coldly, "Give me the whip!"

     Taking the whip from his son, the treasurer Song takes a deep breath.

     To be honest, this torture was also the first time he was tortured.

     Indeed, it is not particularly experienced!

     After thinking about it, Shopkeeper Song hummed: "The old man will give you one last chance."

     "Little thief, be frank! Otherwise, this whip doesn't have eyes."

     Shen Ao's swollen face was full of resentment.

     At this moment he looked helpless, pitiful, and pitiful, as if he could speak.

     The treasurer Song, whose IQ and EQ are far superior to his stupid son, understood his eyes.



     Shopkeeper Song just slapped his backhand and slapped the shopkeeper."Father, I painstakingly help you interrogate him, why are you beating me again!"

     Song Shao's shopkeeper is angry, even if you are my father, you can't take pleasure in beating me!

     Believe it or not, I will go back and pierce a scarecrow outside, put on your clothes and get a needle every day?

     Shopkeeper Song's face full of black lines, pointing to Shen Ao, who kept making a sound of "uuuuu".

     "Little turtle calf, who have you ever seen someone interrogate and seal their mouths?"

     Listening to the anger of own father, Song Shao's shopkeeper was dumbfounded.

     He looked at the cross, but saw the brother on the cross crying.

     From the tears of the brother, he saw grievances, grief and anger, grievances, and relief.

     Someone finally spoke a fair word for my Highness, you bastard.

     Always ask me if I can tell, if I can tell, if I can tell, if I can tell!

     What are you doing to untie the forbidden talisman in my mouth!

     Silence, let me confess to you and be lenient?

     Your Highness Tanyima is white!


     "Ahem, sorry bro."

     "Well, there is no experience in the first interrogation."

     The treasurer Song Shao scratched his head, only feeling that his old face was hot.

     He wouldn't admit that he was so happy because of his slap.

     For a while, I forgot the purpose of the interrogation, and then Shen Ao didn't solve the forbidden spell!

     And who invented this forbidden spell, put it on his mouth completely unable to discern, okay!

     Looking at the innocent face of treasurer Song Shao and treasurer Song, Shen Ao burst into tears.

     He was wrong, he should not be anxious to come to the Garden of All Souls from the very beginning.When the 13th brother came to his palace and took Qin Gao away.

     He should replace all court ladies and eunuchs.

     Especially the little plum in direct contact.

     I blame the difference of my Highness.

      still not enough Be careful!


     The words are divided into two ends.

     "Snee! Snee!"

     After a busy day, Shen Tian returned to the inn and began to prepare for cultivation.

     Suddenly, he sneezed again.

     Shen Tian couldn't help but feel helpless, which girl is thinking of me?

     Since crossing, he has a magnificent beauty and has become a fairy master in the Garden of All Souls.

     Shen Tian was always thinking of other people.

     Especially those fanatical girls, who are surrounded by them every day.

     Everyone clamored to give Shen Tiansheng the monkey, and couldn't drive away no matter what.

     In this regard, Shen Tian really felt troubled.

     If it wasn't for the sake of whitewashing, get rid of this moldy halo.

     Shen Tian had already left the Wanling Garden to find a quiet place and practiced.

     After all, this world of immortal cultivation is dangerous everywhere, and it is safe to go out of the mountain during the Mahayana period.

     Shen Tian is currently not short of cultivation resource, and honestly does not want to be too high-profile.

     After all, throughout so many novels, the protagonists are all pretending to commit crimes.

     Shen Tian always felt that his performance in this period of time was too high-profile.

      If one day, a protagonist of destiny pops up, what should I do if I sacrifice myself to heaven?

     In the past life, I will go back to my mouth. If you really cross into the realm of cultivation, it is better not to be too waves.

     Going out with wretched development, waiting for Unmatched Under the Heaven to come out again, isn't he fragrant?

     ...Putting away the distracting thoughts in his heart, Shen Tian took out the rosary in his arms.

     Jiu'er had been absorbing the spirit stone when Shen Tian helped the destined person to find the spirit to break the mine.

     At this time, the crack on the rosary was already recovered a little.

     Although the cracked place is far from healed.

     But it's better than before.

     "The bag of spirit stones is soaked up, so fast!"

     Shen Tian looked at the debris in the bag.

     Can't help but suffer shook the head with a smile.

     Fortunately, his small vault still has some savings.

     Otherwise, this female ghost would really be a little unaffordable.

     Take out a bag of spirit stones from Cangming Ring and put the rosary beads in it.

     Suddenly, Jiu'er, who was already hungry and thirsty, began to suck frantically.


     Suddenly, Jiuer seemed to perceive something.

     She stopped to absorb the spirit stone, panic and fear on her ghost face.

     "Master, I feel a terrifying aura approaching!"

     Jiu'er's soul body drifted without a resting place, obviously terrified.

     Shen Tian's expression also changed: "Could it be that someone from the evil spirits came to the door?"

      Thought until here, Shen Tian quickly took out the sword master order from his arms.


     The door of Shen Tian's room was pushed open.

     A whole body exuding golden rays of light, a halo more dazzling than the sun, appeared in front of Shen Tian.

     At this moment, Shen Tian even felt a bit tingling in his eyes.

      so powerful's light of luck! ! !
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