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53 Isn't This Female Ghost Super?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

This is a woman.

     She is wearing bright silver armor and a white tiger cloak on her shoulders, looking valiant and formidable-looking.

     Wearing a scarlet phoenix feather mask on his face, he exudes an extremely mysterious and abstruse rhyme, making it difficult to see his face clearly.

     However, the tight armor cloak completely outlines its golden proportion figure.

     The exposed slender hands and neck are as white and tender as a fairy skin.

     Even if he can't see his face clearly, just this one is dressed and sassy and heroic.

     Shen Tian can determine that this female face is absolutely capable of causing the downfall of a city or state.

     Want to come, never under the little spirit fairy.


     What shocked Shen Tian even more was the halo on the top of this woman's head.

     The halo on the top of the woman's head was golden, exuding an extremely bright dazzling brilliance.

     Except for some small red dots, this is almost pure Golden Halo!

      It should be noted, even after Xiao Lingxian got the core inheritance of Shenshui Lingzun.

     Her red halo was only upgraded to a golden edge.

     The halo of the woman in front of her was almost pure golden.

     Its great luck and high status are simply unimaginable!

     However, this woman did not seem to be very friendly.

     Because after she appeared, the entire room was enveloped by huge pressure.

     The woman walked into the room step by step, her eyes slowly falling on the rosary on the side.

     Sure enough, it is the devoid of conscience evil magic weapon that Evil Spirit Cult likes to refine!

     This so-called cult leader is also a cult person!

     Thinking of this, her stern eyes instantly locked onto Shen Tian.Then, gradually became confused and relaxed.


     It shouldn't be!

     The evil spirits absorb blood essence, resentment, and evil spirits to practice.

     The general temperament is extremely vicious, cold, and uncomfortable.

      This one young man is full of vitality and blood, and his breath is solid.

     In addition, its temperament is so refined that it doesn't look like the demon of evil spirits!

     Besides, the evil spirits teach, how can they be willing to use spirit stones to support evil treasures?

     Come to think of it, this should be a misunderstanding!

      Thought until here, the woman slowly dissipated the coercion.

     The Jindan law domain that originally sealed this room was slowly withdrawn.

     The woman cupped his hands towards Shen Tian, her voice indifferent: "Hello fellow Taoist."

     "I am Zhang Yunxi, the saint of Shenxiao Holy Land. I heard that there are traces of evil spirits in the Wanling Garden."

     "Therefore, I came to investigate before that this nine-child ghost mother rosary is a high-level magic weapon of evil spirits."

     "Please explain to me, why is it in your hands?"

     Although the woman's attitude was cold and indifferent, Shen Tian felt very relieved.

     After all, this is the first woman he has seen so far, who ignores his appearance.

     And in accordance with normal novel routines, Shen Tian held the Nine Sons and Ghost Mother Rosary in his hand.

     When hit by someone from Righteous Sect, he will definitely not distinguishing red-green or black-white.

     This woman was not so reckless, but asked carefully.

     Shen Tian appreciates this calm and dignified character.

     It was this woman's name that made Shen Tian want to laugh.

     Zhang Yunxi, the saint of Shenxiao Holy Land?

     Does she have an older brother?Is it Zhang Yunlei?


     Shen Tian sat down slowly and took the rosary to Zhang Yunxi.

     Then, I talked about what happened before the cliff a few days ago.

     "The three law enforcement captains can testify for me about the attack by the black blood real person."

     "The damaged cracks on the rosary of the Jiuziguimu mother are still there. If you don't believe it, fairies can take it."

     "Pan Daokou's words and sentences are true and can be verified by the fairy at any time."

     Shen Tian's cooperative attitude slowly dissipated the doubt in Zhang Yunxi's heart.

     Of course, Shen Tian’s rhetoric, specifically whether it is true or false.

     She had to check with the three captains.

     She Zhang Yunxi is not a idiot who can't walk when she meets a handsome man.

     Even though this one is indeed handsome, but if it really proves to be related to the evil spirits.

     Zhang Yunxi will definitely bring him to justice and take him back to the Holy Land for interrogation.

     Of course, the ugly ones may directly execute on the spot.


     It is rare to encounter a saint from the Holy Land, Shen Tian felt that he could not miss this opportunity.

     He looked at Zhang Yunxi sincerely: "Fairy, there is a presumptuous request for Pan Dao."

     Zhang Yunxi brows slightly wrinkled, she is not a troublesome person.

     But when she looked at Shen Tian, she saw sincerity on his face.

     In the end, Zhang Yunxi nodded helplessly.

     "Go ahead! As long as it's not excessive, I can consider it."

     Shen Tian was overjoyed and said, "Can the fairy help me save these ghost babies?"

     In addition to the ghost mother of Jiu'er, there are hundreds of ghost babies in the rosary.These ghosts and infants have been refined by evil methods, and it would be extremely difficult to reincarnate without the eminent monk's immortal way.

     Shen Tian doesn't know any Salvation Magecraft at all, and can only ask Zhang Yunxi for help.

     Zhang Yunxi was slightly surprised, she thought Shen Tian wanted to ask for anything!

     Unexpectedly, this a presumptuous request turned out to be for the ghost infant.


     We must know that in the world of immortal cultivation where the weak are prey to the strong, human sentiment is weak.

     Many so-called Righteous Sects are just for hunting the demon pill to refine medicine.

     Eliminating demons is just to eliminate dissidents and consolidate the status of the sect.

     Even if most cultivators kill the evil spirit cultivators, they will only destroy evil treasures.

     Some monks even sell evil treasures to the black market in exchange for cultivation resources.

     Only Top Sects such as Thunder Sound Holy Land and God’s Holy Land inherit Salvation Magecraft.

     When his disciples encounter evil treasures, they will consider spending more energy to save themselves.

     And even so, many disciples will choose pay no heed to.

     After all, Salvation of Departed Spirit consumes a lot of spiritual power.

     There are not enough resources in the world of cultivation, and many people do not have enough cultivation resources.

     How can there be so many, used to supersede some irrelevant people?

     Zhang Yunxi was already quite surprised when she saw that Shen Tian used spiritual stones to raise her rosary beads.

     Now that she heard that Shen Tian didn't know how to Law of Salvation, she was even more surprised.

     "You won't reduce spells? Then why do you leave this rosary?"

     Doesn't save the spell, but keeps the nine sons and ghost mother by his side.

      In general, there are only three results.The first one is to take the nine sons and ghost mothers to slaughter ordinary people, and provide them with resentment, evil spirits and blood.

     The second type, like Shen Tian, uses a large amount of spiritual stones to support this rosary every day.

     The third type, neither of which can be provided. When the ghost mother and ghost infant in the rosary are hungry, they will eventually be eroded by the ferocious thoughts and bite the master.

     Regardless of the three results, they are all arduous and thankless tasks.

      This one doesn’t look like a fool either!

     Listening to Zhang Yunxi's question, Shen Tian was stunned.

     "Girl Jiu'er and these children are trapped in rosary beads and cannot be superborn."

     "Pan Dao left this string of rosary beads and nurtured them with spirit stones first."

     "Fairy thinks, is there anything wrong with this?"

     As a young man receiving quality education in the 21st century, Shen Tian feels that what he did is right!

     How do you feel that this saint looking at her expression is a bit like looking at a fool!

     Zhang Yunxi smiled and shook her head, with a trace of admiration in her eyes.

     "Naturally there is nothing wrong with Daoist Gao Yi, Yun Xi admires it."

     "Yun Xi knows some Salvation Magecraft, which can help you supersede these ghost babies."

     "It's just that Yun Xi has a question, and I also hope that fellow Taoists can give me advice."

     Shen Tian was overjoyed: "As long as the fairy is willing to help, just ask."

     Zhang Yunxi stared at Shen Tian with scorching eyes, and asked: "Why do fellow Daoists only say that Yunxi should help them, so as to save the ghost infant."

     "This female ghost seems to have more grievances."

     "Aren't you going to overdo it?"
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