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54 Holy Land Of Gods, White Tiger Saint
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Zhang Yunxi’s words made Shen Tian slightly surprised.


     Almost into a misunderstanding of thinking!

     Jiu'er had been letting my Highness save those ghost babies before.

      In the course of time, my Highness has forgotten that Jiuer can also be saved.

     Looking at Jiu'er, who had soaked up half a bag of spirit stones in this short period of time.

     Shen Tian thought for a while, and felt that saving this female ghost together would save a lot of money.

     "Xie Xianzi reminded that if you don't say anything, Peng Dao almost forgot."

     "If it is possible, you can also save Jiuer!"

     When Shen Tian said this righteousnessly, he did not hesitate.

     And Zhang Yunxi has been carefully observing Shen Tian.

     She was observing whether Shen Tian hesitated.


     If he hesitated, it means that there is a ghost in his heart.

     Leaving the rosary of the nine sons and ghost mothers is not to say that it is coveting beauty.

     However, Shen Tian's performance greatly exceeded Zhang Yunxi's contrary to expectation.

     Shen Tian's eyes were very clear, without a trace of reluctance and obscenity.

     Suddenly, Zhang Yunxi feels deep veneration for sb to this one handsome man.

     It seems that the statement in this Garden of Souls does not seem to be false.

     Perhaps the person in front of him is really an expert!

     At least for now, his character is admirable!

     But at this moment, Jiu'er tearful quit.

     She knelt in front of Shen Tian erratic in her soul, complaining sadly.

     "No, Jiu'er doesn't want to transcend reincarnation, just want to stay with the master.""It was the master who saved Jiu'er from the black blood thief. Jiu'er's life belongs to the master."

     "If the master wants Jiu'er to accept super-duty, then Jiu'er would rather die the soul flies away and scatters now."


     Jiu'er's attitude stunned Zhang Yunxi.

     How could it be that Jiuziguimu Yuling would also be a nympho?

     Just because the new owner is much handsomer than the old one.

     You don’t even care about reborn by reincarnation, you want to follow him forever?

     And Shen Tian, at this time, felt speechless and helpless.

     Why do you get old girl, are you wronging me?

     How many spiritual stones do you smoke your Highness in a day, don't you have any points in your heart?

     Your Highness rescued you from the real black blood, you can't touch me!

     "Miss Jiu'er, you should follow the fairy to superb reincarnation!"

     Jiuer Xuanran wanted to cry: "Is the master abandoning Jiuer?"

     "Although Jiu'er looks like Pu Liu and is not worthy of the master, if the master is in trouble, Jiu'er can protect the master with his life."

     "Jiu'er, please master, don't abandon Jiu'er!"


     Looking at Jiu'er who begged Shen Tian, Zhang Yunxi sighed saying.

     "Unexpectedly, among the resentful spirits, there are still you who are so kind in return."

     "Never mind, you should leave Miss Jiu'er, Fellow Daoist!"

     "There are also a few Ghost Cultivation Methods in the Holy Land of My Gods."

     "When I'll overdo the ghost infant, I can pass it on to Girl Jiuer."

     "If the Jiu'er girl is diligent and hardworking, she will be blessed by her yin constitution."I think it won't be long before I can replace the resentment and blood qi with aura and change to the ghost way."

     "It's just that you must not do evil again in the future, otherwise you will turn into a ghost again."

     "My God Xiao is in charge of God Thunder, enforce justice on behalf of the Heaven, and will not forgive!"

     Zhang Yunxi's words immediately made Jiu'er very grateful.

     She repeatedly said: "No, Fairy Elder Sister's Da Eun Jiuer will remember."

     "Jiu'er will definitely practice devoutly in the future, accumulate virtue and do good, never dare to do evil!"

     Hearing Jiu'er's vowed words, Zhang Yunxi nodded with satisfaction.

     At the same time, her heart is also sighed in relief.



     Zhang Yunxi promised Jiu'er not to save her, and it wasn't just because she was moved.

     She is not too proficient because of the super-saving scriptures and wonderful methods of Shenxiao Holy Land.

     As a saint in the Holy Land of Gods, Zhang Yunxi believed in solving problems with absolute power since childhood.

     In the past, she had encountered evil spiritists and evil treasures, and she was usually physically supernatural.

     The remaining poor souls who needed salvation were handed over to her brother to save them.

     Everyone knows that the blue dragon, white tiger and golden unicorn in the Holy Land of Gods.

     The saint wearing a white tiger and bright armor is the most irritable!

     But the magical implement of Jiuziguimuzhu is very difficult to handle.

     If it was really handed over to Zhang Yunxi, she couldn't guarantee success.

     Especially for women born in yin day yin hour, grievances are the most difficult to overcome.

     Zhang Yunxi was not sure about trying to wash Jiu'er's grievances with external force.

     It's pretty much the same when replaced by brother Zhang Yunting or big brother Fang.Hey, why bother to agree to this guy!

     It's the most tiring thing!

     If I knew this time out of the mountain, I let my brother come together.

     Zhang Yunxi sighed silently, suspecting that she had just been possessed.

     Why baffling? I agreed to this guy's request!


     At this moment, the door of the house burst open.

     A big red shadow shot out, directly at Zhang Yunxi.

     "Your Highness is not afraid, the old slave has asked Xiao Gao to contact the law enforcement team elder."

     "The running dog of the evil spirits, don't want to hurt my highness!"

     "His Royal Highness, the old slave holds him, you go first!"

     While talking, Duke Gui had already hit several Hundred Dao Sword Qi.

     The purple sword light that hides the sky and covering the earth condenses into a weird sunflower.

      in the sky blossoms blooming, releasing a chilling spirit.

     "Sunflower sword qi, only the eighth-layer cultivator in the refining period."

     "So I can wield such a powerful sword aura."

     Zhang Yunxi looked at Father Gui indifferently, looking thoughtful in her eyes.

     "Interesting, could it be the inheritance of the undefeated Demon Venerable in the Eastern Wilds?"

     "It's a pity that your cultivation base, old man, is still far behind."


     As soon as the voice fell, the eyes under Feng Yu's mask were slightly cold.

     Zhang Yunxi suddenly burst into endless purple Red Thunderclap all over his body.

     In an instant, a white tiger surrounded by purple red lightning appeared behind Zhang Yunxi.

     Zhang Yunxi slowly stretched out her jade-like right hand and pinched both fingers forward.

      At the same time, the white tiger behind her also suddenly issued a roar.That tiger's mouth was completely overlapped with Zhang Yunxi's two fingers.


     In an instant, the sword light in the world was swept away.

     The purple feather soft sword in the hands of Grandpa Gui was firmly clamped by Zhang Yunxi.

     Even though Grandpa Gui frantically urged the spirit, he wanted to pull out the soft sword.

     However, Zhang Yunxi's two fingers remained motionless like a mountain.

     "For your eagerness to protect the Lord, forgive you once!"

     Zhang Yunxi bent the finger and shoot indifferently, and the thunder was shocked.

     When it was steep, the purple feather soft sword bought at a high price instantly shattered.

     One after another thunder power rushed into his body along Duke Gui's arm.

     In an instant, Grandpa Gui's hair stood up at the speed of visible to the naked eye.

     And his face quickly turned black in twitching, exuding a smell of meat.

     "Fairy start off leniently, this is a misunderstanding, Gui Bo is not malicious."

     Shen Tian quickly interceded, but Zhang Yunxi just said lightly.

     "I know, so he can still stand in front of me."

     After a word, Zhang Yunxi turned around indifferently to study the rosary.

     Shen Tian quickly lifted up the black face and exploded father Gui: "How do you feel?"

     Father Gui shook his head: "The old slave is fine, the old slave is just a little dizzy."

     Shen Tian not to know whether to laugh or cry: "This is the saint of the Holy Land of God, not a bad person."

     Father Gui eyes shined and smiled with relief.

     "What, did the saints of the Holy Land of Gods take the initiative to come to your Royal Highness room?"

     "His Royal Highness is really amazing, if Concubine Lan is aware of it..."

     " will definitely smile at Jiuquan!"
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