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55 Super Ghost Infant, Reborn Sutra
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

As soon as Duke Gui's voice fell, thunder light shot in.


     Looking at Duke Gui who was completely fainted by Zhang Yunxi's fill of a divine thunder.

     Shen Tian is somewhat grudgingly.

     Uncle Gui!

     You usually talk nonsense that's the end of it.

      this one Lord, but the holy woman of God's Heaven.

     The super boss with the golden leftover fighter halo on his head!

     Do you dare to spread rumors about her reputation in front of her.

     Hey, it's a limitless death!

      thought until here, Shen Tian said helplessly.

     "That, Fairy Yun Xi, Bo Gui has no ill will."

     Zhang Yunxi nodded indifferently: "I have no malice, those few thunders can't hurt him."

     "This old man practiced aggressively into the Japanese magical Scriptures, and has lost a lot of essence."

     "I just used the Jiamu Divine Thunder in the Five Thunders Zhengtian Art of the Holy Land of Gods."

     "Being smashed by my thunder a few more times is not harmful to this old man."

     After speaking, Zhang Yunxi made another note to Duke Gui.

     Suddenly, Duke Gui's old face became darker.


     Zhang Yunxi didn't know why she wanted to explain.

     According to her hot temper in the past, this old man dare to do something to her?

     She has to use her best White Tiger Yang Metal Thunder.

     Use the second best Suzaku Departing Fire Divine Thunder.

     This old man Leide scorched on the outside and tender on the inside.

     Let him know what it means to be a saint!

     However, Zhang Yunxi always felt that something was wrong with him today.

     I want to see the old man's eagerness to protect the Lord, so I feel relieved!"Talking to fellow Daoist for so long, fellow Daoist hasn't told me your name yet!"

     Suddenly Zhang Yunxi seemed to have thought of something and looked directly at Shen Tiandao.

     Shen Tian was stunned, and said: "The poor road is a famous mountain in autumn..."

     His hasn't even finished his sentence was interrupted.

     Zhang Yunxi said indifferently: "That set of saying goodbye was used to fool me."

     "This girl had already investigated carefully before coming to Wanling Garden."

     "In the relatively well-known sects of the Eastern Wilderness, there is no Qiuming Mountain Secluded Cave."

      spoke until here, Zhang Yunxi’s complexion slightly sank: "You dare to lie to me!"

     Behind Zhang Yunxi, the vision of Thunder White Tiger reappeared.

     There was a coolness behind Shen Tian: "The surname is Shen Mingtian in the next, the word is Aotian, and the name of the Taoist is seeking fate..."

     Zhang Yunxi nodded slightly: "Well, these are enough. Needless to say the rest."

     She stood up slowly, and held the rosary of the Nine Children and Ghosts in her hand.

     "Each Heaven's Chosen Child in the Eastern Wilderness has his own little secret."

     "It's better not to listen to the lies you made up."

     "Knowing that your name is Shen Tian, that's enough."



     Talking to this tigress is comfortable.

     Keke, missed the mouth.

     Talking to this saint is comfortable.

     Shen Tian said that this female man from the Holy Land of Gods had a great appetite for herself.

     If it weren't for his own cultivation base, it would be too low compared to the opponent.

     Shen Tian is ready to ask the other person if he wants to talk to him.

     Cut yellow chicken and burn yellow paper, being close friends.

     Become a sister and brother of the opposite sex!

     ..."It will take some time to supersede these ghost babies."

     Zhang Yunxi held her rosary in her hand and said, "During this period, you need to protect me."

     While speaking, Zhang Yunxi's eyes flickered.

     Even at this time, she still did not fully believe in Shen Tian.

     Shenxiao Holy Land is one of the twelve Holy Land forces in the East Desolation.

     It is the barrier of resistance that faces the greatest pressure from evil cults and other evil forces.

     The descendants of the gods and holy places in the past dynasties have taken as their mission to eliminate demons and protect the dao.

     When fighting evil monks, it is inevitable to encounter crafty plots and machinations.

     Although Zhang Yunxi is young, she is a saint and naturally not a vase.

     It happened to take advantage of the opportunity to supersede the ghost infant to verify whether Shen Tian was a cultist.

      Thought until here, Zhang Yunxi silently prepared the back hand and began to save these ghost babies.


     She took out a piece of spiritual stone from the storage ring and placed it in the Eight Trigrams Position.

     The rosary was placed in the center of the Eight Diagrams of the Nine Palaces by Zhang Yunxi.

     As Zhang Yunxi inputs aura mana, the formation is activated.

     Suddenly, Nine Palaces Eight Trigrams Formation rose with rich spiritual energy, pouring into the rosary beads.

     And in Zhang Yunxi's mouth, he was constantly reciting the mysterious transcendent scriptures.

     "Too supreme imperial edict, super lonely soul, all ghosts and charms, four lives with grace."

     "Those with a head are super, those without a head will rise, kill with a gun and a knife, dive and hang a rope."

     "Dying in the dark, injustice and perversion, the creditor's enemy, begging for life."

     "Kneel in front of my platform, shine gossip, stand on a hurdle, and superb other places.""To be a man for a woman, take responsibility for yourself, rich and poor, you will recruit yourself."

     "Efforts to save the others, anxious to be overborn, and to save the others, anxiously to be overborn!"


     As Zhang Yunxi continued to read the Supreme Transcendence Scriptures of the Holy Land of Gods.

     The mana in her body gradually condensed into golden light runes.

     These runes contain the imprint of the mysterious and incomparable road, which seems to explain the secret of reincarnation.

      mysteriously and inexorably, as if there is an indescribable almighty existence in manifestation.

     The runes of golden light dots slid into the rosary.

     Gradually, ghost babies flew out of the rosary.

     Their body was originally black, and their face looks sinister.

     But bathed in this golden rain, grievances were washed away like mud.

     Gradually, those ghost infants and ghost boys who were originally cruel and painful.

     There was a comfortable and relieved smile on his face.

      The laughter of naive and innocent kept ringing in the room.

     The crisp voices of these children make the eyes moist.

     "Thank you brother, thank you Sister Saint."

     "Thank you brother for giving us Lingshi, thank you sister for saving us."

     "Thank you brother, thank you sister."

     "Thank you."

     "Thank you."

     "Thank you."

     "Thank you."


     In the light and rain, one by one the ghost infants and ghost children were freed from superbirth.

     Their laughter and gratitude carry the purest feelings.

     Zhang Yunxi's face was wet with sweat at some point.She controls the magic of this Shenxiao Rebirth Curse not very deep.

     If the brother and the big brother superseded the ghost infant, it only needs to spend a little mana.

     Then Zhang Yunxi would have to spend ten points, or even dozens of mana points, to supersede.

     This time over hundreds of ghost children and ghost children in one breath, the pressure on Zhang Yunxi is by no means small.

     Shen Tian aside somewhat worried: "Fairy, can you hold it? Do you want to take a break?"

     Zhang Yunxi's eyes were slightly cold, and he coldly snorted: "There are hundreds of children in a mere mere, no pressure!"

     Seeing Zhang Yunxi seemed really no problem, Shen Tian was finally relieved.

     He turned his gaze to the side, looking at the female ghost Jiuer of the ghost infants.

     "Your children are now being super liberated."

     "How about it, do you feel envious!"

     "You regret it now, it's too late!"

     Shen Tian earnest and well-meaning advice advised: "Don't miss the opportunity."

     "Fairy is still very relaxed now, and should be able to help you supersede together."

     "How about Jiu'er, if you regret it now, I will ask the fairy to save you!"

     Upon hearing Shen Tian's words, Jiu'er and Zhang Yunxi's eyes widened at the same time.

     Jiu'er: "?????!!!"

     Zhang Yunxi: "!!!!!!???"
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