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56 Fairy Missed The Poor Road
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

"Ahem, since Jiu'er girl is loyal and devoted, Brother Shen should not force her!"

     Zhang Yunxi used the little remaining mana to quietly dry the sweat on her face.

     Frankly speaking, she was really worried that Shen Tian would let him go beyond Jiuer.

     After all, with her current Shenxiao Departure Experience.

     It's not easy to be a super ghost mother!

     But what made Zhang Yunxi relaxed was when she was just over the time.

     Shen Tian did not take the opportunity to attack her who was casting the spell.

     This also made Zhang Yunxi trust Shen Tian a little.

     This Taoist leader should be a good person.


     After super cleaning all the ghost babies, Zhang Yunxi handed the rosary back to Shen Tian.

     She calmly said, "Yun Xi left a ghost cultivation technique in this rosary."

     "Girl Jiu'er can work hard to transform her grievances."

     "When the grievance is completely transformed into mana, it is not impossible to cross the catastrophe and become a ghost in the future."

     Shen Tian saw that Zhang Yunxi didn't want to overdo Jiuer, and Jiuer didn't want to be overdosed.

     He can only nodded helplessly: "In that case, trouble fairy."

     Forget it, since I can't save myself, I just keep it.

     Although it is not easy to provide for this little ghost.

     However, the First Primordial Heavy Water in the kidney now consumes more.

     Squeeze a part out of it, and it should be able to feed Jiu'er.

     Hey, Shen Tian always feels that he is surrounded by big money-burners.

     To do not belong to oneself to make money fast enough, it is really too much!

     On the other side, Zhang Yunxi was also relaxed.

     She secretly made a firm resolution and waited for her to go back this time.We must be hard-hearted and earnestly practice Shenxiao's Reborn Sutra.

     Otherwise, if you encounter this situation next time, you can't be overwhelmed. How embarrassing!

      what is more important, watching that little girl ghost now haunts Shen Tian.

     Zhang Yunxi always felt a little sour and uncomfortable in her heart.

     Hey, if it was when the Master taught the Death Mantra.

     I tried my best to comprehend cultivation, and I didn't make a small difference.

     Now I can definitely save this female ghost!


     Shen Tian put away the rosary and put it in another spiritual stone pocket.

     He cupped his hands towards Zhang Yunxi: "Today, it is really troublesome fairy."

     Zhang Yunxi stood proudly, her face full of indifferent: "It's just the exertion of lifting one's hand."

     After speaking, Zhang Yunxi stared at Shen Tian indifferently, and Shen Tian also looked at Zhang Yunxi.

     Not say a word between the two, the room was a bit quiet for a while.

     Hehe, I have already figured out that my Highness is not a cult.

     Fairy, what are you doing in my room!

     It's getting late, and my Highness is going to rest.

     Shen Tian helpless, what does this saint want to do?

     Zhang Yunxi seemed to feel the embarrassment in the air.

     She lightly coughed: "I heard that Brother Shen is proficient in the art of finding souls and breaking mines?"

     Zhang Yunxi knew about finding spirits and breaking the mine, Shen Tian was not at all surprised.

     Since before, she suspected that Shen Tian was a cultist.

     Then before she appeared in front of Shen Tian.

     A lot of investigation must have been done.

     Shen Tian looked for opportunities for the destined person.

     This has almost spread throughout the entire Garden of All Souls.It would be weird if Zhang Yunxi didn't know at all!


     Shen Tian nodded: "Yes, Pan Dao knows a little about Xunling and Broken Mine."

     Zhang Yunxi stared at Shen Tian again: "I heard that Brother Shen only finds souls and breaks mines for people who are destined?"

     In front of this master, Shen Tian nodded honestly: "Yes, it doesn't count as much money for those who are missed."

     The corners of Zhang Yunxi's mouth raised slightly: "So according to the Taoist leader, is there any predestined relationship between Yunxi and Shen brother?"

     Zhang Yunxi's face was full of confidence and pride.

     She is the saint of the Holy Land of Gods, although she does not major in the art of seeking spirits and breaking mines.

     But since I was a child, I have learned a lot about entering and leaving the large-scale spirit mine.

     She had never heard of the spiritual vein master of which genre opened a mine, and it still depends on fate.

     As far as she could see, this was exactly the excuse Shen Tian used to choose a pleasing person.

     Zhang Yunxi asked herself that her appearance and cultivation are the best among the saints of the Eastern Desolation.

     And before, I was struggling to save Shen Tian from the ghost infant.

      all in all, Shen Tian should give her face.

     Say it-the fairy is predestined with the poor way!


     However, in Shen Tian's heart, he was a confused face at this time.

     What, the Saintess of God also wants my Highness to help look for mines?

     In other words, you are already a holy woman of the gods.

     Do you still care about the mine in Wanling Garden?

     We must know that although there are many spirit stones in this Wanling Garden, most of them are of average quality.

     The top geniuses of those sacred places and Cave Heaven and Blessed Land are basically indifferent.

     Only people with ordinary status in the world of cultivating immortals like to visit here.And those saint children and saints will go to a higher-level spirit mine.

     In those spirit mines, various high-quality ores are gathered.

     It can be said that the price of any piece of spirit ore is based on a thousand spirit stones.

     And if you are lucky, the things that are opened inside are extremely precious.

     The best spirit weapon, the lost secret method, the sealed treasure.

     Even the ancient goddess who has been sealed to sleep for thousands of years.

     All are likely to be opened by the lucky ones.


     I heard that in the past few years, it was in the Taikoo Lingyuan.

      Purple Mansion Holy Land, the contemporary saint son drew out half a jade slip.

     In that Technique Transferring Jade Slip, the "Nirvana Immortal Emperor Sutra" is recorded.

     Relying on this set of inheritance, the ancestors of Purple Mansion Holy Land successfully survived the second life.

     The strength and foundation of the entire Purple Mansion Holy Land's have been greatly enhanced as a result.

     In Shen Tian's view, the level of the Swire Lingyuan is a high level of Lingkuangyuan.

     It should be the place where a saint like Zhang Yunxi went.

     Go to Wan Ling Garden to join in the fun!


     Ok! Mainly because Shen Tian just took a look.

     There is no chance picture on Zhang Yunxi's halo.

     There is no chance scene on the head yet, no matter how strong the luck is, it is in vain.

     So Shen Tian had no choice but to sighed saying: "The fairy has no destiny with the poor way."

     As soon as the voice fell, Shen Tian felt that the temperature in the room seemed to drop sharply.

     I don't know if it was an illusion, Shen Tian felt Zhang Yunxi's gaze.

     It seemed a little unhappy at this moment.

     Even, a bit resentful.

     ...Zhang Yunxi takes a deep breath, but feels that his lungs are exploding with anger.

     This girl took the initiative to make friends, but she didn't give any face!

      extraordinary shame and humiliation, simply extraordinary shame and humiliation!

     The surname is Shen, you are bully intolerably!

     My goddess Zhang Yunxi, has never been so wronged!

     At this moment, a loud shout suddenly sounded outside the house: "Master Immortal!"

     "The Wanlingyuan law enforcement team is here, who dares to be rude to the fairy master?"

     Shen Tian looked outside the inn through the doors and windows that had been broken by Father Gui.

     But I saw a group of Controlling Sword Flight law enforcement officers flying in the sky in the distance.

     Sometimes they are arranged in the word ‘one’ and sometimes in the word ‘people’.

     The three captains headed by them are all acquaintances.

     The three Jindanqi law enforcement captains were very excited.

     Unexpectedly, only a few days later, there will be another opportunity to show courtesy to the fairy master.

     It is simply fate's favor!

     Mindful of this, they used 110% of their power.

     "Where did the evil cultivator dare to do something against the immortal master?"

     "End, punish evil sword formation, break for me!"

     Brilliant golden sword light gathered together, dozens of law enforcers Human and Sword Unites.

     A huge sword energy that is tens of meters long.

     Came directly at Zhang Yunxi.
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