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58 Fairy Teacher, Could It Be Possible To Tell The Prophet?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Is it Tian Lingxuan again?

     Shen Tian couldn't help being slightly surprised.

     Speaking of which, this place is really full of stories.

     Shen Tian had just come to Wanling Garden, and it was here that he met the little spirit fairy.

     Also precisely because seeing Xiao Lingxian and Song family hype, the idea of looking for mines for others arises.

     After that, Shen Tian drew out the Zijin Hammer in Tianlingxuan.

     Shopkeeper Song also gave an extra Universe Ring to Shen Tian.

     Speaking of which, Lingxuan is a blessed place this day.

     "Since Brother Shen has a fate with me, it is better to hit the sun instead of choosing a day."

     Zhang Yunxi smiled and said, "Let's go find the spirit and break the mine now!"

     Shen Tian was stunned, and looked at the darkening sky: "Go now?"

     Zhang Yunxi nodded, looking forward to saying: "Yun Xi also wants to see the abilities of fellow daoists!"


     Frankly speaking, Zhang Yunxi didn't care what Shen Tian could get out of the ore.

     With her wealth and status, even if Shen Tian opened up a spiritual weapon, what would happen?

     Zhang Yunxi said that there are so many things like spirit weapons in his home.

     What she was curious about was, this young boy really knows spiritual skills?

      It should be noted, she knows those masters who practice the art of seeking spirits.

     Most of them are strong people above the Golden Core period, and their lifespan is at least one hundred years old.

     This is a subject cost required a lot of energy research, and it is difficult for young people to understand it.

     However, according to Zhang Yunxi's intelligence, Shen Tian searched for souls in this Wanling Garden.

     It has reached an incredible 100% burst rate, which is simply inconceivable.I even heard that he helped Li Lian'er from Taibai Cave to get out the Seven Treasure Immortal Gourd.

     It must be known that the 36th immortal species in the Spirit Wood Ranking cannot even be ignored by the Holy Land of Gods.

     Although the Cultivation World’s news 9 fakes and 1 real is very watery, Zhang Yunxi would not fully believe it.

     But without wind there cannot be waves, since Shen Tian's title of "Xiangshi" has spread to great enthusiasm.

     Zhang Yunxi also has to acknowledge that this man aroused her interest.


     Originally, Shen Tian didn't want to go out to find spirits and break mines at night.

     But watching the law enforcement officers leaving with a break dance.

     And the father Gui who is still in a coma and convulsing.

     Shen Tian nodded wisely: "Since the fairy is so impatient."

     "Then please wait a moment for the fairy, and wait for the next bathes and changed clothes, let's start!"

     After speaking, Shen Tian minding one's own business walked into the shower room on the other side of the guest room.

     Only Zhang Yunxi, who is slightly red complexion, stay in place.

     "This guy actually hangs this girl here and takes a bath by himself!"

     Zhang Yunxi takes a deep breath, she has never been so neglected before!

     Forget it, since everyone says that this guy is extremely skillful in finding spirits and breaking mines.

     Maybe there is a unique secret technique that requires bathing and fasting!

     Zhang Yunxi stood indifferently at the door, waiting quietly.

     To be honest, she seems to have never been so temperamental in her life.

     At this moment, a man walked in cautious and solemn with his hands raised.

     Seeing Zhang Yunxi's gaze, the man quickly spoke.

     "Fairy don't get me wrong, your own person, your own person."

     ...After speaking, Qin Gao walked to Duke Gui and carried him on his back.

     He looked at the compartment where Shen Tian was bathing, his eyes gradually relieved to get agitated.

     Qin Gao looked at Zhang Yunxi and earnestly encouraged: "Go on, Fairy, Xiao Gao supports you!"

     "His Royal Highness is 16 years old and has not yet accepted a concubine. Fairy no need to be worried. His Highness is a human."

     "Fairy and His Highness please rest at ease, and the slave will guard at the door."

     "Never let people who don't have eyesight disturb you."

     "Fairy don't hesitate, let's go on summons courage!"

     Listening to Qin Gao's baffling, Zhang Yunxi was stunned for a few seconds.

     Then his face flushed rapidly at the speed of visible to the naked eye.

     The next second, white thunder light poured out.

     Qin Gao issued a blood-curdling screech, following in the footsteps of Father Gui in seconds.

     "What kind of person! Shameless and vulgar," Zhang Yunxi was ashamed and indignant.

     She looked around, then slowly moved her gaze to the misty shower room.

     This girl is a dignified goddess, holy land saint, how can it be peeking at a man taking a bath?

     Zhang Yunxi was coldly snorted, using mana to throw Qin Gao and Duke Gui out of the house.

     Let the Old and Young babbling nonsense.

     Go out and blow the cold wind!


     Shen Tian didn't know how long he had just taken a shower, and he felt dizzy outside.

     The reason why he asked to bathes and changed clothes first, and then went out with Zhang Yunxi to find the soul and cut off the mine.

     The reason is very simple, because just watching Zhang Yunxi's luck on the head, he consumes a lot.

     You need to delay a little bit time first, add your own Condition Restoration to increase the detection time.The warm water flowed over Shen Tian's feet, his waist, and his neck.

     At this moment, Shen Tian felt very comfortable and relaxed.

     As for the goddess of heaven outside, I must not worry!

     After soaking in the tub for an hour, Shen Tian felt a lot of recovery.

     He then dried his body, slowly walked out of the tub, dried his body and put on clothes.

     Walking out of the room, Zhang Yunxi, who was standing five steps away and looking directly at him, came oncoming.

     She looked at Shen Tian calmly: "Brother Shen has finished bathing, do I need to bathe for a while?"

     Shen Tian shook his head and said with a smile: "No, Fairy prepares, let's go!"

     Zhang Yunxi glanced at the compartment deeply: "If this is the case, let's go!"

     Pushing the door open, he looked at Duke Gui and Qin Gao with dark faces on manage to regain consciousness.

     Zhang Yunxi said indifferently: "You two, follow along too!"

     Father Gui and Qin Gao looked at each other, with palpitations in their eyes.

     But after thinking about it, His Royal Highness will follow this female devil to find spirits and break mines.

     That would be too dangerous!

     If your Highness overturned the car, nothing good would come out.

     This woman is dissatisfied, what should I do with your Highness to vent her anger!

     Thinking of this, the two nodded honestly.

     Follow behind Shen Tian and Zhang Yunxi.

     Ready to protect Your Highness at any time!


     The group walked towards Tianlingxuan.

     As it gets late, there are fewer pedestrians on the road.

     In addition, Shen Tian had already changed his robes, leaving only two beards.

     So they walked all the way to Tian Lingxuan, but they didn't attract anyone's attention.At this time Tian Lingxuan was about to close, and there were not many people in the store.

     Only Zhen Zhijia, Liu Taiyi, and Xiong Meng remained.

     They are the elders of the immortal teacher and they are discussing with the treasurer Song about enrolling.

     "Treasurer Song, you Don't need to be polite, this fairy teacher teaches you to be the elder fully deserving, without any reservations!"

     "Yes, treasurer Song, I have never served anyone in my life, Liu Taiyi, you are always the first!"

     Listening to Zhen Zhijia and Liu Taiyi's flattery, shopkeeper Song was full of smiles.

     He waved his hand and said: "You're too kind, how dare you go beyond the sacrificial altar and take over the kitchen."

     "Xianshijiao was created by you, and you should be in charge!"

     Zhen Zhijia: "Treasurer Song, you will be out of sight!"

     Liu Taiyi: "I think you fully deserving, without any reservations!"

     Xiong Meng: "I think so too!"


     Listening to the words of the three, shopkeeper Song's smile on face became more and more gentle.

     But his lips firmly said: "No, immortal teacher teaches the immortal teacher."

     "I'm sure the elders are such important things, how can we make decisions without the fairy behind!"

     After thinking for a while, he said: "Looking at the old man, it is better to wait for tomorrow and let the immortal master decide!"

     As soon as the treasurer Song finished speaking, he saw a man in white stepping into the door.

     After the four of them took a closer look, the handsome faces and unruly beards.

     It's not the immortal master who everyone is talking about, who else?

     Could it be that it is Master Xianshi seer.

     Predicted our confusion.

     Come here to solve the puzzle yourself?
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