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59 Ore From The Swire Battlefield
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

"Master, we want to kill you!"

     "Why don't you tell the old man in advance!"

     Seeing Shen Tian, the four hurriedly moved towards him to go up to welcome.

     Shen Tian twitched the corners of his mouth and quickly said: "Don't hold your thighs anymore!"

     The four of them looked at each other and were silently nodded.

     Sure enough, the results of the analysis together were correct.

     The same fairy fart cannot be taken a second time.

     Xiong Meng was straightforward and said immediately.

     "The fairy master really seer, are you here to help me out?"

     Shen Tian was slightly surprised: "Solve the puzzles, what puzzles to solve?"

     Liu Taiyi said, "Master Aotian is here."

     "We want treasurer Song to be the Elder Position of the University of Education."

     Shopkeeper Song shook his head quickly: "How dare you dare, Master Immortal... this is wrong!"

     Listening to the arguing of the four, Shen Tian felt that these goods were not fools!

     What fairy teacher teaches, isn’t it the unofficial fan group of my Highness!

     Is it worth fighting for the position of the head of the fan group?

     After thinking about it, Shen Tian said, "Who is the current great elder?"

     Liu Taiyi slowly raised his hand: "I am now in charge."

     Shen Tian asked again: "Then why give it to the treasurer Song?"

     Liu Taiyi said earnestly: "There is no virtue and incompetence in the next, and it is really shameless to hold a sinecure."

     "The shopkeeper Song is our Wanling Garden, the famous cheating neither old nor young good shopkeeper."

     "If he serves as the great elder, our fairy teacher will have funds in the future."

     "Furthermore, the brothers in the church can also get a discount when buying spirit mines."

     "It is convenient to attract more brothers to join the teaching."...

     Liu Taiyi finished speaking, and shopkeeper Song's face was black for several degrees.

     Hehe, the old man knows you didn't hold a good fart.

     What to say to let the old man be the head of the fairy teacher.

     Don't you just want the old to be taken advantage of.

     Do you provide operating funds for the fairy teacher?

     Shopkeeper Song said, if Shen Tian needs it.

     He is willing to hand in as many spirit stones as he wants, because it is seeking fate.

     The problem is that those members of the fairy teacher's education are just the destined people of the fairy teacher.

     Their relationship with the treasurer Song neither a relative nor a friend, why is it discounted?

     These guys clearly want to take advantage of the old man!


     Shen Tian nodded slightly: "There is some truth, Song treasurer what do you think!"

     If Shen Tian is not there, shopkeeper Song absolutely refuses without the slightest hesitation.

     The problem is that the fairy master seems to be able to seer, so he actually came to ask in person.

     This couldn't help but make shopkeeper Song some thoughts in his heart.

     Could it be that the fairy master is testing my piety?

     Are you willing to dedicate yourself to the fairy teacher?

      Thought until here, shopkeeper Song gritted his teeth.

     As long as I can continue my relationship with the fairy master, I will fight for it!

     He nodded and said, "The old man is willing to contribute to my teaching."

     "If the old is the elder of the sect, I am willing to bear all the funds of the sect."

     "Anyone who teaches disciples to find spirits and mines in the old shop will receive a 12% discount!"

     "When the disciples of this teacher have a big explosion in the old shop, the mining costs will be halved."


     Hearing that the treasurer Song made a big ambition.

     Shen Tian was stunned.Okay!

     This little old man is willing!

     Although the profits of Kai Ling Mining are indeed considerable.

     But shopkeeper Song's discount has reduced short-term income a lot.

     Of course, if the fairy teacher grows, it will also bring a large number of customers to Tianlingxuan.

     The gains and losses of this will depend on the follow-up development of the teacher.

     In any case, this is a gamble for treasurer Song.

     It's not easy for this little old man to have this courage!

     "In that case, shopkeeper Song should be the chief elder!"

     Shen Tian was moved in his heart and agreed to the plea of treasurer Song.

     And shopkeeper Song eyes brimming with tears of excitement, feeling the heart dripping blood.

     But as long as the fairy is happy, it's worth it!


     On the side Zhang Yunxi frowned slightly as she watched shopkeeper Song and their performance.

     According to her experience in destroying cults throughout the Eastern Desolation over the years.

     It feels that these four people are completely cult members.

     Fanatic, irrational, and strong personality cult.

     Emphasize the contribution of one's own interests to the organization.

     This is properly the canon of the evil spirits!

     But Zhang Yunxi had carefully observed Shen Tian, and it was obviously no problem.

     This is strange, is there any collusion between this guy and the evil spirit cult?

     Continue to observe a period of time and see whether it is true or false.

     Zhang Yunxi secretly made up his mind: "Friends, can you start searching for spirits and breaking mines?"


     "Yes, fairy wait a minute."

     Shen Tian recover his wits, nodded slightly.

     On the road just now, Shen Tian clenched his teeth and insisted.Finally saw the opportunity above Zhang Yunxi's head clearly.

     He slowly walked to the spiritual mine shelf to look for.

     Soon, he stopped in front of a piece of spirit ore about 1 meter high.

     The whole body of this ore is purple, with light lines on it.

     The most noticeable thing is that the surface of this ore is covered with cracks.

     It looked like a spider web, as if it would break at any time.

     Seeing Shen Tian's eye on this piece of spirit ore, shopkeeper Song stepped forward and explained.

     "The immortal master has good eyesight, this piece of spirit ore has a lot to come."

     "This is the ore dug from the antique battlefield!"

     "It's also the treasure of our shop~!"


     This ore comes from antique battlefield?

     Everyone was shocked to hear the introduction of Ore by the treasurer Song.

     The so-called antique battlefield refers to an ancient battlefield in the east of Great Yan Kingdom.

     It is said that ten thousand years ago, there was a battlefield between the sacred sites of the Eastern Wilderness and Foreign Evil Demons.

     Countless strongest people have fallen here, leaving behind a lot of precious treasures and inheritance.

     Of course, because too many terrifying powerhouses fell thousands of years ago, ominous Qi is shocking.

     Countless terrible evils have also been derived from it, causing danger everywhere.

     Every year in the major Immortal Sects, many monks enter it to experience.

     Those who are lucky may encounter the rise of great opportunities.

     If you are unlucky, you may fall directly.

     And many antique battlefield ore, also shed out.

     No one knows what can be drawn out of the ore ten thousand years ago.But this does not prevent countless monks who have mines at home, rush like ducks.

     Because some things, such as elixir and spiritual weapons, are difficult to preserve for thousands of years.

     But there are also many treasures that can be easily carried through ten thousand years of seclusion.

     For example, the holy medicine sacred artifact, which is superior to the elixir and spiritual tool, is the most treasured treasure.

     Or some are recorded by Chuan Gong Jade Peiyu Bamboo Slips, Supreme Existence's ancient lost emperor scriptures.

     According to legend, the legendary saint son of Purple Mansion Holy Land drove out the ore of the "Indestructible Nirvana".

     It was excavated from another antique battlefield near Purple Mansion Holy Land!

     When this set of inheritance was discovered, the entire Eastern Wilderness was shaken.

      Purple Mansion Holy Land's, the saint son, was even held up to the altar.

     Everyone feels that he is the absolute Child of Fate in this century.

     After all, the complete Emperor Jing can almost afford a holy place for immortality cultivation.

     Even if the son of the Purple Mansion only obtains the scroll of Nirvana Sutra.

     It is also enough to let the background of Purple Mansion Holy Land shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones.

     This kind of opportunity is incomparable with no amount of Lingshi Lingjing.


     And the purple spider vein mine that Shen Tian will open next.

     It is from Ancient Battlefield near Great Yan Country!

     Price: 100,000 spiritual stones!
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