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60 The Rain Is Coming, The Wind Is All Over The Building
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Seeing Shen Tian's choice, Zhang Yunxi brows slightly wrinkled.

     Although Zhang Yunxi did not particularly research on Xunling and Broken Mine.

     But she grew up in the Holy Land of Shenxiao, and she has also met many spiritual masters.

      In general, this kind of spiritual ore with cracks in the body is called ‘Spider Ore’.

     This kind of mine is recognized as a waste mine because the protective layer of the spirit mine has been damaged.

     Even if there is any treasure in it, it is easy to lose its origin.

      In the course of time, no matter how precious the treasure is, it will exhaust its source.


     "Brother Shen, do you really think there is something here?"

     Zhang Yunxi said helplessly: "It doesn't look very reliable!"

     When Zhang Yunxi dared to question Shen Tian's choice, shopkeeper Song was angry.

     He snorted coldly: "Since the girl asks the fairy to help, why doesn't she believe in the fairy?"

     "The immortal master's spiritual attainments are far-reaching, is it not as good as your little girl?"

     Zhang Yunxi's icy eyes fell on the treasurer Song: "Do you want to cheat someone?"

     Spider vein mine is a waste mine recognized by Ling Mining, and it is almost impossible to get a treasure.

     Unless it is sealed inside, immortal gold, profound soil, and real water that are not afraid of time erosion.

     But this kind of wordly treasure is too rare, and it can be counted on one's fingers throughout the entire Eastern Wilderness.

     How many spiritual masters have made painstaking efforts, it is difficult to find after hundreds of years of searching.

     Although this mine is large, it was indeed discovered from Ancient Battlefield.

     But just looking at the cracks spreading all over the stone, it is definitely not worth 100,000 spiritual stones.

     Among them, the probability of offering precious treasures is too low!

     ...Zhang Yunxi's words, let the treasurer Song face turned red.

     "Ming people don't talk secretly, I admit that I have the element of raising the price."

     "The price when the old man bought this spider vein mine was 50,000 spiritual stones."

     "The reason why the price of 100,000 Lingshi is listed is the normal pricing rule in the industry."

     "But since the immortal master has chosen this mine, the old man can guarantee that 100,000 spirit stones will definitely earn blood!"

     Shopkeeper Song struck his neck, righteousnessly said.

     "If the girl cannot afford this ore, she can choose not to buy it."

     "But the old man doesn't allow you to question the fairy master like this, if you don't buy this mine."

     "The old man immediately to do the job oneself open the mine and take out the treasures inside."

     "Also tell you silly little girl to see the master's ability!"

     After speaking, shopkeeper Song looked at Shen Tian expectantly.

     "Master, if you want to buy it, take the 50,000 spiritual stones."

     "The old man mines for you for free!"

     "Why don't you take it yourself!"

     "I regret that this girl died!"


     Zhen Zhijia and Xiong Meng looked stupid.

     Liu Taiyi beat one's chest and stamp one's feet, full of regrets.

     Once again, I passed by with the perfect opportunity to shoot a fairy fart!

     Why, why can shopkeeper Song always insert it so wonderfully?

     And I obviously thought of what I should do, but I always slow down the treasurer Song?

     God, if you are born to Yi, how to be born to Song!

     On the other side, Zhang Yunxi looked at Shen Tian and shopkeeper Song.

     This echo one another, in her eyes, is like the mine support of the Ling Mine.If Shen Tian doesn't look like a bad person, Zhang Yunxi currently has turned his face!

     Hey, should I believe him?


     Zhang Yunxi frowned slightly under the mask of Fengyu.

     Frankly speaking, she did know that some spiritual masters had extraordinary accomplishments.

     They can draw amazing treasures from some seemingly bad waste mines.

     But Shen Tian looked too young.

      what is more important Zhang Yunxi specially observed and induced when Shen Tian picked mines.

     Almost all Lingmai masters use their own spiritual consciousness when they perform spiritual search secret techniques.

     Therefore, if a person of profound cultivation has a detailed experience, he will be able to capture the fluctuations of spiritual consciousness.

     However, according to Zhang Yunxi's observation, when Shen Tian inspected those spirit mines, he didn't use the magical secret technique.

     He just looked at the appearance of these spirit mines very simply and casually, and chose the target.

     Even those spiritual masters are absolutely impossible to have this kind of ability.

     Spider Vein Mine, don’t use mystery how can it be see through?

     This completely subverted Zhang Yunxi's cognition!


     Zhang Yunxi looked at the spider vein mine in front of him, feeling a little tangled.

     From a rational point of view, she does not believe that this mine can be shipped.

     From the perceptual aspect, she did not want Shen Tian to be a mine prop.

     But what is more important, Mr. Song's words angered her!

     "can not afford"? ? ?

     You say I can’t afford to buy a mere 100,000 spiritual stones?

     Congratulations, you are the shopkeeper!

     Zhang Yunxi sneered, took out 100 spirit crystals and threw them in front of the treasurer Song.She calmly said: "This girl still doesn't pay attention to face with 100,000 spiritual stones."

     "Since Brother Shen said there are treasures in this spider vein mine, the girl bought it and took a look."

     She looked at treasurer Song in demonstration and said, "Dare you make a bet with this girl?"

     Shopkeeper Song didn't know Zhang Yunxi's identity, and hummed, "Why don't you dare?"

     Zhang Yunxi calmly said, "Brother Shen didn't use spiritual skills just now."

     "Therefore, I don't believe that this mine can produce treasures."

     Shopkeeper Song coldly snorted: "The old man can guarantee it."

     "The value of the treasures in this mine is at least one million spiritual stones."


     Zhang Yunxi nodded: "In this case, the limit is 500,000 spiritual stones."

     "If the value of the treasure is more than 500,000 spiritual stones, this girl will give it to Brother Shen for nothing!"

     "But if the value of the treasure is less than 500,000 spirit stones, your heavenly spirit hall."

     "This girl doesn't make it difficult for you. It is closed for three months and will not be open."

     "The shopkeeper, dare you gamble with this girl?"


     Listening to the bet, Shopkeeper Song felt something was wrong.

     Hiss, girl, you made a bet, something!

     If there are less than half a million spirit stones, I will close the shop for 3 months?

     The loss of three months of non-business, the co-authoring is all carried by my one person!

     If the value of the treasure is more than 500,000 spirit stones, would you give this treasure to the fairy master for nothing?

      In other words, no matter whether the spirit ore can explode or not, the old will not take advantage of it!

     However, you must have faith, the more you can reflect your incomparable devotion to the fairy master!Shopkeeper Song gritted his teeth: "Gamble, it's a deal!"

     As long as this wave stands firmly beside the fairy master.

     After today, what are you afraid of?


     Holding a special knife for mining, Shopkeeper Song came to the spider vein mine.

     Frankly speaking, he has not personally opened a mine for decades.

      Takes a deep breath, the treasurer Song swung out the knife.

     His mining knife skills are very superb.

     As he kept swinging the knife, pieces of stone skin were peeled off.

     The huge spirit ore, which was originally a person tall, was also rapidly shrinking.

     Zhang Yunxi looked at the piece of spiritual ore indifferently, without any fluctuations in her heart.

     She has absolute confidence in her strength and vision.

     Even if it is the Master of the Soul Vessels of the Nascent Soul Stage, it is absolutely impossible to shield her induction.

     Since she didn't sense that Shen Tian was using divine sense to probe, Shen Tian absolutely no probe.

     Under this circumstance, she was unimaginable. How could Shen Tian see that there is treasure in this mine!

     Brother Shen, you have a majestic appearance and a pure heart.

     This girl will never allow this evil shopkeeper to lead you to take a wrong step in life!

     Yes, in the eyes of Zhang Yunxi at this time.

     Shen Tian was already a mine support packaged by treasurer Song.

     She wants to help Shen Tian, turn your head to see the shore.

     Never go wrong with shopkeeper Song!


     With the ore smaller and smaller, everyone gradually felt something was wrong.

     Shen Tian walked slowly to the window of Tian Lingxuan, looking up at the dark sky.

     But at this time, dense dark clouds were gathering over the Wanling Garden.

     Billowing thunder, rolling in the thick clouds.The banner erected by the Wanling Garden is hunting!

     It seems that mountain rain wants to come, the wind is full of wind!
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