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62 Even If You Agree With Your Body
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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As everyone knows, for any school, the exercises are the most fundamental inheritance.

     Shenxiao Holy Land is one of the top twelve holy places in the Eastern Desolation, specializing in thunder method.

      Since ancient times, the legend of Shenxiao took charge of Thunder, enforce justice on behalf of the Heaven.

     The strongest among them can even control the catastrophe.

     Even in the Twelve Holy Lands, it is also an absolute strong inheritance.

     In at it's peak, the Holy Land of Gods even climbed to the top of the twelve holy land.

     At that time, the Holy Land of Gods gave orders to the world, which could be the best in the East!


     However, there is no Immortal's Inheritance in this world.

     Just ten thousand years ago, in the war with Foreign Evil Demons.

     The Holy Land of Gods has the strongest restraint against Foreign Evil Demons because it controls the thunder.

     So it was attacked hysterically by Foreign Evil Demons.

      Even the small world of Shenxiao was broken!

     It was an extremely tragic catastrophe.

     Almost all of the sons, Lords, and Supreme Elder of the gods died in battle

     Many extremely powerful and subtle thunder methods cut off the inheritance.

      even Sect Guarding Absolute Art "Shen Xiao Lei Di Jing".

     Also in that catastrophe, most of them were missing.

     Especially its strongest taboo chapter, directly lost!


     It should be noted that the taboo chapter of the "Shen Xiao Lei Di Jing" is a supreme inheritance.

     Even in the Book of Emperors of the Eastern Desolation, its attack and kill is strong enough to rank top three.

      Since ancient times, the Lord of God and the Son have relied on it to rule the roost.

     As long as you practice this Supreme Secret Techniques, you will be able to stand up to the world invincible among the same rank!The loss of this secret technique has caused the originally vitality of the Holy Land to add hail to snow.

     Originally, the Holy Land of Shenxiao was in the top five or even the top three.

     But after most of the emperor scriptures were missing, the top geniuses were unable to continue their cultivation.

     In the later stage of path of cultivation, it is difficult to compete with the holy land Tianjiao.

      In the course of time, the prestige of the Holy Land of Gods and the sun has decreased drastically.

     In the Holy Land, the position became more and more awkward.


     Over the past ten thousand years, Shenxiao Holy Land has inherited more than a dozen holy masters.

     Every Holy Lord is working hard to complement the Legacy Skill of the Holy Land.

      In the course of time, the overwhelming majority tactics of the Gods of Emperor Lei Di Jing are barely completed.

     Only this last taboo chapter "Incarnation of the Body", no one has yet completed it.

     After all, that was the deepest taboo chapter in the Lei Di Sutra created by the God Xiao Lei Di.

     Unless the accomplishments in Dao of Thunder are enough to compare with the Emperor of God Xiaoxiao.

     Otherwise, there is no reference to the original script, and it is basically impossible to fill.


     Zhang Yunxi did not expect that the holy land searched for the inheritance that had not been recovered for thousands of years.

     She was in a spirit mine in the area of Dayan Country, Found!

     Yes, this Shenxiao Longhupei is also called Shenxiao Thunder Emperor Jie.

     On Long Pei and Hu Pei, there are records of two sects of Shenxiao's unique learning.

     When Long Pei and Tiger Pei are united, they are then activated by the secret technique of the Holy Land of Gods.

     Then you will be able to obtain the supreme taboo killer move of the "Shen Xiao Lei Di Jing": Turn your body into a disaster!

     In the Shenxiao Holy Land ten thousand years ago, this pair of jade pendants is the status symbol of the Lord of Shenxiao!

     ...Zhang Yunxi pinched a magic trick and shot a white godlight in his hand.

     The divine light fell on the pair of jade pendants and instantly sank into it.

     In an instant, the brilliance of this pair of jade pendants converged.

     Zhang Yunxi gently stroking this pair of jade pendants.

     She had always been cold and tough, but her eyes were red at this time.

     The people nearby didn't know how excited Zhang Yunxi was.

     Seeing Zhang Yunxi's eyes moist at this time, Liu Taiyi curled his lips.

     He sneered: "I didn't believe it just now! Why are you crying now?"

     "I remember someone said just now that nothing can be found in this mine."

     "If the value is more than 500,000 Lingshi."

     "What are you doing?"


     Liu Taiyi's words shocked Zhang Yunxi, who was originally full of joy, and moved.

     The smile gradually solidified.


     Before Zhang Yunxi was ridiculed by Song shopkeeper, so he bet angrily.

     It is said that if something is opened, it is worth more than 500,000 spiritual stones.

     Then give away the baby to Shen Tian free of charge.

     But the sky is a lesson, she originally thought that a spiritual weapon would burn incense.

     Who could have imagined that this tattered spider vein mine would actually open up the gods and dragons and tigers.

     The densely packed spider-like cracks on the surface of the ore were actually shattered by lightning attribute energy!

     How could the gods and dragons and tigers be comparable to 500,000 spiritual stones, and 10,000 times would not be enough!

     Now that Liu Taiyi choked on Zhang Yunxi with the previous bet, she really couldn't get it back.

     If it is other things, even if it is immortal gold, profound earth, or real water.

     With Zhang Yunxi's character, he can grind his teeth.However, Zhang Yunxi was absolutely impossible to give up the inheritance of "Incarnation of the Body".

     After all, this is the Holy Land of Gods, the hope of re-emergence!


     Zhang Yunxi face blushing, the lips under the mask almost bite out blood.

     She takes a deep breath and said: "This pair of jade pendants has a special meaning to Yun Xi."

     "Brother Shen is also asked to give up his love to Yun Xi. Yun Xi is willing to exchange any request, even if..."

     In fact, with Zhang Yunxi's strength, if you want to rob God Xiaolonghupei.

     Everyone present, basically unable to contend with it.

     But Zhang Yunxi's pride did not allow herself to do so.

     She has already made a firm resolution, as long as Shen Tian is willing to give up the jade.

     She is willing to repay Shen Tian in any way, even devote my life to!

     Who made himself so proud before, bitten to death and didn't believe in others!

     One drink and one peck have cause and effect, and now I can only suffer regrets!

     In Zhang Yunxi's heart, he is ready to be caught by lion's big mouth.

     However, Shen Tian just looked up to the sky and smiled: "Fairy no need to be polite."

     "Pan Dao has said long ago that those who are not destined are not counted as ten thousand gold, and those who are destined do not receive a cent.

     "The fairy is related to the poor road, and the money to buy this ore is also from the fairy."

     "Then if the treasure is opened now, it should naturally belong to the fairy."

     "The fairy doesn't need to care about your gambling agreement with shopkeeper Song, just keep it away."

     "In the future, if there is fate, the fairy will naturally repay the poor."


     Shen Tian looked at the night sky where the dark clouds and thunder were gradually dissipating, and he had already figured it out in his heart.Haha, although this still does not know what special effect does this have on jade pendant.

     But by looking at its birth, it is definitely a treasure.

     Will Shen Tian be moved by this kind of thing?

     Nonsense, of course his heart is tempted!

     The problem is not to move!

     If this pair of jade pendants was noiselessly discovered by Shen Tian.

     That's fine, just ran away in his pocket.

     If there is any advantage, it is a bastard!

     The problem is that the entire Wan Ling Garden, even the monks in a radius of hundreds of miles.

     Everyone knows that there is a treasure born, and it is in the Garden of All Souls.

     In this case, Shen Tian dare to accept things?

     Can the white and black halo on his head cover this kind of treasure?

     Just kidding, it's just that you can live without possession.

     I really want to have the idea of possession.

     Haha, I was chopped for fertilizer every minute.

     The black man carried the coffin to reincarnation.


     What's more, this pair of jade pendants needs special tactics, and Shen Tian can't accept it.

     It is better to accompanies Buddha all the way to the west and directly give this pair of jade pendants to Zhang Yunxi.

     If Zhang Yunxi accepts this pair of jade pendants, then it will be of great use.

     Shen Tian found the most precious treasure for her, naturally, it goes without saying that the favor.

     This white and thick thigh is even hug.

     Will he be better off in the future?


     Shen Tian saw it clearly.

     There is a realm of immortality in crisis everywhere.

     If you are not strong enough, your luck is not strong enough.

     It's better to be more stable~!

     Wretched development, don't worry!
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