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63 Your Highness, Finally Green?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

"How can this work, Yun Xi one word worth nine sacred tripods."

     "Since the gambling agreement has been set, Yun Xi will be if you agree to bet you must accept to lose."

     Zhang Yunxi flushed immediately when Shen Tian said he did not want this ore.

     She has been an extremely cold and strong woman since she was a child, and she has never wanted to subdue to others.

     Since she questioned Shen Tian's ability this time, she made a bet with the treasurer Song.

     Then she if you agree to bet you must accept to lose, according to the previous betting agreement, this is a godsend.

     Zhang Yunxi didn't bother to reckless, she just wanted to exchange the jade pendant with other things.

     She takes a deep breath, staring at Shen Tian, "Brother Shen, please don't insult me."

     "This pair of dragon tiger jade pendants should belong to Brother Shen according to the gambling agreement."

     "Yun Xi only hopes that Brother Shen can endure the pain and give up the trade."

     "Yun Xi is willing to exchange at any price."

     "Brother Shen, please do not hesitate to make an offer!"


     Looking at Zhang Yunxi with a firm face, Shen Tian was helpless.

     Isn't this girl stupid?

     My Highness said no rewards, let you wear the jade away.

     Do you have to exchange for other things?

     Isn't this a waste of time!

     Shen Tian looked out the window.

     The thunder above the Nine Heavens has dispersed.

     The vision over the Wanling Garden will inevitably attract top powerhouses.

     In order to survive my life, I had to throw this hot potato out quickly.

     Shen Tian looked at Zhang Yunxi, his gaze made Zhang Yunxi complexion slightly red.

      he thought for a bit asked: "Really everything is fine?"

     Damn, does this guy really want this girl to devote my life to?But it's about the gods, dragons and tigers, and the rise and fall of the Holy Land.

     Even if he loot a burning house, he can only recognize it!

     Zhang Yunxi sighed: "Yes!"


     Shen Tian smiled and said: "Then I want you to be a fairy...a mask on your face!"

     The Fengyu mask on Zhang Yunxi's face is quite expensive at first glance.

     Presumably it should also be a rare thing.

     Now time is running out, quickly change and leave.

     Shen Tian's words clearly surprised Zhang Yunxi.

     She takes a deep breath: "Brother Shen is sure?"

     Shen Tian nodded: "Yes, sure."

     The face under Zhang Yunxi's mask was blushing.

     Unexpectedly, I blamed Master Shen, he is not a loot a burning house.

     Are you asking for my Fengyu mask to get a glimpse of my face?

     Or do you want to leave a mask, seeing an object makes one miss its owner in the future?


     The mask of Feng Yu is of great significance to Zhang Yunxi.

     This is the Peak Grade Spirit Tool handed down by her master Akabane Yuanzun.

     Not only can it isolate all divine minds and probes, but it can also converge one's energy.

     Ever since Zhang Yunxi accepted this mask, she has never taken it off in front of outsiders.

     Even in the Holy Land of Gods, there are only a handful of people who have seen Zhang Yunxi's true face.

     Today, Shen Tian asked for Zhang Yunxi's Fengyu mask to be replaced by Shenxiaolonghupei.

     Zhang Yunxi's heart is shaken: Young Master Shen actually uses the emperor skill to change my face?

     Could it be that in this short period of time, he is already interested in me?

     This thought came up in her mind, Zhang Yunxi flushed with excitement.She takes a deep breath: "Okay, I promise you!"

     After a word, Zhang Yunxi burst into an extremely powerful aura.

     The silver thunder condensed into a white tiger, which enveloped Shen Tian and Zhang Yunxi.

     And Duke Gui, Qin Gao, Shopkeeper Song, Liu Taiyi and others were all isolated outside.

     Under the silver thunder light, Zhang Yunxi slowly took off the mask on her face.


     The skin is like ice and snow, the skin is like white jade, the eyebrows seems a willow leaf, and the eyes are like stars.

     Different from Xiao Lingxian's allure and agility, also different from Li Lian'er's cuteness, and different from Jiu'er's sadness.

     Zhang Yunxi's temperament tends to be glamorous, and her eyebrows are full of heroines to compare favorably with men in terms of ability, bravery etc.

     Although the appearance is stunning and beautiful, it makes people totally unable to think of profanity.

     This is a magnificent style unmatched in his generation, not weaker than men.

     If she had to describe it, she reminded Shen Tian of a few strange women.

     Hua Mulan, who is on his father’s expedition, and Mu Guiying, who is in command.

     These women should be of the same kind.


     Shen Tian was indulge in flights of fancy there, and Zhang Yunxi spoke.

     "Yun Xi has understood the young man's intentions."

     "But please Shu Yunxi now has an important personal affair, so she can't stay with her son."

     "Frankly, this Shenxiao Longhupei is the secret treasure of my Shenxiao holy land."

     "Now that the vision is shaking the sky, Yun Xi must immediately leave with Yu Pei."

     "If Yunxi can smoothly wear the jade back to the holy ground this time, fulfill his duties.""I will definitely come back to look for the son, and Yun Xi is willing to agree to what the son asks for."

     "If Yun Xifu is too fateful, and encounters unexpected words on the way back to the Holy Land."

     There was a trace of sadness in Zhang Yunxi's eyes: "I also ask the son to agree to Yun Xi's request."

     Zhang Yunxi’s words made the second monk Shen Tianzhang unable to make any sense of the matter.

     What is my mind, you already understand?

     Your Highness wants you a mask?

     As for the explanation so much?


     However, Shen Tian really didn't care about Zhang Yunxi's request.

     If Shen Tian snatched this jade pendant, it might really be unpredictable.

     But Zhang Yunxi has absolutely no problem with it, because this was originally so her chance.

     Since Zhang Yunxi is sure that there will be no accident, isn't this request just a favor for nothing?

      thought until here, Shen Tian righteousnessly said: "Please tell me frankly, ten thousand deaths will not prevent me!"

     A bright smile appeared on Zhang Yunxi's face: "Don't you listen to me, son?"

     Shen Tian without the slightest hesitation said: "The fairy has a relationship with the poor way, I not to be shirked without dishonor."

     Listening to Shen Tian's words, Zhang Yunxi was touched in the eye flickers.

     She takes a deep breath, forcing a drop of red blood from her index finger.

     This drop of blood dripped on the Shenxiao Dragon Tiger Pei and slowly penetrated into it.

     Then Zhang Yunxi kept hitting the seals one by one, blending into the gods and dragons and tigers.

     Suddenly, Shenxiao Longhupei's rays of light rose again.

     Three golden streamers shot quickly towards Shen Tian.

     In an instant, three rays of light fell into Shen Tian's eyebrows, vanish from sight.And Shen Tian felt that baffling had a lot of information in his mind.

     That is the incomparable inheritance of the three sects: "Five Thunders Zhengtian Jue" and "Thunder Emperor Body Refining Technique".

     And the inheritance of the supreme taboo that has been lost for thousands of years in the Holy Land of Gods: "Incarnation of the Body"!


     After doing all this, Zhang Yunxi's face became somewhat pale.

     She smiled and said: "My son, Yun Xi has passed on the three branches of the gods, dragons and tigers, all of them to you."

     "If Yunxi encounters unexpected events this time, she cannot bring Shenxiao Longhupei back to the Holy Land."

     "I also ask the son to go to the Holy Land of Shenxiao in the future to return the inheritance for Yunxi."

     "If there is an afterlife, Yun Xi will hold the grass and tie the ring, and he must report his great favor!"

     Zhang Yunxi finished speaking, the white tiger condensed by Gengjin Thunder crashed to pieces.

     The spiritual power condenses into an illusory mask, covering Zhang Yunxi's face again.

     She held Shenxiaolonghupei in her palm and suddenly stood straight.

     The figure turned into a silver lightning, and it suddenly shot towards the distance.

     She wants to flee thousands of miles and successfully hand the jade pendant into the hands of the god master.

     At that time, she was considered to have truly completed her task.


     Looking at Zhang Yunxi away, Shen Tian always felt as if he had watched this episode.

     "Hey, don't worry about her, just care about yourself!"

     After getting Longhupei, Zhang Yunxi's halo was almost the golden sun.

     With this intensity of luck, who would dare to rob her?

     Haha, I'm afraid it's not like every minute is turned into slag ash!

     Shen Tian shook the head and picked up the Fengyu mask on the ground.He took out the mirror he carried daily from his arms and looked into the mirror expectantly.

     In the next second, Shen Tian's eyes turned red.

     His voice trembled with surprise and excitement.

     "It's green, my Highness is finally green!!!"
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