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66 That's My Brother In Arms!
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Suddenly, a bright idea suddenly occurs in Shen Tian's heart.

     He put the Fengyu mask left by Zhang Yunxi on his face.

     Not to mention, the size is right, and there is a light fragrance.

     Well, this Highness's face is completely blocked by the mask.

     It shouldn't be recognized by the sixth brother!

     Put on the mask, take out the mirror and look at it.

     Shen Tian secretly admired it, it was perfect and easy!

     He followed treasurer Song all the way to the secret room of Tianlingfang.

     Pushing open the door of the secret room, Song Shao's shopkeeper was leaning aside and dozing off.

     And the palm prints and small red envelopes on Shen Ao's face seemed to be more than before.

     Looking at being tied to the cross by Wuhuada, a group of Shen arrogant was miserable.

     The corners of Shen Tian's mouth twitched slightly: "Hi, you guys specialize in slaps!"


     As soon as Shen Tian's voice fell, seeing Shen Ao, who was still dispirited and downcast, his eyes lit up instantly.

     He suddenly looked at Shen Tian, with three fears and seven fears in his eyes.

     "This voice sounds familiar!"

     "Hi, is it you?"

     "Brother Thirteen?"


      Crap! Can this be heard?

     There was a cold behind Shen Tian, and the whole person was shocked!

     He shook his head quickly: "No, I am not, don't talk nonsense."

     Shen Ao stared at Shen Tian, and the terrified expression in his eyes became more intense.

     My Highness said it!

     Why are you so unlucky!

     As soon as I arrived at the Garden of All Souls, I baffling was overcast.

     The hapless child co-authored with the 13th brother is also in Wanlingyuan!

     I knew that my Highness shouldn't have come here.I really suffered unexpected calamity!

     Shen Ao looked at Shen Tian and said with a wry smile: "Thirteen brothers, stop making trouble."

     "You look at the shoes you wear, they are made by the royal family."

     Shen Tian was stunned, he lowered his head and took a closer look.

     Sure enough, he was wearing a pair of black silk and gold silk boots.

     On the side of the boot is a piece of jade pendant with "Thirteen" engraved on it.


     Hiss, Brother Six is Brother Six.

     Worthy of being a rarely seen genius in Great Yan Country for a hundred years.

     His face was so swollen that he could hardly see his eyes, and his eyes were still so sharp.

     Shen Tian admired it in his heart, but the vest on his body was definitely not allowed to fall off.

     He lowered his voice and slowly walked towards Shen Ao: "I don't understand what are you saying."

     "Stop! It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter if you don't understand, just stand there and talk."

     Shen Ao quickly said: "Brother understand, you are not the thirteenth brother."

     "You are a killer without feelings, right!"

     Shen Ao helplessly said, "Brother, what did you say you kidnapped for your brother?"

     "Brother I didn't want to fight for the throne, and I didn't bully you."

     "What's more, even if you kill your brother, you don't have any benefits to your brother!"

     Shen Ao earnest and well-meaning advice, at this moment his desire to survive is unprecedented.

     He wished to disappear immediately and leave the farther the better.

     I won't come to this ghost place anymore!

     Really, I also blame this highness himself.

     Knowing that he had been in contact with the thirteen brothers before, why did he go out of the palace?

     It's all right now. It's not indirect contact, but face to face.Why suddenly there is a feeling of being unable to get out of this room!


     Looking at the horrified six prince Shen proud, Shen Tian helpless sighed saying.

     This sixth brother, is your Highness a fool?

     One by one, you believe that I am not the thirteenth brother, but you have another brother.

     This is obviously an upgraded version of Disguise that has seen through this highness.

     How can you let me safely let you go?

     In case you are saved, what will your Highness do with a conspiracy plot?

     Although the top of my Highness's head is now green, no more as in the past.

     But not afraid of the thief stealing, but the thief is thinking about it!

     There is such a green and red genius like Shen Ao that he hates.

     Shen Tian always felt unsure in his heart.


     At this moment, shopkeeper Song, who was standing by, probably understood it too.

     He cautious and solemn asked, "Are you not Shen Ao, but Shen Tian?"

     Shen Tian rolled the eyes unhappily: "What do you think!"

     "So that's how it is, that old man understands."

     Shopkeeper Song twitched his mouth slightly, then turned around and slapped his son on the face.

     He shouted angrily: "You little turtle calf, you don't have a long memory after being beaten!"

     "After the immortal master beat you, he clearly told you that it was His Highness Thirteenth Prince Shen Tian."

     "How can you hear Chacheng the sixth prince? How can I be more deaf than the treasurer next door!"

     Song Shao's shopkeeper was beaten up in confusion.

     He stared at Shen Tian blankly, recalling the situation that day.

     He remembers that the immortal master clearly...probably called himself the Sixth Prince!"I remember that I heard it right! Could it be that I was beaten to the head, so I heard it?"

     Shen Tian was stunned, happy.

     He coughed slightly and looked at Song Shao's shopkeeper indifferently: "What do you think!"

     Seeing the immortal master who was ‘unhappy’ on his face, Song Shao’s shopkeeper persuaded.

     He lowered his head in shame: "I should have heard it wrong."

     "Hiss, putting it that way, this one?"

     "Is it really the Sixth Prince?"

     I thought of this possibility.

     Both father and son panicked.


     Hearing what the shopkeeper said, Shen Ao felt even more aggrieved.

     He originally thought that he was kidnapped by the Song family and his son.

     This is a major conspiracy against him, a once-in-a-century genius in Great Yan Country.

     I didn't expect that I suffered so much, just because a young shopkeeper could not hear clearly?

     So the slap that my Highness has suffered for most of the day is meaningless at all?

     Sure enough, whats the matter as long as the thirteen brothers come in, there is no good thing.

     Oh, my Highness still not enough cautious and timid!

     I should not come out of the palace from the very beginning!

     Otherwise, I would not suffer this sin!


      Thought until here, Shen Ao said with a sad face: "Since it is a misunderstanding, then forget it!"

     "Brother Thirteen, you let them go as brothers, and promise them that they won't hold grudges."

     Hearing Shen Ao's vowed guarantee, Song Shao, the treasurer, eyes shined.

     He asked: "Master, Dad, His Highness VI promises not to hold grudges, shall we not let him go?"Shopkeeper Song looked at Shen Tian with inquiring gaze: "Master, what do you think?"

     Shen Tian looked at Shen Ao, as if he was judging whether not holding grudges was true or false.

     At this moment, Shen Tian couldn't help asking when he heard the words of treasurer Song.

     "Treasurer Song thinks, will my sixth brother hold grudges?"

     Upon hearing this, Shopkeeper Song suddenly showed an expression of'understanding' on his face.

     He takes a deep breath and slowly walked towards Shen Ao: "The old man understands."

     "Since the enmity has been settled, it is better to resolve it by yourself than to expect the other party not to hold the grudge."

     "The immortal teacher means that since he has made a mistake, he simply doesn't do two things."

     "While no one knows now, just kill a witness to silence them, right?"

     "Let him fight for the throne with you in the future!"


     Hearing the words of Shopkeeper Song, Shen Ao's face suddenly showed a frightened expression.

     And Shen Tian also rolled the eyes, his face full of helplessness.

     Interrogative sentences, my Highness is talking about interrogative sentences!

     How did you hear that, I asked you to kill a witness to silence them?

     My Highness how can it be so vicious, let people kill their own sixth brother?

     That's My Dearest Love friends, brothers and sisters!
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