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69 There Is Something In The Kidney, It's Coming Out
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Shen Ao was desperate. He felt that he hadn't read the almanac when he went out.

      With great difficulty breaking through to the foundation building period, go to the Garden of All Souls to pick a gift.

     As a result, halfway through the baffling cultivation deviation, my brain buzzed after waking up.

     This that's the end of it, after all, is just a little pain in the head, has it shaken the foundation of cultivation?

     The problem is that he rested all night, and the next day he asked about it near Wanling Garden.

     I learned that there is a spiritual seeker named Shen Aotian in this Wanling Garden.

     This immortal master only seeks out spirits and breaks mines for those who are destined, and is extremely accurate.

     In just a few days, dozens of large explosion mines were unearthed continuously.

     There is even more rumors that the fairy master has issued a top grade fairy gourd seed that ranks 36 in the spirit wood list.

     You must know that this kind of superb spiritual seed, even if it is in the Taibai cave sky that Shen Ao is yearning for.

     It is definitely the treasure of countless True Disciples and even elders, yearn for sth even in one's dreams!

     Shen Ao naturally moved, and felt that he should also meet this fairy master.

     In Shen Ao's view, he must be destined to this fairy master.

     After all, the two are only one word behind their names.

     If this is not fate, who are you bluffing!


     If you really want to let the fairy teacher help, should you worry about the apprenticeship?

      Thought until here, Shen Ao began to inquire about the fairy master.

     From the population of those immortal masters, Shen Ao learned of the existence of immortal masters.

     Moreover, he also learned that the current Great Elder of the Immortal Teacher Education is the treasurer of Tianlingxuan Song.

     So Shen Ao dressed up expectantly, and solemnly stepped into the gate of Tianlingxuan.However, he couldn't think that the treasurer Tian Lingxuan Song didn't see it, but he saw the treasurer Young.

     Shen Ao immediately revealed his identity, hoping to let the treasurer Song come forward to introduce the immortal master for him.

     However, Song Shao's shopkeeper was not in a hurry, and first followed him into the cabinet for two cups of tea.

     So after a cup of Biluofeng green tea, Shen Ao turned it over again.

     After waking up again, Shen Ao desperately found himself tied to the cross again.

     It was a closed secret room, which looked terrifying.

     And it looks... uh, it seems familiar.

     "I didn't expect Tian Lingxuan to be a black shop!"

     Shen Ao complexion was ugly: "It's careless, really careless."

     I just had contact with my thirteen brother a few days ago, how could I be so careless.

     Hey, Xiao Lizi should have been expelled from the palace.

     After all, my Highness is still not enough cautious and timid!



     In the Lanxin Palace, Shen Tian sneezed.

     At this time, he had returned to the palace with Father Gui and Qin Gao.

     The string that was tight in my heart finally relaxed.

     In this Imperial Palace, he no longer has to worry about being harassed by avid fans.

     There is no need to worry about those monks with unpredictable hearts to spy on his secrets.

     More no need to be worried The fake Shenao thing was discovered by Liu Ge, the righteous master.

      At the same time, the African chiefs turned to Europe, and the days of washing white and green are no longer unlucky.

     At this time, he finally has the confidence to practice a period of time in retreat.

     In this dangerous immortal world, strength is as important as luck.Shen Tian decided before his strength reached a certain level.

     Definitely have to endure loneliness, lingering in the orchid heart palace.

     After all, only the luck of the white ring dyed green is not too strong.

     At least it has to reach the Golden Core period, and the air luck is above dark green to be considered safe.

     My Highness is not green enough, not strong enough, we must continue the struggle!


     "By the way, didn't that buddy pass the three exercises to my Highness!"

     Shen Ao suddenly remembered the three exercises Zhang Yunxi had imparted to him, and began to recall the tactics.

     Because it is passed down directly in the spiritual consciousness and spiritual thought through the dragon and tiger pei of the gods.

     So just a brief recollection, the three exercises came to Shen Tian's mind.

     Among these three exercises, transforming oneself into a robbery is a taboo chapter of Lei Di Jing.

     With Shen Tian’s current cultivation base, he is not qualified to touch the cultivation law secret art.

     However, the other two Inherited cultivation methods can start cultivation when they have no foundation.

     These two sect merit laws, one of which is called "Five Thunder Zhengtian Jue", is the practice of qigong.

     This exercise is the True Disciple of the Holy Land of Gods, and it is a peerless Scripture that is qualified to practice.

     Pay attention to the five solid organs and six hollow organs of the human body corresponding to the five elements, condensing ten powerful divine thunder.

     These ten kinds of thunder are:

     Jiamu Qinglong Shenlei, Yimu Liuhe Shenlei.

     Binghuo Suzaku God Thunder, Ding Huoteng Snake God Thunder.

      Fifth Earth Qilin God Thunder, Ji Earth Heaven B God Thunder.

     Geng Jin Bai Hu Shen Lei, Xin Jin Gou Chen Shen Lei.

     Renshui Xuanwu God Thunder, Kuishui Tianhou God Thunder.

     Each of these ten lightning methods possesses powerful power.As long as ordinary cultivators can practice one kind, it will be enough to cross the East Desolate.

     If he can master several thunder methods at the same time, he can be called a genius leader among his peers.


     Among the ten kinds of thunder methods, A, B, G, G, and G are positive, if you can fully practice the five kinds of thunder.

     You can try Five Elements Mutual Promotion to condense the Yang Five Elements Divine Thunder of Pure Yang property.

     Yidingjixingui is negative, if you can fully practice five kinds of Yin Thunder.

     Then you can try to condense the Yin Five Elements Divine Thunder with pure Yin attributes.

     If you train all these ten types of yin and yang divine thunders, and at the same time practice them into five yang thunders and five yin thunders.

     Then you can fuse yin and yang and condense the legendary five elements of yin-yang.

     However, Yang Wu Lei and Yin Wu Lei belong to Yin and Yang, and their attributes conflict with each other.

      In general, after practicing the five thunders of Yang and then practicing the five thunders of Yin will suffer backlash.

     After practicing the five thunders of Yin, then practicing the five thunders of Yang is also to make progress only with great difficulty.

     Therefore, the big five elements of yin-yang in this final step are extremely difficult to practice.

     It is said that in the last taboo chapter of the Lei Di Sutra, "Incarnation of the Body", the secret method is recorded.

     Casting this secret method can completely unite the yin and yang divine thunder that was originally rejected.

     This is also the reason why Hunyuan Divine Thunder produced energy ten thousand years ago!


     "Tsk tusk, I didn't expect this Five Thunder Zhengtian Secret Art to be so difficult to practice."

     After accepting the inheritance of the Five Thunders Zhengtian Jue, Shen Tian couldn't help but click one's tongue in wonder.

     You must first practice ten mysterious and obscure Yin and Yang Five Elements Divine Thunder, and then merge them step by step.

     This is too harsh!

     Shen Tian curled his lips, feeling dull.Suddenly he seemed to think of something and took out a mirror from his arms.

     Looking at the extremely handsome face in the mirror, and the golden Thunder Imprint on the forehead.

     Shen Aole was over.

     It seems that these five elements of yin-yang Hun Yuan Shen Lei, my Highness already have Oh!

     "Hey, in that case, try to practice!"

     Just do it, Shen Tian takes a deep breath.

     He called Duke Gui and Qin Gao to protect himself.

     Then he sat cross-legged on the futon and began to practice the Five Thunders Zhengtian Jue.

     Which kind of thunder technique is cultivated first in the Five Thunders Zhengtian Jue depends on its own roots.

      In general, men have strong yang energy in their bodies, so they are more suitable for cultivating Yang Wu Lei.

     Women's physique is more yin, so they are more suitable for cultivating yin five thunder...Don't take Zhang Yunxi as an example.

     According to the different biases of Five Element Attribute, the mine method suitable for everyone is also different.

     Some people prefer the five elements to belong to gold, so they are extremely strong in practicing Gengjin and Xinjin God Thunder.

     Some people belong to water, so they practice Xuanwu, blessed by heaven.


     Shen Tian Pacifying Heart, Calming Qi, spread a lot of spirit stones under the bottom.

     Then silently follow the method of "Five Thunder Zhengtian Jue", and began to vomit.

     Soon, he felt a stream of pure spiritual power pouring into his body along his pores.

     Then Shen Tian felt a sudden tingling of eyebrows and a bulge in his abdomen.

     As if there is something in the kidney gushing out.

     Suddenly, Shen Tian was stunned.

     So fast? !
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