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71 Why Is My Highness So Small?
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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However, at this moment, there was a black basalt vision with a large palm suspended above Shen Tian's head.

     It hovered around Black Thunderbolt, exuding Breath Swallows The Mountains and Rivers.

     In terms of styling alone, this basalt is very cool and domineering.

     The problem is, this Xuanwu is too small!

     The head is not thick with thumbs, Thief Xiuzhen.

     Why is her white tiger so big?

     My Highness is so small!

     This is not fair!


     And in Shen Tian's eyes, this basalt is just stepping on his Lucky Aura.

     The faint green light reflected on Xuanwu's body, not to mention too awkward.

     This is Xuanwu Zhenjiangshan? This is obviously the green-haired bastard!

     This tortoise shell is shining green, covering the head of Your Highness?

     Hiss, Shen Tian couldn't help but shuddered, and quickly put away the vision.

     No, you will definitely not be able to display this Rao Shizi's basalt vision when you go out in the future.

     Even after being displayed, it can suppress the opponent's aura and weaken the opponent's strength.

     Shen Tian also felt that he could not let his opponents watch jokes, after all, this skin was simply too weird!


     "Try another divine thunder."

     Shen Tian moved slightly in his heart and began to try to practice other thunder methods.

      Art of Five Elements reinforces each other, Shen Tian has already trained Renshui Xuanwu Shen Lei.

     According to the method of "Five Thunder Zhengtian Jue", the next most suitable for cultivation is the wood god thunder.

     The wood god thunder is divided into the Jiamu Qinglong god thunder and Yimu Liuhe god thunder, which belong to yin and yang.

     Shen Tian has already chosen Renshui, so the next step is to cultivate Jiamu.Take out 10,000 spirit stones from Cangming Ring again, and continue krypton!

     Shen Tian sits cross-legged and began a new round of penance.

     However, the practice this time was not as smooth as Renshui Divine Thunder.

     Even with the help of the five elements of yin-yang Hun Yuan Shen Lei Yuan Yuan, diligence is still slow.

     Perhaps because there is no wood-attribute spiritual object, Shen Tian condensed Jiamu Shen Lei much slower.

     According to Shen Tian’s estimation, at the very least, I have to practice three days and three nights without stopping to sleep or have a rest.

     Only then is it possible to train Jiamu Shenlei to great success and condense the Azure Dragon vision.

     It's worthy of being the top technique of Shenxiao Holy Land, it's really profound!


     Moreover, Shen Tian has a feeling in his heart that the power of Jiamu Shenlei may not be as powerful as Renshui Shenlei.

     After all, when Shen Tian cast Renshui Divine Thunder, Divine Thunder and Zhong Shui in his body resonated together.

     The power under this blessing is definitely not comparable to the Jiamu Qinglong Shen Lei.

     What's more, the previous vision of Xuanwu Zhen Jiangshan shocked Shen Tian.

     He worried that if he condensed the Azure Dragon Shocking mutant elephant, the result would be a Xiuzhen version.

     It's okay to make a green snake, if a green worm condenses...

     Then he writhed on top of his head, hissed, and he should think about it!

     "Forget it, my heart is so tired, let me use it first!"

     "Slow down for a while before practicing others."


     Shen Tian felt that there was no need to be greedy.

     First find out the usage of Renshui God Thunder, perhaps more useful than practicing one more Jiamu Qinglong God Thunder.

     He began to try to mobilize the Renshui Divine Thunder in his body and slowly condense it out.As Shen Tian began to work, the Black Thunderbolt immediately gathered.

     They linger in Shen Tian's right hand's finger tips, very obedient.

     Moreover, Shen Tian was keenly aware that there was a part of First Primordial Heavy Water in this Renshui God Lei.

     This also makes his Renshui God Thunder much heavier than ordinary Renshui God Thunder.

     I don't know if the power of this god thunder will be stronger!

     This thought flashed through Shen Tian's mind, and a black thunderball slowly condensed.

     This is the matching small spell in the Five Thunders Zhengtian Art, called Palm Thunder.

     Its core is to condense the thunderball and throw it out to attack.

     Official Disciple of the Holy Land of Gods basically uses this trick, which belongs to the most basic thunder method.

     Of course, this Basic Techniques will also be upgraded according to the different properties of the condensed thunderball.

     For example, Lihuo Palm Thunder, Gengjin Palm Thunder, Jiamu Palm Thunder and so on.

     And what Shen Tian used at this time was Renshui Palm Thunder.


      In general, the thunder in the palm of the five elements is the strongest to break the armor, and the fire is the strongest.

     And Renshui Palm Thunder is best at sustained paralysis, and its lethality is not outstanding.

     Frankly speaking, Shen Tian didn't expect much of the power of this trick.

     However, when he slowly threw the thunderball out, he was shocked for the next second.

     However, after Shen Tian threw the palm thunderball the size of an egg, it hit a boulder.

     It was a huge boulder with a height of several feet, the whole body was smooth and hard.

     However, after Renshui Palm Thunder collided with it, it penetrated in an instant.

     Then, the black thunder suddenly burst from the boulder.The hard rock burst open like a piece of soybean rot.

     Suddenly, Duke Gui and Qin Gao beside them took a breath and were shocked.

     Qin Gao swallowed, "Okay... such terrible power, it is instantly crushed!"

     Father Gui was also full of surprise: "This kind of destructive power is comparable to Qi Refining Nine Heavens!"

      What is more important, Shen Tian just used his palm thunder.

     This kind of attack is based on Shen Tian's aura reserve, at least five shots can be made.

     If you add the absorption of aura back to blue, ten shots are not difficult.

     A Ping A who refining the five heavens is worthy of the big move of the nine heavens powerhouse.

     The Five Thunders Zhengtian Jue deserves to be the superior thunder magic magic in the Shenxiao Thunder Emperor Sutra!


     Shen Tian was very satisfied with his attack power, and the next step was his defense power.

     In fact, Renshui God Lei is a persistent and defensive God Lei.

     In the Five Thunders Zhengtian Jue, there is also a record of a superior spell that matches with the Renshui Divine Thunder.

     The name of this spell is [Xuanwu Armor], which can condense the Thunder Shield Armor all over the body.

     For a steady person like Shen Tian, this spell is very attractive.

     He slowly came to the gravel and sucked the First Primordial Heavy Water fused in the palm thunder back into his body.

     Then, Shen Tian looked at Duke Gui and said, "Uncle Gui, please give me a try."

     After talking about Shen Tian's operation, Renshui Divine Thunder gathered on his right arm.

     Xuanwu armor belongs to the superior spell, and its difficulty and power are far more than ordinary palm thunder.

     But don't know why, Renshui Shenlei and First Primordial Heavy Water are very obedient in Shen Tian.Shen Tian only tried a few times before successfully condensing a piece of basalt armor.

     Of course, because he was not skilled enough, he just barely condensed the shape.

     At most, it can only be regarded as an entry level.


     The whole body of this shield armor was black, exuding mysterious Dao patterns, and it was extremely hard at first glance.

     The only thing that made Shen Tian helpless was that the shape of this basalt armor resembled a tortoise shell.

     Hey, forget it.

     After all, this is a life-saving guy at a critical time.

     If the shape is low, just low!

     Lifting the Xuanwu armor, Shen Tian greeted Father Gui: "Uncle Gui, you attack me with all your strength."

     Grandpa Gui is nodded, a dark red spiritual power condenses on his fist.

     "His Royal Highness, let's try to attack the Eight Layers of Heaven first!"

     "You are worried, don't hurt yourself."

     After that, Duke Gui flickered and hit Shen Tian's basalt shield.

     Hearing a muffled sound, the Xuanwu Jia not move a single jot, and there was no crack.

     On the contrary, Black Thunderbolt spread from the shield armor to Duke Gui's body, and was actually attacking him.



     When the thunder burst open, Father Gui's figure retreated five steps in a row and his face was shocked.

     The defensive power of this basalt armor is so terrifying!
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