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73 I Want To Send Brother Six On The Road
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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The Thunder Emperor's Body Refining Jue and the Five Thunder Zhengtian Jue belong to two branches in the "Shen Xiao Lei Di Jing".

     If the Five Thunders Zhengtian Secret Art is to store ten kinds of divine thunder in the Dantian.

     Then the Lei Di Body Refining Art is to temper the fleshly body with various powerful thunders.

     So as to reach the level of forging the strongest physical body, breaking the ten thousand laws with one force.

     Therefore, those who practice the Five Thunders Zhengtian Jue do not necessarily practice the Thunder Emperor Body Refining Jue.

     However, the physical cultivation of the Thunder Emperor's Body Refining Jue usually involves the Five Thunders Zhengtian Jue.

     Legend has it that if the Lei Di exercises the body after successfully cultivating it, you can evolve and upgrade your own physique.

     Not only can it strengthen the physical body, it can also transform into a physique such as Jiamu Thunder Spirit Body and Gengjin Thunder Spirit Body.

     If you can successfully transform into these thunder spirit bodies, then the power of the corresponding thunder will be much stronger.


     Just like Zhang Yunxi, her physique is Gengjinlei spirit body.

     Using her physique to practice the Gengjinbai Tiger God Thunder will be far more powerful than others.

     It can be said that as long as the most core descendants of the Holy Land of Gods, they basically cultivate both energy and body.

     Because only in this way, can we truly rule the roost at the same level and compete with other descendants of the Holy Land.

     Recalling the method of Lei Di's Body Refining Jue, Shen Tian understood the mystery in his heart.

     This Highness has already become Renshui Divine Thunder, so if you practice Thunder Emperor Body Refining Jue.

     The first should be to temper the fleshly body with Renshui Divine Thunder, and then condense the Renshui Xuanwu Thunder spirit body.

     The egg hurts, how come it has something to do with Xuanwu again.

     Isn't my Highness just a little more prudent and prudent?

     I always suspected that this God Xiao Lei Di Jing was malicious to my Highness.

     ...Although he felt aggrieved, but with the top-notch physical training before him, he still had to practice.

     Sitting on the pile of spirit stones, Shen Tian began to condense the fleshly body tempering the fleshly body.

     A trace of Black Thunderbolt appeared on the surface of Shen Tian, shiny.

     Then it began to slowly penetrate into the body, tempering Shen Tian's muscles, bones and fascia.

      has to say, Lei Di tempering the fleshly body is indeed far more efficient than the Fire Sutra.

     Shen Tian could feel that his physical body was strengthening at a very fast speed.

     Moreover, the consumption of spirit stones is only 10% of that of Fire Refining Technique!

     But soon, Shen Tian felt something wrong with his body.

     Because of don't know why, his kidney became heavier.

     Originally, First Primordial Heavy Water entered Shen Tian's body, and he could not feel the weight at all.

     But at this moment, Shen Tian suddenly felt that his kidneys were heavy and uncomfortable.

     Moreover, the extremely obedient Renshui Shenlei who originally covered Shen Tian's body was also separating.

     The black Renshui Divine Thunder, at this time, was re-decomposed into golden Divine Thunder and silver heavy water.

     At this moment, the very obedient spirit creatures in Shen Tian's body seemed to be rebelling.

     "Could it be that my highness's luck is not high enough, and he has cultivated deviation again?"

     Shen Tian complexion slightly changed, and quickly forcibly interrupted the Lei Di Body Refining Jue.

     Even so, Shen Tian still felt severe pain all over his body.

     Hun Yuan Shen Lei and First Primordial Heavy Water are rioting.

     Make him feel that he will explode at any time.

     Suddenly, Shen Tian panicked.

     Does your Highness want to be cold?

     ...At this moment, the Fire Refining Technique in Shen Tian's body began to operate automatically.

     Suddenly, Hun Yuan Shen Lei and First Primordial Heavy Water, which had a tendency to riot, slowly quieted down.

     It's like two students who are going to single out, suddenly see the teacher coming.

     One jumped back to the center of the eyebrows, and the other slipped back into the kidneys.

     In an instant, he became a quiet and good student.

     Suddenly, Shen Tian was stunned.

     "Damn, is this suppressed?"

     Shen Tian felt that his heart was a little confused, which was unreasonable!

     The supreme body refining technique of the dignified gods and the holy land has no deterrent power?

     When running the Lei Di Body Refining Art, the two spirit creatures, arrogant and obstinate, dismantled the house like Erha.

     But after transforming into the Fire Refining Technique, he was actually as obedient as a dog.

     This has to make Shen Tian have to be looked at with new eyes.

     There is something in this exercise!


     Shen Tian wanted to try again to see if he judged it wrong.

     But after careful consideration, he still thought it was better to be careful.

     After all, the last riot can be subdued, does not mean that one more time will be the same.

     What if Hun Yuan Shen Lei and First Primordial Heavy Water riot again, and the Fire Scripture cannot be calmed down?

     Could it be that in front of Duke Gui and Qin Gao, a gorgeous show of a human bomb?

     Forget it, Shen Tian hasn't lived enough yet!

     I don't want to go down so early to find Empress Lan.

     "By the way, the Thunder Emperor's body refining technique uses all kinds of Tempering Body."

     "Then the fire refining technique! It can be tempered with First Primordial Heavy Water and replaced with Thunder!"This kind of thought suddenly appeared in Shen Tian's mind.

     After all, in previous performances, Shen Tian felt that Hun Yuan Shen Lei was still quite close to the Fire Spirit.

     Just do it!

     Shen Tian revolves the five thunder Zhengtian Secret Art, condensing a trace of water god thunder.

     Then he ran the Fire Refining Technique to absorb the thread of Divine Thunder, and began to use it to tempering the fleshly body.

     Facts have proved that Shen Tian's conjecture is indeed feasible.

     After devouring this ray of water god thunder, the speed of tempering the fleshly body accelerated.

     Under the stimulation of Divine Thunder, his muscles are rapidly releasing their potential and increasing.

     This is the same as the previous operation of Lei Di's tempering the fleshly body, which has different tunes played with equal skill.

     The only thing that everything is fine except for one small defect is that it consumes a lot more spirit stones.

     "So, my Highness is tied to the Krypton Warship!"

     The corners of Shen Tian's mouth twitched slightly, and it seemed that he had crossed into the world of immortality.

     Krypton gold is inseparable if you want to become stronger quickly!


      sighed saying, slowly gain success and stand.

     At this time unconsciously, the sky was already dim.

      strike a balance between work and rest, Shen Tian is ready to go for a walk.

     The three of them walked out of Lanxin Palace and wandered slowly in the palace.

     To Shen Tian's comfort, he finally had no fanatic fans to bother him.

     Three people wherever one goes, and all the eunuch ladies disperse in confusion after saluting.

     This long-lost feeling of tranquility makes Shen Tian feel very nostalgic!

     With the nine sons rosary in his hand, he strolled leisurely in the palace.

     Walking around, Shen Tian somehow came to the house of internal affairs.But at this moment, a notice was posted on the bulletin board in front of the House of Internal Affairs.

     This notice was sent three days ago, which roughly means that there is a big banquet in the palace five days ago.

     This big banquet was specially organized by His Majesty Yan Emperor, in order to take care of the Six His Highness the Imperial Prince.

     After this banquet, the Sixth Prince Shen Ao is about to leave Great Yan Country and embark on the journey of apprenticeship for thousands of miles.

     After all, for immortals like Taibai Dongtian, it is etiquette for disciples to take the initiative to come.

     Unless Peerless Genius, it is impossible for Zongmen to take the initiative to pick you up.

     Looking at the bulletin board, Shen Tian looking thoughtful: "Brother Six is leaving?"


     Speaking of this sixth brother, Shen Tian was very embarrassed.

     Since two days later it will be the farewell banquet for the sixth brother.

     Shen Tian felt that he had to send him on the road no matter what.

     Sending some more gifts or something, is also regarded as a compensation for Shen Ao.

     Although he was fed to remember the empress, most of Shen Ao didn't know the cause and effects.

     But Shen Tiankeng had passed Shen Ao, and he always couldn't get past that hurdle in his heart.

     After all, Shen Ao and him are traceable to the same stock, brothers in arms!

      Thought until here, Shen Tian showed a trace of firmness in his eyes.

     He slowly walked into the house of internal affairs.
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