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74 Holy Land Of Gods, Elder Bilian
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:


     In the vast sky, a white tiger roared unwillingly and burst into pieces.

     As the white tiger vision burst to pieces, a beautiful figure flew out backwards.

     She looked pale, and a trace of blood spilled from the corner of her mouth.

     Yes, this person is Zhang Yunxi who left the Garden of All Souls.

     After leaving a copy of the three inheritances to Shen Tian, Zhang Yunxi flees at the fastest speed.

     However, even so, Zhang Yunxi was still targeted by some interested people.

     At that time, the heavenly vision was shocking, and it was obvious that a treasure was born.

     Zhang Yunxi, the goddess of heaven, happened to be in the Core Region of the vision, and she ran away directly.

     This has to arouse people's suspicion, and make those who hide in the secret to spy the heart.

     Even the goddess of God couldn't cover her, and she wanted to escape immediately.

     How precious it should be, it's just exciting to think about it!

     Therefore, the top powerhouses near Great Yan Nation were all attracted to follow.

     Among these people, the weakest is Peak Golden Core Stage, and having a hole card can hurt Yuan Ying.

     Otherwise, I wouldn't dare to track it with such a diverse infancy, it would just be death.

     Among them, more of them are Venerable Nascent Soul Stage’s, and they are not weak at the same level.

     "Awesome, actually practiced into the white tiger roaring sky vision of the Holy Land of Shenxiao."

     "It's worthy of being the ninth-ranked existence on the Eastern Famine Golden Core List."

     "It's a pity that you are just a golden pill stage after all!"


     Each venerable person stands proudly in the sky, exuding a powerful breath.

      they already followed Zhang Yunxi one day one night and finally surrounded her.In their view, Zhang Yunxi's talent is only a golden core monk.

     Facing the siege of more than a dozen powerful men in the infant stage, it is absolutely impossible to resist.

     Now they already have successfully surrounded Zhang Yunxi, and the peerless treasure is right in front of them.

     "Saintess Yunxi, I have no intention of being an enemy of the Holy Land of Gods, I just ask for treasure."

     "As long as you hand over that treasure, share a view with me."

     "I will guarantee that I won't hurt you, and I will let you leave safely."


     A venerable person at the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage was shrouded in black energy, covering his body.

     No one dares to do such a big thing openly and without fear to chase and kill the saint of the gods.

     Even though it was the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage, it was only one step away from the God of Hua.

     Once it is found that the Holy Land of Gods is not good for the saint, there is only dead end.

     After all, the elders of the transformation stage in Shenxiao Holy Land are far more than one two.

     Seeing the sages of the Yuanying stage who showed greedy expression, Zhang Yunxi's eyes showed mockery.

     "One by one, the rats who hide the head and show the tail, Yuan Yingqi was willing to besie me."

     "You have each one, who dares to come out and fight this saint fairly?"

     Zhang Yunxi stands proudly, the blood-stained white tiger Mingguangjia shiny.

      The originally broken white tiger roaring sky vision condenses behind him again.

     At this moment, Zhang Yunxi really resembled the rebirth of the goddess of war.

     Go against the Venerable!


     "Hehe, a silly little girl in the golden age, she is arrogant."

     Among the group of Venerable Yuan Ying, the voice of an old woman sounded.She said with a chuckle: "I don't know the immensity of heaven and earth!"

     Zhang Yunxi's eyes were slightly cold: "Old lady, it's you!"

     After a word, the white tiger behind Zhang Yunxi suddenly roared.

     Her figure turned into a silver divine light, and went straight to the old woman.

     The resplendent aura burns on her body, complementing the white tiger's bright armor.

     At this moment, Zhang Yunxi has already used Shenxiao's secret method and is ready to go desperately!

     At the center of her eyebrows, a bright golden Thunder Imprint suddenly appeared.

     With this imprint, her momentum doubled.

     With a punch, even the void is shattering.

     Tigers roar in the mountains and forests, all beasts are silent!

     Roar, roar, roar!


     "No, how can it be so strong!"

     The black miasma mist was directly pierced by the bright thunder and turned into nothingness.

     The old woman who was originally hidden in the black mist had only time to send out a blood-curdling screech.

     Then, Zhang Yunxi tore his body in a powerful attack that broke out with a secret method.

     A radiant soul infant shot out from the body of the old woman.

     She wants to flee thousands of miles away, so she still have a chance to find someone to rebirth.

     Unfortunately, Zhang Yunxi how can it be give her this opportunity?

     A magenta Thunderfire Suzaku rushed out.

     It was the Binghuo Suzaku, the God Thunder, directly wrapping the old woman's Nascent Soul.

     In the screaming screams, the old woman Yuanying was continuously burned by Lihuo.

     Soon the dignified Yuan Yingqi Venerable fell into Zhang Yunxi's humiliation.

      the soul flies away and scatters!

     ...During this period, none of the other strong men who surrounded Zhang Yunxi helped.

     The reason is simple, they are not from the same power.

     Now Zhang Yunxi is surrounded, it is already an arrow at the end of its flight.

     Every person here may become an enemy.

     Since Zhang Yunxi was willing to use the forbidden technique, he eliminated a potential rival for them.

     Naturally, they would not refuse, and even wish that Zhang Yunxi would kill a few more!

     "Hehe, a bunch of guys who are not on the table!"

     Zhang Yunxi sneered, and a talisman appeared in his hand.

     As the saint of the gods and the holy land, she will naturally not be without life-saving means.

     This Shenxiao Evacuation Attachment can turn her into a thunder, and instantly escape hundreds of miles away.

     Now that the old woman is annihilated, the original encirclement of not one drop of water can leak out is flawed.

     Zhang Yunxi suddenly crushed this Shenxiao Escape Talisman.

     The whole person turned into a lightning and walked away.


     "No, stop her!"

     The complexion of the venerable group suddenly changed, and they stopped at Zhang Yunxi.

     But because he didn't dare to reveal his identity, he couldn't use his good housekeeping skills.

     So even if several venerables took action together, in the end still failed to stop Zhang Yunxi.

     Seeing Zhang Yunxi had turned into a lightning and escaped, he was about to disappear before everyone's eyes.

     Suddenly, the void suddenly split.

     A huge Golden Shadow shot out from it and rushed towards Zhang Yunxi.

     It was a Golden-winged Great Peng eagle, with golden wings all over it, as if it were made of god gold.Its pupils were shining with cold light, and the void around the sharp claws was distorted.

     The wings stretched out are tens of feet long, which can be called hiding the sky and covering the earth.

     Obviously, this is one terrifying demon king with great strength.

     It flew out of the void suddenly, and its wings turned into golden afterimages when it flicked.

     Suddenly, it had shot hundreds of miles away, stopping Zhang Yunxi in a state of escape.

     "A bunch of rubbish, even a little girl in the Golden Core period can't be trapped."

     "The great opportunity of this little girl belongs to this king!"

      The Golden-winged Great Peng has a human voice in the mouth of the Eagle King.

     It sneered, and its sharp claw tearing the void suddenly leaned towards Zhang Yunxi.

     "It turned out to be the demon clan in the transformation stage, the Golden-winged Great Peng Eagle King!"

     Looking at the Demon King, Zhang Yunxi showed a trace of despair in his eyes.

     No matter how genius she is, it is absolutely impossible to defeat the god of transformation.

     After all, the gap between the Golden Core Stage and the Transforming God Stage is too great!

     Do I, Zhang Yunxi, really deserve my life today?

     At this moment, she thought of Shen Tian again in her mind.

     It seems that I can only repay Master Shen in the next life.


     Just when Zhang Yunxi almost gave up resistance, the Golden-winged Great Peng carved claws were blocked.

     A bi-colored lotus shot out from the void and stood firmly in front of Zhang Yunxi.

     This green lotus flower has seven ranks, and the whole body exudes mysterious Dao inscriptions.

     It freezes the void and protects Zhang Yunxi in the green lotus.

     Even though the Golden-winged Great Peng is unbeatable, it still cannot be shaken.

     Suddenly, Zhang Yunxi's face showed joy: "Uncle Bi Lian!"
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