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75 Fire Supernatural Powers, Big Mudra
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Uncle Bilian.

     Following the name of Zhang Yunxi, all the black fog fluctuated violently.

     Obviously, those venerables hidden in the black mist are extremely uneasy.

     "It's a variant of Seven-Rank Good Fortune Qinglian, Biluoqingtianlian."

     "Could it be that Bilian Tianzun Chulonghe, withdraw quickly!"

     The black mist burst out instantly, and many venerables turned into swift shadows and fled all around.

     Because they knew exactly what the green lotus in front of them represented.

     That was one of the most unprovoking masters in the entire Eastern Wilderness!

     The strong in the Yuan Ying period are extremely fast, and in a flash, they are far away.

     But at this moment, a light chuckle sounded in the void.

     "Dare to move my elder sister and niece, do you still want to run one by one?"

     As soon as the voice fell, a dozen flames suddenly shot out from the blue lotus flower.

     Those flames show the color of jasper, glittering and translucent are really beautiful.

     They suddenly cut through the sky and lased towards the black mist.

      Within several breaths, all the black mists were caught up.


     The blue flame suddenly exploded, igniting the black mist and enveloped it.

     Suddenly, there were screams in the black mist.

     In an instant, all the black mist burned to ashes, and the Venerable in the mist burned to ashes.

     Then those blue flames swept back from the storage rings.

     All the flames gathered together and gradually turned into a silhouette.

     The man condensed in front of everyone, an old Taoist priest.I saw him white haired babyface, wearing gossip fairy clothes.

     With a gentle smile on his face, it was like a true fairy.

     Of course, if he doesn't wear a storage ring on his hands.

     The character of Sage Master can be made more real.

     Seeing this old Taoist priest, Zhang Yunxi relaxed.

     Although this one, Uncle, is notoriously inconsiderate.

     However, it has to acknowledge that its strength is at the top level even in the entire Holy Land.

     With him, Shenxiao Longhupei was finally safe.

     The old Taoist figure flashes came to Zhang Yunxi in an instant.

     He kicked it out: "Xi'er is not afraid, this chicken can't hurt you."



     This kick of the old Taoist does not look mysterious, but it is terribly powerful.

     He kicked the Golden-winged Great Peng eagle's wing, and actually kicked it a hundred feet away.

     The golden penguin feathers are stained with pure golden blood, floating down one by one in the sky.

      Golden-winged Great Peng Eagle's eyes were full of shock and fear: "How can it be!"

     The Golden-winged Great Peng eagle family has three powerful killers.

     One is their sharp claws, which can tear the void.

     The second is their sharp beak, which can penetrate everything.

     The third is their wings, with the world's speed.

     In addition, the wings of the Golden-winged Great Peng eagle also possess powerful attack power.

     Their wings are covered with feathers that are harder than black iron, like a peerless sword.

     In battle, the wings of the Golden-winged Great Peng eagle can be used as a sword.Even in the inheritance of the Peng clan, there is a sword technique that uses wings-Tianpeng Nine Slash.

     This is a pair of big killers that no stronghold one cannot overcome.

     But at this moment, its wings were kicked apart by a human monk.

     For the noble Golden-winged Great Peng carving family, this is simply a great humiliation!


     "Human, you angered me!"

     "You will be the first powerhouse of the Deity Transformation Stage to be killed since this king descended into the Eastern Desolation!"

     "Look at my Tianpeng Nine Slashes and the first one-Slashing Mountains and Rivers!"

      The Golden-winged Great Peng flew up in anger, and the huge body burst out with great light.

     A huge divine blade with a length of one hundred feet appeared in the sky and struck the old Taoist priest.

     Even where the knife passed, even the void was shattering.

     As the name of this knife, cut mountains and rivers.

     If you can practice this trick to the extreme, it will be absolutely nothing!

     The old Taoist priest looks at the huge Golden-winged Great Peng sculpture in the sky with a solemn face.

     "It was actually the royal family of the Peng clan in southern Xinjiang, the Golden-winged Great Peng eagle."

     "What should I do with such good ingredients!"

     "I'm really troubled by poor Dao!"

     "Forget it, grab it first!"


      takes a deep breath, the old Taoist fig. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms to roll up the sleeves.

     He stared at the Golden-winged Great Peng eagle in front of him, and his right hand suddenly protruded into the sky.

     "Look at my supernatural powers---catch chicken mudra!"

     After a word, the void above the cloud began to twist.

     There is a Golden-winged Great Peng carved dozens of feet long, and its figure is shrinking rapidly."No, how can it be, old Taoist priest, you have supernatural powers, great mudra!"

      The eyes of the Golden-winged Great Peng Eagle were full of shock and horror, and it felt like it had encountered hard stubble.

     The old Taoist licked his lips, his right hand still stretched forward slowly.

     He curled his lips: "What is Great Mudra? This trick is called Catch the Chicken Mudra."

     "Gold-winged little chicken, you should come over to me!"

     After a word, the five fingers of his right hand snapped together.

     Suddenly, the void condensed rapidly.

      The Golden-winged Great Peng eagle was compressed to about a foot unexpectedly.

     It seems that it is really the size of an ordinary domestic rooster.

     In the forbidden void there, the Golden-winged Great Peng eagle is constantly struggling.

     Its voice is extremely sharp: "Nonsense, this is obviously the handprint of Great Sky!"

     The old Taoist curled his lips: "You are a dying chicken, why are you fighting so much?"


     After all, the old Taoist untied a golden iron rod from his back.

     He looked at the Golden-winged Great Peng eagle with an expression of studying how to make ingredients.

     Suddenly, Golden-winged Great Peng panicked: "How dare you kill this king, this king is the son of the three elders of the Peng clan."

     "If you kill this king, my father will not let you off!"

     The old Taoist was slightly surprised, with a worried expression on his face: "Your father, how old is he?"

      Golden-winged Great Peng hummed coldly: "My father is five thousand years old, half of his foot is in Saint Domain."

     "If you dare to hurt this king, are you not afraid to provoke a battle between the Peng Clan and the Holy Land of Gods?"Old Taoist looking thoughtful: "A five-thousand-year-old chicken, the meat is not tender!"

     "Hey, it seems that you can only use it to make soup when your father comes to the door."

      The Golden-winged Great Peng was stunned, the golden wings suddenly stood upside down, furious.

     This rebel, this madman, actually wants to even grab the soup with his father!

     Before its accusation could be issued, it turned into a deep panic.

     Because the old Taoist priest has come here carrying that stick.

     He grabbed the Golden-winged Great Peng eagle and turned it over.

     Then, the golden long stick suddenly stabbed the Golden-winged Great Peng's lower body.

     Old Taoist: "You are quite tender, endure a little pain."

      Golden-winged Great Peng Eagle: "No, no, ah!"



      The extremely tragic Pengming sound rang from heaven and earth, and then with a grunting sound it stops.

     The old Taoist turned the grill while grilling the big eagle with a blue flame.

     He shot a look at the void around him, smiled and said: "For the sake of your failure."

     "Everyone left 1 million spiritual stones, so old I can forget and not bear recriminations and let you go."

     "If you want otherwise, I'll just tear up the space myself and ask you for it."

     As soon as the voice fell, I saw the surrounding void crack and it started to rain.

     The green and shiny spirit stone rain looks extremely gorgeous!
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