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77 Come, Get The Map
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
    Original: | Translator:

Seeing her father, Zhang Yunxi showed admiration in her eyes.

     She grew up listening to her father's story and worships this legend!

     Zhang Yunxi respectfully bowed: "My boy fulfilled the mission and brought the holy objects back."

     The Lord of Gods is slowly nodded, his voice does not contain any emotion: "Very good."

     Zhang Yunxi hesitated for a while, and then said: "Enjoy your father."

     "When Shenxiao Longhupei came out, the origin of Shenlei burst into the bodies of several destined people."

     "If these people who are predestined to repair me and send thunder method, they will be able to achieve extremely high attainments."

     "My boy feels that we can send someone to take them into the holy place to practice."

     The Holy Lord of Shenxiao silent for a while, quietly said: "Yes."

     His voice is not indifferent, but he can't feel any mood swings.

     It seems that sitting on the holy throne at this time is not a living person, but a machine.

     Zhang Yunxi looked at the Holy Master of Gods, after a long time sighed saying: "That child retires."

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao has not replied, Zhang Yunxi turned and left, and the gate of the Holy Master Palace closed again.

      From start to finish, the Lord of God on the Holy See did not show any concern for his own daughter.


     The veteran Taoist tilted the head and looked at the Holy Master of Shenxiao: "Have you secretly practiced that evil technique again?"

     The Lord Shenxiao's eyes fell on the old Taoist priest: "Brother knows that it is not evil."

     The veteran Taoist curled his lips: "Cut off Seven Emotions Six Desires, isn't it an evil technique?"

     The Holy Master Shenxiao said calmly: "Brother, you are too persistent."

     The old Taoist snorted: "Just for the purpose of complementing the robbery? It is you who are persistent!"The Holy Master Shenxiao asked: "Yun Xi said, Shenxiao Longhupei is in the hands of seniors?"

     The old Taoist nodded as expected: "Why, your girl let me keep it."

     Holy Master Shenxiao said: "This is a troublesome brother, now you can give the jade pendant to this seat."

     The veteran Taoist righteousnessly said: "No, I promised Xiao Xi'er, no one would want to take it away from me."

     God Lord: "???"


     The thunder lingering on the main table of the gods, crackle rattle.

     And those rich fairy auras floating on his body surface constantly surging at this time.

     Obviously, his mood fluctuates: "Brother, Longhupei is a holy master's token."

     The old Taoist said with a smile: "So what? You are not the first holy lord without a token!"

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao said: "Dragon and Tiger Pei are related to the rise and fall of this door, brothers don't joke."

     The old Taoist hehe Zhile: "Oh, the second brother, are you finally anxious?"

     "Okay, brother can give you Shenxiao Longhupei."

     "But you have to promise me a few conditions."

     Holy Master Shenxiao said indifferently: "Brother, please speak frankly."

     The old Taoist took a look at the Holy Master: "First give me a smile to brother."

     The thunder on the main body of the Shenxiao Saint's watch throbbed more violently, and the fairy energy was also collapsing.

     His gaze was like lightning, and he shot the old Taoist directly: "Senior brother, don't want to joke."

     The veteran Taoist curled his lips: "You repaired the Taoist Sutra, isn't it just to complete the calamity?"

     "Now Xi'er and Nizi have brought back Longhupei, so what are you waiting for?"The Holy Master Shenxiao said indifferently: "Senior brother doesn't understand, I have seen new areas."

     "One Taoism cannot lead to two emperors, and I want to walk out of a new way."

     "And this Sutra of Patching Heaven is extremely important."

     "This seat cannot give up!"



     The old Taoist curled his lips: "If this is the case, then you should go on a new way!"

     "In order to avoid your cultivation deviation, this brother Yupei will take it for you."

     "Saving one day you will not recognizing one's family, this jade pendant will be lost again."

     After that, the old Taoist turned and walked outside the main hall of the pilgrimage.

     At this moment, the entire holy main hall was thunderous and immortal energy surged like a tsunami.

     Just after half of the old Taoist's foot had stepped out of the Holy Lord's Hall.

     There was a strange laughter in the fog.

      hē hē hē hē hē ~

     Yes, it is the God Lord who is laughing.

     The corners of the old Taoist's mouth twitched slightly, making his mouth crooked.

     The Holy Master Shenxiao said indifferently: "I haven't laughed for more than a hundred years. I'm not used to it. Brothers don't want to laugh."

     "This seat has done what the younger brother said, you can give the jade pendant to this seat!"

     Old Taoist said: "That's only the first condition, there are three more!"

     Shen Xiao Shengzhu# said indifferently: "Brother, please speak up."


     The old Taoist shook his fingers: "This first condition, I saved your girl."

     "According to my brother's price on the black market, every time I sell it is 1 million spiritual stones."

     "For the sake of saving Xiao Xi'er, I will give you a 20% discount."

     "And your daughter also ate my Golden-winged Great Peng leg.""A discount, it's worth a 500,000 spiritual stone!"

     "You don't want to take your food and wipe it out without admitting it!"

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao said indifferently: "1500 spirit crystals, brother said the second condition!"


     The veteran Taoist said with a chuckle: "You see, brother, the brother is already in the spirit, and there is no spiritual peak."

     "Can you let me choose another spiritual peak to practice?"

     "This is impossible, this absolutely impossible!"

     The Holy Lord of Shenxiao interrupted the words of the old Taoist priest, and the whole body was surging crazily.

     The so-called Lingfeng refers to the mountain that gave birth to the spiritual stone mine.

     In the small world of Shenxiao, there are a total of 36 spiritual peaks.

     As long as the cultivation reaches the stage of transforming the gods, you can become the disciple of Lord of One Peak.

     Originally Bilian Elder Chu Longhe also had his own spiritual peak, and the quality was excellent.

     The problem is that this person is fascinated by the retreat and practicing the Fire Fire Sutra, and almost sucked up the spiritual stone mine in one breath.

     After that, the spirit medicine Lingcao Linghua flower on the Lingfeng withered in place and almost turned into a barren mountain.

     According to the calculations of the master of seeking spirits and breaking channels, it is at least a thousand years later.

     That spiritual stone mine can be relieved and regained vitality.


      It should be noted, spiritual stone mine is the foundation of Immortal Sect.

     Only an Immortal Sect with more than one spiritual stone mine is qualified to be called a blessed land.

     An Immortal Sect with more than 3 spiritual stone mines is qualified to be called a cave sky.

     Only Immortal Sect with more than 10 mineral veins is eligible to be called a Holy Land.Although this is only one of the benchmarks, it is enough to illustrate the importance of spiritual stone mine.

     This kind of strategically important resource is enough for the Chulong River.

     At this time he still wants the second one, how can it be promised by the Lord God?

     Holy Master Shenxiao said helplessly: "Brother, talk about the third point!"

     The veteran Taoist curled his lips and said, "The third condition is very simple."

     "The ancestors of this sect, find someone who is destined to complement the Lei Di Sutra."

     "You can serve as the holy son of the Holy Land, and you can marry the holy woman if you want."

     "Junior Brother, you have both children, and you also accepted Fang Chang's long-faced kid as an apprentice."

     "Then this person, you can't compete with me, you must let him worship me as a teacher."

     "And from now on, he will receive the monthly salaries of his holy son every month. Brother, I will collect it for him."

     "By the way, and if he marries your daughter, you can't ask for a bride price!"

     "Well, probably these three requirements are not too much!"


     "You want to be the master of the Saint Son of this Sect?"

     The dazzling thunder is no longer crackling, nor is the fairy gas surging.

     In the misty fairy air, the holy lord's helpless voice sounded.

     "Brother, bring the map of Lingfeng!"

     "Did you like that Lingfeng?"
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