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78 There Is Only One Truth, He Is The Son Of Luck
    Chinese Name: 我真的不是气运之子  Author: 云中殿(Yún zhōng diàn, Palace in Clouds)
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Brother, bring the map of Lingfeng!

     The words of the Holy Master Shenxiao stunned the old Taoist priest.

     Why, would you rather give the brother a spiritual peak than let me accept disciples?

     He helplessly said: "Second Junior Brother, you are! Senior Brother just wants to accept an apprentice."

     In the fairy mist, Lord's voice has no feelings: "Brother."

     "Although I practice the Taoist Sutra of Patching Heaven, I will cut off Seven Emotions Six Desires."

     "But the wisdom of this seat has not been cut off."

     "You don't understand the particularity of this person!"

     The Holy Master Shenxiao said calmly: "Listening to Yun Xi, this so-called Immortal Master Aotian is amazing."

     "He is obviously less than twenty years old, but he possesses terrifying spiritual skills."

     The old Taoist curled his lips: "So what, is it worth your attention?"

     The God Lord said indifferently: "So, this is the reason why I cut Seven Emotions Six Desires."

     "Birth, aging, illness and death, love parting, resentment, unwillingness, and the eight sufferings of life will blind the reason."

     "Only by completely cutting off Seven Emotions Six Desires, can we reach the Supreme Forgetting Sentiment, One with the Sky Supreme boundary."

     "In this way, whether you practice enlightenment or analyze problems, your efficiency will be greatly improved."

     The old Taoist said helplessly, "Second Junior Brother, what are you playing with Senior Brother and me?"

     Shook the head shook the head: "Chier, brother, you are too foolish."

     The old Taoist clenched his fists: "For my brother, see if you want to fight!"

     Holy Master of God: "Fighting, you are not my opponent."

     Old Taoist#: "?????!!!"He slowly took out Shenxiao Longhupei from his arms: "You have something to say to me with the surname Zhang."

     "Don't think I didn't understand, you're turning around and calling me stupid and weak!"

     "Believe it or not, it's annoying, brother gave it to your cei?"


     "Brother, if you have something to say, don't be impulsive."

     Holy Master Shenxiao said helplessly: "Well, I will explain to the senior brother in detail."

     "Brother, have you ever met a spiritual master under 20 years old?"

     The old Taoist curled his lips and smiled: "Lingmai master under 20 years old? How can it be?"

     The so-called Lingmai Grandmaster not only requires mastering exquisite spiritual arts, but also has to reach the Nascent Soul Stage or above in strength.

     Because many advanced grandmaster-level soul-seeking and pulse-breaking techniques can only be performed by Yuan Ying.

     Young people under the age of 20 have to study spirituality and practice.

     The energy is greatly dispersed, how can it be diligent so fast.

      It should be noted, Spiritualism is even more difficult than cultivating immortals!

      Strictly speaking, a spiritual master under 20 years old.

     It's even rarer than those under the age of 20 for bodybuilding and qi refining.

     Throughout the entire Eastern Famine, no such example has been found for tens of thousands of years.

     According to the old Taoist priests, the youngest spiritual master of the Eastern Wilderness can be verified today.

     When he broke through to the Nascent Soul Stage and was promoted to the Lingmai Master, he was already 36 years old.


     God Lord nodded slightly: "Senior brother also thinks it's impossible!"

     "But in the message that Yun Xi sent back, the so-called Immortal Master Shen Ao is less than 20 years old!"Senior brother was slightly surprised, and his face became solemn: "What do you mean by brother?"

     The Lord Shenxiao stood up slowly and walked off the throne: "He is not easy."

     "Although a monk can delay aging and maintain beauty, it is difficult to change the breath."

     "Xi'er has practiced Inspecting Qi Technique, and once deliberately probed this son's age."

     "According to the results of Xi'er Wangqi technique, this child is about 16-17 years old."

     Surrounded by thunder celestial light, the divine master's eyes were indifferent and deep, as if containing the mystery of the avenue.

     He calmly said: "Senior brother thinks that a 16-17 years old teenager might be good at such advanced spiritual arts?"

     The old Taoist smiled and said, "Maybe this kid is Peerless Genius just like your brother and I!"

     Shook the head: "Brother, you should read more books."

     "No matter how talented a 16-17 years old boy is, it is absolutely impossible to become a spiritual master."

     "However, according to Xi'er's introduction, this young man opened a mine in Wanling Garden for several days."

     "Nearly a hundred times of beneficiation and mining, there was not a single mistake or loss."

     "What is more important, he actually drove Seven Treasure Fairy Calabash Seed and Shenxiao Dragon Tiger Pei."

     "It should be understood that if this kind of treasure is embarrassed in the years, it will generally show two extremes."

     "Either the whole body vision to attract attention, or the disguised waste mine deliberately hides oneself."

     "But the boy can actually pick out these two pieces from a pile of low-level spirit ores."

     "It's as difficult as you can well imagine, I'm afraid it's a real spiritual master."

     "It may not be as accurate as him!"


     The old Taoist was stunned.He originally thought that Shen Tian was proficient in finding spirits and breaking mines.

     If you can accept him as an apprentice, then there will be tool people apprentices to cheat.

     But he really didn't expect that his own Holy Master and Junior Brother actually considered so much.

     The old Taoist asked: "From your perspective, what's the situation!"

     Holy Master Shenxiao said calmly: "There are two possibilities."

     "The first type, this so-called fairy master is just a generation of fool the world and usurp a good name."

     "His so-called mining for the destined is just a farce rehearsed a long time ago."

     "It's just that he couldn't think, I accidentally knocked out the fairy gourd seed and dragon tiger pee by mistake."

     The veteran Taoist said: "Junior disciple means that this person is a liar, not worthy of being a saint?"

     Shook the head: "Brother, you are wrong, on the contrary."

     "Assuming that this person is a liar, then all spirit minerals should be prepared in advance."

     "But why did the treasure appear unexpectedly when the mine was opened?"

     The old Taoist was stunned: "Could it be prepared in advance?"

     The Holy Lord of Shenxiao looked at the old Taoist as if he was looking at a mentally handicapped person: "Your family opened a Lingshifang, and take Qibaoxian Gourd Seed and Shenxiao Dragon and Tiger Pei out for speculation as a gift?"

     The old Taoist made a big red face: "Yes, then this was just an accident?"

     The Holy Master of Shenxiao shook his head: "Brother, after you changed to the cultivation body, you don't like to use your mind more and more."

     "Think about it, it was originally only going to make ordinary Lingshi embryo hype."

     "As a result, luck exploded, and the fairy gourd species and dragon tiger pike were drawn out."

     "What does this mean? It means that this child has great weather luck!""Brother, think about the Son of the Purple Mansion, how did he prescribe the Indestructible Nirvana Sutra?"

     Listening to the words of the Holy Lord, the old Taoist was stunned.

     "Yes! I didn't even look at the goods after entering the Spirit Mine, so I picked three ore."

     "As a result, a golden body fruit was drawn out, and a Fangtian dragon halberd was drawn out together."

     "The last piece is the immortal Nirvana Sutra that has been lost for thousands of years."

     "I heard that there were several spiritual masters who were watching the lively spirits around at that time and cultivated deviation."

     After swallowing, the old Taoist priest was shocked and said, "Does Junior Brother mean?"

     God Lord nodded: "Yes, the truth only has one."

     "That's the same boy as the Son of Purple Mansion."

     "It's the Child of Fate of this era!"

     "Born to have atmospheric luck!"
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